These Are The Top 5 Smart Home Devices That Will Simplify Your Life (2021)

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June 24, 2021 | 4 Min Read

Smart devices can seem daunting at first, but adding them to your home can simplify your life and improve your day-to-day! In fact, the top smart home products all have a few things in common: they’re easy to control and install, help you fulfill everyday tasks, and work with other smart products. 

Smart home devices allow for more automation and customization – helping you focus on things that really matter instead of small and tedious tasks. Easily make your house into a smart home with these five smart devices that will simplify your life. 

1) Brighten Up Your Space And Create A Customized Ambience With Smart Lighting

Nanoleaf Essentials

Nanoleaf Essentials in a living room.

Lighting is something that we use every day, so optimizing your lighting can instantly improve your daily life! Customize the ambience for daily activities with Nanoleaf Essentials, Thread-enabled color-changing smart LED Bulbs and Lightstrips. For traditional lighting fixtures, just replace your A19 light bulb with this newer, smarter one. And if you want to get more creative, try Nanoleaf’s Lightstrips! They’re easily installed with an adhesive backing and look great around your desk, behind your TV, or even under your kitchen cabinets. 

Control Nanoleaf Essentials manually or through the Nanoleaf App, and enjoy thousands of preset lighting Scenes, or make your own with over 16 million color options. Plus, the Circadian Lighting feature syncs your lights with natural sunlight to help boost your productivity throughout the day, or help you unwind when you need it. If you’re looking for a more creative DIY lighting project, there’s also Nanoleaf Shapes modular light panels! Learn more about the

2) Keep An Eye On Things From Anywhere With Smart Cameras (Indoor And Outdoor)

Ring Cameras

A ring camera on a shelf.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with smart security cameras! Whether you’re home relaxing on the couch, sleeping soundly in bed, or out on a long-awaited date night, don’t miss a thing with Ring’s Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras. Cover every corner and watch as they capture and record all of the motion in and around your home during the day, or at night with colored night vision.

Simply mount these weatherproof cameras and look out for real-time motion notifications. Watch live or recorded videos in high definition and interact with people outside with the two-way talk feature. For maximum coverage, also check out the Ring Doorbell with all of the same camera features and the added benefit of a doorbell ring notification and video.

3) Stay Cool And Control Your Home With A Smart Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat 

Smart lamp on a desk.

Save energy and money with a smart thermostat that can be controlled from anywhere! Nest’s Learning Thermostat adapts to the season and your schedule, optimizing heating and cooling when you’re present or away. Save up to 12% in heating and 15% in cooling bills, and track these savings in the Nest App.

Use this thermostat to take better care of your HVAC system as well. It’ll monitor any system errors and will help you find a qualified professional to help. Connect to the Nest App with Wi-Fi to control your home’s temperature and monitor alerts. For manual control, you can also use the ring on the thermostat’s display. If you like that, you can also protect your home with Nest Protect, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

4) No Need To Worry About Forgotten Keys Or Unlocked Doors With A Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

Smart lock on a front door of a house.

Few things are more frustrating than getting halfway to your destination and then feeling a rush of anxiety over whether or not you locked the door. Eliminate this fear with automated smart locks like Yale’s Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt. This weather-protected, Wi-Fi smart lock is easy to install and can replace your current deadbolt lock.

Unlock your doors using a key, the backlit keypad (great for late nights), or hands-free using the Yale Access App. Check notifications in the App to see if you really did lock the door – which won’t be a problem because this lock auto-locks when the door closes! The keypad code can be any combination of 4-8 numbers that you choose, and you can create and store multiple unique pins for all of the members (or even guests) of your household.

5) Remain Entertained And Connect All Of Your Devices With A Smart Home Hub

Apple HomePod mini, Amazon Echo, Google Nest Hub Max

Apple home pod mini on a desk.

Smart home hubs and speakers are the perfect smart devices to end with because they tie everything together and enhance your overall experience. Each smart device on this list is compatible with various voice assistants and home hubs such as the Apple HomePod mini, Amazon Echo, and Google Nest Hub Max

While each hub is different, they all double as digital assistants and as entertainment systems. Connect them to compatible smart devices and use your home hub to control the different products in your smart home. Use voice commands to help with daily activities like checking the weather or setting alarms, and enjoy the powerful speakers to fill your room with music. One thing to look out for is compatibility; you’ll want to make sure any new products work with your home hub for the most seamless experience.

Do you have a smart home device that you would add to the list? We’d love to hear from you! Find us on Instagram and Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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