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June 19, 2020 | 8 Min Read

The Nanoleaf Canvas is an incredibly versatile smart home decor piece, made up of modular light squares that can be used to create any design you can imagine. Because of this versatility, we’re always seeing amazing new Canvas setups from our community. But every now and then we come across a setup so spectacular and unique that we feel the need to share it with the world! Here are 3 creative Canvas setups that currently have our minds blown:

1. Kellijean Press, Florida

Instagram: @happymodernart

Kellijean is an artist based out of the USA. Having already owned the original Nanoleaf Light Panels, she was eager to add the Canvas to her home as soon as she saw them. She felt inspired by the design possibilities of the square shape, and it got her creative gears turning dreaming up ways to create an installation using the light squares.

By June 2019 the installation had come to life. The 17 Canvas squares created an extraordinary work of art in her living room. But her creativity didn’t end there: around the Canvas she added a black linear design to create a line art masterpiece. Not only was it playful and visually captivating, but the lines were also used to cleverly disguise the power cable, and make it part of the artwork.

Kellijean also made the discovery that while the panels are on solid blue, things in the room glow !! The space doubles as a LEGO room, so it adds an extra layer of excitement to their creations at night when the fluorescent pieces light up!

On top of that, the touch reactivity of the Canvas – with fun features like Touch Paint and built-in Touch Games – creates even more excitement for the entire family and when entertaining guests.

We love having an interactive feature in a communal space in the house.  I wanted to place the panels in a low enough area to make it accessible to our 5-year-old son and any kids that come over. Everyone loves to play with the panels and it becomes a fun aspect to our gatherings.”  – Kellijean Press

She created a custom Scene that incorporates all of the colors of the room, and has them changing gradually. This brings the room together into one vibrant and whimsical space. Aside from this Scene, she occasionally sets the panels to a light grey palette for a more subtle feel that allows the colors of the room to shine.

“ I also have a few murals in the space and it’s amazing how the changing color of the panels changes the colors on the murals!”

As Kellijean continues creating art in her space, she plans to add more panels plus another mural to the wall, and we can’t wait to see it!

2. Jase, LA

Instagram: @jaserc33

Jase has been a smart home enthusiast from the very beginning; starting with wireless controlled lights in the early 2000s, even before the existence of smartphones. He’s always been an early adopter of new technologies and is the proud owner of two sets of the original Nanoleaf Light Panels. After falling in love with them, he knew he had to get the Canvas for his space too. He kept them in the box after buying them, waiting for the perfect idea to come to him because he knew he wanted to create something special with the lights.

In April 2020 while stuck in quarantine, he decided it was time, and started testing out designs on his computer. A fan of geometric artwork, he played around with different layouts until he found one that felt just right.

Finally, in May, he installed his 28 Canvas panels and completely transformed his space:

The simplicity of the straight line design combined with the contrasting texture and angles of the panels underneath really resonated with him. The 3D textures also made the ultra-thin Canvas panels look like they were actually part of the wall, rather than something sitting on top of it.

He calls this space his “neon speakeasy”, and loves the vibe it gives, especially at night. After showing some pictures of the room to friends, he says they can’t wait to hang out in the space the moment it’s safe to do so.

Jase’s two favorite Scenes are a relaxing and slow-moving landscape of pinks, purples and oranges called “Neon Sunset”, and contrastingly one called “Blue Planet” that’s more lively with bright pops of blues, greens, and off-whites. He uses the Nanoleaf Remote to change between these Scenes, and a few custom-made Rhythm Scenes that he loves to use while playing music.

“I really appreciate Nanoleaf’s leadership in the smart home space. The possibilities are endless but there are very few companies bringing affordable and unique products to market. Now my friends are asking me for help on their living rooms, bedrooms, and even one who wants to do an RV setup!” – Jase

We love the creativity that Jase has shown with the Canvas, and we’re honored to be a part of such a cool space!

3. Javi, Barcelona

Instagram: @javigeek

Javi has a passion for video games, and you can clearly tell from his space. He discovered Nanoleaf on Instagram, and was instantly drawn to the Canvas. He saw the potential in the square shape to recreate the feeling of pixels from retro video games, and that’s exactly what he did!

Javi has a passion for video games, and you can clearly tell from his space. He discovered Nanoleaf on Instagram, and was instantly drawn to the Canvas. He saw the potential in the square shape to recreate the feeling of pixels from retro video games, and that’s exactly what he did!

“I like the brightness that Canvas panels give to my game room, it is spectacular! It changed everything, it is the most striking thing in [the] room and I love how it looks!” – Javi

 So far there are 27 Canvas squares in his setup, but he plans on expanding his design very soon.

It’s amazing how the Nanoleaf Canvas can completely transform three entirely different spaces. These three setups take imagination and creativity to the next level.

And these are just a few of our favorites! Our community continues to inspire us every single day. There are so many incredible setups out there for you to discover, or you can grab the Nanoleaf Canvas for yourself and see what you can create!

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