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May 7, 2021 | 3 Min Read

As life takes us all down its twists and turns, we’re always faced with new problems for which we must find creative solutions. In short, we must “rethink what’s possible” — a motto that inspired Nanoleaf, a smart lighting company.

Since its conception in 2012, Nanoleaf set out to create a smarter future by innovating products that challenge the typical restrictions on how a space can be illuminated. Much more than a technology, decor, or lighting company, Nanoleaf has grown to become a community of creative individuals that reaches far beyond the office walls.

Meet Kai and the Nanoleaf Community

Kai, originally from Brazil but currently living in Switzerland, is a tried and true fan of Nanoleaf and the founder of the Nanoleaf Community. A global, online collective where creative and passionate individuals share fun projects, new ideas, and innovative solutions using Nanoleaf’s lights.

Kai first learned about Nanoleaf in 2018, when he moved to a new apartment. His new home had a magnificently inclined ceiling with exposed wooden beams, but it became tricky to find light fixtures to fit his new living space. And he wasn’t just looking for basic lighting. Kai set out to find something that could brighten up a space and be an eye-catching source of illumination, and inspiration.

Nanoleaf Light Panels with the founder of the Nanoleaf Community.

That’s when Kai discovered Nanoleaf. He liked that the Light Panels were “innovative, smart, and slick.” As an introduction to the product he got a 9 panel Smarter Kit, set it up in the front entrance of his home, and fell in love. And while that original setup still resides in his front entrance today, his journey with Nanoleaf was just beginning.

Kai’s Creative Creation

Kai had always been a very creative and hands-on person with a natural curiosity for how things work. He decided to use Nanoleaf Light Panels to design a backlit, ambient lighting installation for his living room.

Nanoleaf Shapes backlit light panels.

He thought, if he could fasten two light panels back to back and set them on his ceiling, then he could create an immersive backlit glowing effect. So that’s exactly what Kai did. He was even able to figure out how to make pyramids out of the panels, making his installation stand out even more — literally. However, this didn’t come without its challenges!

Customizable Nanoleaf Light Panels.

There were some issues to figure out while building the installation, like how to connect the panels and how to safely secure them to the ceiling. Nanoleaf’s panels are typically connected using rigid linkers. However, Kai had to work around the ceiling beams in his living room to connect the panels. So he adapted the Flex Linkers offered by the company by soldering cables to extend them. Making them long enough to pass the beams.

Usually, the panels are secured to a surface using double-sided mounting tape or screws for ceiling installations —  it’s a quick and easy installation. But to create that backlit glow, Kai had to find a way to secure the panels at a slightly raised position, off the ceiling. He achieved this by adapting the current mounting plates to make his own raised ones.

Customized Backlit Panels.

In all, his masterpiece culminated in the form of 166 Light Panels! And everyone who sees his installation loves that backlit effect. Kai’s currently working on ways to integrate some of the other smart features from Nanoleaf’s panels into his space. Although he’s quite pleased with his current setup and uses it daily as the main light source for his living room. One of his favorite lighting Scenes is “Streaking Notes” which is filled with bright and flashing blues, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks. He’s happy to lay on his couch, relax and watch as the light of the panels dance across his ceiling.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles Lights.

Kai’s story is the embodiment of what Nanoleaf set out to do. Just like the founders — Gimmy Chu, Christian Yan, and Tim Rodinger — Nanoleaf community members have found ways to truly rethink what’s possible!

Is there a creative way you like to use your panels? Share your story with us! Find us on Instagram and Twitter @nanoleaf or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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