How To Get Better Quality Sleep With Smart Lighting

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June 10, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Our quality of sleep is one of the most important factors of having a productive day. But even after just one night of poor sleep, our body’s internal clock can get thrown off. It’s suggested that we need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night to ensure we’re well-rested for the next day, but around 35% of all adults in the US report sleeping on average for less than 7 hours every night. This ultimately affects how much energy we have throughout the day and may even affect our sleep the night after.

Customizing smart lighting features to suit your needs can help improve your daily life, and that includes your sleep. Using the smart features in our Nanoleaf Essentials lights and Nanoleaf light panels, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and groggy mornings by improving your overall well-being and energy levels!

1) Sync Up Your Lights with the Sun

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Our body’s natural rhythm follows the sun as it rises and sets each day, letting us know when it’s time to focus and when it’s time for rest. But with the increased amount of technology and screen time we consume each day, our body’s clocks have been thrown off its natural cycle which affects our quality of sleep at night.

Made to help rebalance your body’s natural rhythm, the Circadian Lighting feature on the Nanoleaf Essentials automatically adjusts the color temperature of your lights throughout the day to sync up with the sun. Based on your timezone, Essentials automatically adjust their color temperature, offering warmer light in the mornings, cooler temperatures during the day to help you stay productive, and then warm, soft light once again so you can wind down in the evening.

You can also customize your sunrise and sunset hours with Circadian Lighting using the Manual setting. This allows you to set the lighting to suit your lifestyle, helping your body adjust to your personal schedule whether you work a night shift, have jet lag, or simply want to wake up earlier.

2) Wind Down with the Right Lighting

Smart lighting hacks, smart lighting decor, smart lighting features, better sleep with smart lighting

After a day full of activities, it’s important to know when to start getting ready for bed. But it’s easy to get distracted by social media, emails, or watching “just one more episode” of that new show, making us stay up later than we should and preventing us from getting the proper amount of rest.

Set the right mood by selecting one of the thousands of preset Scenes in the Nanoleaf App to help wind down after a busy day. With the “Bedtime” Scene, your panels will display mellow and dim colors that will help you get ready to sleep. You can even use the “Sleep Mode” Scene and schedule your lights to gradually dim down for a more natural way to ease into sleep! With the right lighting, you can make your evening routines easier and help your body get the proper amount of rest needed to have a productive day.

3) Give Yourself Daily Reminders

Smart lighting hacks, smart lighting decor, smart lighting features, better sleep with smart lighting

Maintaining a proper schedule is one of the most important ways to develop healthy sleeping habits. But sometimes it’s hard to stick to it – especially with how busy our lives can get. 

Have your lights turn on and off at specific times by setting schedules or reminders with the Schedules feature. Whether you’re a morning bird or a night owl, set a Schedule to slowly dim down and turn off the lights each night to remind yourself it’s time for bed and help your body adjust for sleep, or have your lights gradually turn on to help wake you up in the morning. All scheduling can be done with the Nanoleaf App for the Nanoleaf Shapes or with the Apple Home App and Google Home App for Nanoleaf Essentials.

4) Naturally Wake Up to the Sunrise

Smart lighting hacks, smart lighting decor, smart lighting features, better sleep with smart lighting

Most of us can agree that one of the most challenging parts of any day is forcing ourselves to get out of bed in the morning. And setting a loud alarm to abruptly wake you up definitely doesn’t make it any easier. 

Ditch the alarm clock and let your body naturally wake up to a simulated sunrise every morning. Create custom light alarms or have your lights brighten over a period of 30 minutes to imitate the sunrise. Studies have shown that waking up gradually to light can help you feel more refreshed and boost your energy levels!

In the long run, having the correct lighting plays a greater role in your sleep quality than most people think. Smart lighting can do so much more than just illuminate your space or add decor to your room. It can help create the right ambiance for waking up or winding down, help you stay on track with your sleep schedule, and even mimic the sun to maintain your body’s natural rhythms. With these special features, you can look forward to a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed than ever before!

Do you use Nanoleaf to help improve your sleep? Share your experience with us!

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