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March 22, 2021 | 3 Min Read

A trend is something people resonate with; it draws them in, excites them and often becomes a conversation starter. These sensations can brighten up your room, add extra flair to your wardrobe, motivate you to try new foods or even inspire you to join collectives. 

So how trendy are you? Here are some of 2021’s top home design trends to try for a fresh spring makeover. We’ve also rounded up some of our favorite Etsy shops so you can easily recreate these looks at home!

Pantone Pops – Take advantage of grays and yellows

Pantone announced two Colors of the Year for 2021 – Illuminating Yellow representing optimism and hope, and Ultimate Gray representing composure, steadiness and resilience. This combination is a perfect embodiment of balance while also creating a striking contrast that lets the yellow shine. Recreate this trend and illuminate your home by using the “Sunshine” Scene on the Nanoleaf Shapes panels and take advantage of accent pieces like modern ceramic vases or a gray throw to really make that yellow pop. It’s the warm welcome you’ve been looking for in your living space.

Nanoleaf Shapes Panels in the color yellow for pantone home design trend.

Nature, Indoors – Balance your home with organic accents

Admittingly, 2020 was a difficult year filled with multiple lockdowns and social distancing. Many of us didn’t realize how much we appreciated being outside until we had to stay inside, but 2021 is looking brighter and greener already! Get connected with nature and fill your home with items that feel organic like driftwood candle holders, succulent plants or anything green that could help balance your living space. Also, recreate this trend with Nanoleaf Shapes or Canvas panels – inspired by nature – and the “Soft Jade” Color Scene.

Nanoleaf Canvas light squares in soft jade color scene for 2020 trend.

Modern ‘80s – Brighten your space with funky shapes and colors

Retro is back! Channel your inner Andy Warhol and embrace pop art with some flair from the 1980s – that means curvy or geometric shapes, bold patterns and vibrant color combinations. This trend can be recreated by mixing the Nanoleaf Shapes Triangle, Mini Triangle and Hexagon panels to make funky patterns while using Color Scenes like “The Disco Floor” or “Lichtenstein.” You can also paint your baseboards, crown moulding and door frames bright accent colors or if you want to add color without painting, put up some modern art prints and find ways to add unique shapes to your home with whimsical furniture.

Modern 80s trend in home with Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles.

Rustic Vogue –  Let vintage and modern living collide

Staycations have become the new normal and cottages are a hot commodity. Bring the charm of the cottage home and relish in the chic, worn-in, rustic feel that’s filled with character. Recreate this trend by using a mix of antique and contemporary items. Nothing says cottage like a campfire! Take advantage of the sleek design of the Nanoleaf Shapes panels with the warm welcome of the “Blaze” Color Scene. Incorporate cozy pieces like wicker baskets and furniture or a vintage area rug to compliment your hardwood flooring mixed with modern staples like simplistic wall clocks or floating shelves.

Rustic Vogue 2021 trend with bedroom lights Nanoleaf Hexagons.

Moody Neons – Set the mood with neon and LED lighting

Last but not least in our list of top trends, set the mood with neon colors. According to Pinterest, neon and LED lighting are coming in strong for 2021. Create a chic, futuristic vibe at home, perfect for those at-home social media photoshoots! With Nanoleaf Shapes and Canvas panels and make your own Scene with colors like vibrant blue and neon pink. You can also add these neon colors with other pieces of decor like pillow coverings. Look for funky neon writing to make a bold statement or go more minimal with simple brightly colored pieces.

Nanoleaf Canvas in the living room with Neon color home design trend.

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