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July 23, 2020 | 6 Min Read

A good cup of coffee in the morning can change your day, but at HÆRFEST COFFEE roasting ro. they are using coffee to change lives.

HÆRFEST is a specialty roasted coffee brand based in North Carolina, whose mission is to redefine the way people “see” coffee. Rather than simply looking at it as a beverage, the company transforms it into a truly multi-sensory experience.

Each bag of coffee is packaged with an Artisan Sensory Sleeve that offers a visual interpretation of the flavor of the beans inside, illustrated with dynamic strokes and color palettes. What makes these sleeves incredibly unique is that the artwork on each is painted by artists with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).

Not only does the company commission these individuals as artists, but they also provide meaningful employment to those with IDD in other jobs within the company, such as labeling and packing. They believe that everyone, even those commonly unseen by society, deserve a chance to thrive and be seen.

And this ideology – seeing the unseen – extends to their approach to coffee. HÆRFEST offers live sensory experiences that accompany their coffees, allowing customers to not only taste and smell, but to see and hear them as well.

“To understand coffee we need to bring the product out of the cup and give it a personality.   Color, Feel, Smell, Sound, Taste…. “- Toby, Founder

Toby, HÆRFEST’s founder, was introduced to Nanoleaf Light Panels by his son Luke. Aware of his dad’s desire to incorporate all of the senses into his coffees, he felt that the lights and colors of the panels would be an incredible way to take the HÆRFEST experience to the next level. And he was right: Toby immediately incorporated the Light Panels into what would become his live sensory experiences, and never looked back.

“We use the Nanoleaf products as a storytelling device around the characteristics of coffee, roasting, development, purpose, taste, sound, feel, texture… “ – Toby

The Light Panels are placed on a large table, along with the coffee, beans, and other sensory items reflecting the characteristics of the coffee. For each variety, Toby creates a custom light show with the panels, often activating the Rhythm mode to dance along with the songs he curates for an immersive and synesthetic experience.

HÆRFEST and their customers enjoyed the effects of the colorful lighting so much that they even incorporated a whimsical display of Nanoleaf’s Canvas squares into their store.

“Nanoleaf has provided us [with a way] to change the way we “see” coffee… for a personalized experience [that] introduces the utilization of other senses to the coffee world. There are not many times that a product can tie together so many senses in a creative and experiential fashion that allows customers to come to own their conclusions to drink and food.” – Toby

HÆRFEST has both a permanent Nanoleaf SET (Sensory Experience Table), as well as a portable format that allows them to bring the experience to different remote locations like TV Shows. Everyone who has the pleasure of enjoying it leaves with a new found appreciation for the coffee, and the passion of the brand itself.

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