Grammy Winning Artist’s Unique Music Studio Lighting

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August 20, 2020 | 9 Min Read

Lighting is one of the most important factors in establishing mood, and no one knows this better than Miami based recording artist Tony Succar.

In his early career, Succar would rent out studio after studio to practice in and record his music. Each time however he was left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. The energy of the music put him in touch with his emotions, but the ambience of the generic studios just didn’t resonate with him or his sounds. In a place of creation, his surroundings left him feeling limited and restricted.

Finally, he realized that in order to truly thrive with his music, he would need his own studio to customize in a way that would truly inspire him. Tony wanted to create different moods to suit different songs and styles of music, but the challenge he encountered was having limited space. He needed something that was small, but could make a big impact.

One day while browsing Instagram, he came across a post featuring Nanoleaf Light Panels. The instant he saw them he knew they could be the solution that he had been looking for, and so he began researching more to find out what these lights were, and how he could get them for himself.

Later that year, with the help of his father, he finally completed his dream space, and topped it off with an incredible 105 panel layout. While capable of providing clear bright functional lighting for the studio, he also found that the ease of the preset Scenes in the Nanoleaf App allowed him to completely transform the mood of the room instantly.

“I’ve always looked at music as if it were colors. It’s something weird, but depending on what the song is, or what I’m feeling, I choose the color to really connect me with my emotions.” – Tony Succar

His favorite Scene is called “Aquarium” because he loves to be surrounded by hues of his favorite color, blue. But he puts the full color range of the panels to the test by playing around with different color Scenes as the background lighting for the many videos and Instagram stories that he films in his studio.

“I use Forest a lot as well because I do some Brazilian productions, and that always goes well with samba music.”  – Tony Succar

The lighting impacted him and his music so much that when he decided it was time to open a second studio, Nanoleaf panels were one of the first things to go into the plan. This time the studio would feature the touch and sound reactive Nanoleaf Canvas, wrapping around the entire space to create a vibe that was out of this world.

“Musicians have [said] many times, my studio looks like a spaceship. I love doing voice commands with Alexa; people think it’s rocket science, little do they know it’s so easy!” – Tony Succar

In addition to the Canvas, Tony included Nanoleaf’s new Shapes Hexagons into the mix, in his pre-production studio.

Tony continues to feel inspired every day by the vibrant lighting in his custom studio spaces, and credits it as playing a role in his most recent successes as an artist, including winning two Latin Grammys!

“This is so important for me… for the creative space to be really what comes from my heart, it’s all based on feeling, and that’s why I’m super happy that I connect with Nanoleaf. They also have an amazing team of beautiful people, that explains why the product is even better, because the people behind it are straight up fantastic people!” – Tony Succar

Thanks for the love Tony, and for making our products shine!

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