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September 24, 2020 | 7 Min Read

From the occasional exercisers, to the weightlifting warriors, everyone can benefit from a little boost to their health and wellness routine to keep their muscles and motivation going strong. While it may be hard to resist the draw of that comfy couch, adding an exciting element to your workout can give you that extra push you need to get going!

That’s where Nanoleaf lights come in. People around the world have been discovering the amazing impact that Nanoleaf’s bright and colorful lighting can have on their fitness routines. Not only are we seeing more and more Light Panel, Canvas, and Shapes Hexagons installations being incorporated into people’s home workouts, but even big gyms and fitness studios are starting to catch on to the incredible ability of the right mood lighting to get the heart pumping!

JumaFit, located in New Jersey, is one fitness studio that has added Nanoleaf Light Panels into their space. The entire venue is surrounded with the panels, covering nearly every wall. JumaFit’s programs feature coach-led treadmill sessions packed with enough adrenaline to make the class time fly by. This is accomplished with the help of the vibrant panels, shining brightly in a spectrum of colors to inject even more energy into the room. With so much stimulation, there really is no choice but to get your sweat on and knock out a killer workout.

Another studio lighting up their space with Nanoleaf Light Panels is BPedal Spin Studio in Arizona. They’ve decked out their entire ceiling with the panels, creating a next level RGB sky-light. Utilizing the Rhythm feature, these panels dance to the beat of the music during BPedal’s intense spin class sessions, charging the energetic atmosphere with that extra intensity.

And they aren’t the only cyclers in the game to see the light. CYCLUB based out of Florida is a company that creates custom light shows for spin classes across the nation and uses Nanoleaf Light Panels for their impactful lighting and futuristic aesthetic. Their concept is not only to fuel the class with the lights but also to give the instructors a platform to feel like the rockstars they are, and to be able to deliver their full energy into every session.

But fitness studios aren’t having all the fun. With Nanoleaf’s modularity and easy installation, panel setups can also liven up at-home workout sessions. Whether following along with a video, or freestyling your own workout, these lighting panels recharge your exercise, and fight off the monotony from every move. Whether you’re a fitness pro in your decked out home gym like Fanny Josephine (@fanny_josefine) or Omari Allen (, or just a general health enthusiast, these lights are the perfect thing to level up your workouts.

And it’s not just about elevating that heart beat. Dynamic Color Scenes make the perfect pairing for yoga and meditation, filling your space with soothing waves of calming colors. Breathe along with the “Chill” Playlist for a sense of tranquility and inner peace, or customize your own with the hues and motions that put you the most at ease.

Mindset Brain Gym in Toronto Canada took this one step further by creating an entire mindful meditation studio that uses Nanoleaf Light Panels to guide visitors through various exercises intended to strengthen the mind. Here, the lights enhance feelings of calm and focus by providing gentle illumination that flows in smooth, consistent patterns.

So whether you’re getting hyped up or calmed down, try out Nanoleaf’s Light Panels, Canvas, and Shapes Hexagons for a truly unique and unforgettable health and wellness experience.

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