A Parent’s Guide To Watching Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

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January 19, 2021 | 6 Min Read

Your family couldn’t get enough of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, so Universal, Amblin and DreamWorks are bringing back the adventure with Season 2, now streaming on Netflix. With new characters and challenges, it’s the perfect time to give them an exciting new way to experience the show! Nanoleaf’s smart lighting panels let them have even more fun and be creative while watching their favorite story play out on the screen.

Dinosaur in Jurassic World.

These panels are completely modular, letting their creativity and personality shine. They can plan out their own designs with panels on the floor before mounting, or in the Nanoleaf App’s virtual Layout Assistant, and create any shape they can imagine!

Nanoleaf Shapes in a living room to create a dinosaur footprint design.

Try layouts in the shape of their favorite dinosaur, or creating footprints to make it feel like one has just come through the room! With Nanoleaf’s new Shapes line you can even mix-and-match different shapes of panels into one layout, giving them endless design possibilities to play around with.

And once it’s time to mount, the process is just as easy. The panels mount with double sided tape and don’t require any drilling or tools, so even kids can help mount them to any smooth flat surface, like around the TV, or in their bedroom.

Nanoleaf Shapes create a dinosaur design above a desk.

Around the TV:

Create the most immersive watching experience for the whole family by setting your panels to fill the room with colors from the show. In the Nanoleaf App it’s both simple and intuitive for anyone to create and save custom color palettes of their favorite characters, locations, or dinosaurs! Or explore our curated Jurassic World Playlist to transport your space into the “Jungle Roads”, or the “Velociraptor Enclosure” all while you watch! The sound reactive panels can even respond to every stomp and roar, making your kids feel like they’re right in the action with the other campers.

In Their Bedroom:

Nanoleaf Panels don’t only look cool, but they’re functional too. Set up their own custom dinosaur shape in their bedroom (or use our “Roaring T-Rex” Design Kit for a little bit of design help) and they’ll be able to watch their friend glow all night as the perfect dimmable night-light. Control it with the app or a Voice Assistant to be vibrant during playtime, and gradually fade out when it’s time to go to sleep.

They can even turn them off themselves with the Touch Gestures feature by double-tapping on the panels, so they have full control without a phone. And from bed-time to wake-up time, they can use their panels as a natural light alarm clock to get them up and ready for the day in the most gentle way. These playful panels even help fight away the winter gloom as they shine bright! With custom colors, schedules, touch reactivity and control, the ways the kids can enjoy and interact with their new light-up dinosaur friend are truly endless.

So whether they’re excitedly watching the show in the family room, or drifting off dreaming about the adventure in bed at night, you can give them a Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous experience that they will never forget!

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