5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Living Room (…without a major renovation)

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June 11, 2021 | 3 Min Read
Refresh your living room with Nanoleaf Elements

Living rooms are probably the most “lived in” spaces in our entire home. They’re social rooms, communal spaces, and areas for entertaining. So finding ways to refresh your living room regularly without a major renovation is important – otherwise, it can get quite costly.

With some careful planning and creativity, there are simple ways you can capture your design aesthetic and express it through your decor. Here are five easy and affordable ways to instantly liven up this space that you can try today.

1) Fill The Room With Neutral Colors

Living rooms can be tricky to decorate since everyone’s taste differs, which is why we recommend opting for a neutral color palette. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything in plain white! Create depth with different warm tones and add decor elements that can carry more than one neutral tone, like Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons which are a neutral wood color when off and range from warm to cool shades when on. Or if you prefer a pop of color, try an accent pillow to add some depth in the room.

2) Add Dimension With Different Textures

Add Nanoleaf Elements to your living room for a new look without a major renovation.

Tone and shades aren’t the only ways to add dimension to a room! Use all of your senses and take advantage of different textures, like a fuzzy rug or a hand-knit throw. Even consider thinking beyond typical photo walls or traditional art pieces, and take advantage of modern wall art like Nanoleaf Elements which have a wood-like texture in both look and feel. To create a more interesting and dynamic display, consider mixing modern wall art like these light panels with some photography.

3) Maximize Natural Light and Add Brightness Where you Can

Anything that helps us reconnect with nature instantly lifts our mood and well-being. Make sure your window fixtures (curtain and shutters) are adjustable so you can let the natural light in. Another way to boost the brightness is getting creative with a decorative mirror which will open up the space. And don’t forget about bespoke lighting which is more than just a way to illuminate a room! If your living room has a neutral color palette (as we highlighted before), bespoke lighting is a perfect way to add some flair while providing extra light. The wall setup component and ultra-thin design of Nanoleaf Elements is particularly helpful for smaller spaces where a floor lamp may clutter the room.

4) Energize The Space With Multifunctional Pieces

DIY decor piece Nanoleaf Elements in a living room.

Decor doesn’t have to be just another item collecting dust. Great decor pieces can be a source of great memories, conversation starters, and can even be part of your entertainment experience. Look for multifunctional pieces that look good and make you feel good, like a vintage record player. Smart home decor pieces are another great way to accomplish this – many have added features that double as entertainment for your space. With the Element’s built-in Music Sync, watch as the panels glimmer, glow and sway along to the beats of your songs from your favorite records. When your decor elements are in harmony, your living room entertainment can be much more immersive!

5) Make It A Safe Space To Relax With Pieces that Create Comfort

Refresh your self-care oasis by adding Nanoleaf Elements/

Living rooms are not only to entertain and dazzle. They can be that cozy corner you need after a long day which invites you in with a hot tea and a good book. However you like to unwind, make this space more comfortable with warm decor pieces like scented candles, plush pillows, and soft blankets. Or explore dimmable ambient lighting options to create comfort. With Nanoleaf Elements, you can fill your space with nature-inspired lighting Scenes like a crackling Fireplace and gently moving Clouds, anytime you want.

Is there another way you like to liven up your living room? Share your story with us! Find us on Instagram @nanoleafhome, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

You can find Nanoleaf Elements today at The Nanoleaf Shop. Elements will be available at more retailers globally later this month.

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