5 Tips To Optimize Your Home Office (For Inspiration And Productivity)

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June 25, 2021 | 3 Min Read
5 Tips To Optimize Your Home Office (For Inspiration And Productivity)

Working from home has become the norm in the past year, yet many of us haven’t yet found the best ways to optimize our home office spaces. Corporate offices are carefully planned and optimized to induce collaboration, productivity, and to inspire innovative ideas. And it’s not just about the luxuries like ergonomic chairs and meeting rooms; the real power is found in the small details like lighting and ambience.

To help your home office reach its full potential, all you need to do is capture some of these finer details to optimize your space. Here are 5 tips to enhance your home office to harness comfort, inspiration, and productivity.

1) Maximize Bright White Light To Promote Productivity

Maximize Bright White Light To Promote Productivity

Lighting is more important than you may think! Crisp white light is energizing and encourages the completion of tasks. In comparison, warmer yellow tones of light tend to be more relaxing. So naturally, you should incorporate bright white lighting into your home office to maximize productivity. 

Believe it or not, you can achieve this without boring office light fixtures. Bespoke lighting options such as Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons allow for brightness and style. These dimmable modular light panels come with a range of warm to cool lighting options and several preset lighting Scenes. Use them to cast a bright white productive glow in your workspace!

2) Take Advantage Of Windows

Nothing beats fresh air and sunlight, and there are even proven mental health benefits that come from natural light. Sometimes there just isn’t a way to access natural light… but there’s a solution for this!

Air purifiers can help get rid of that stale air if you can’t open a window. There are also smart home lighting fixtures that mimic nature, such as the Circadian Lighting feature for Nanoleaf Elements (coming soon), which syncs your light’s color temperature with natural sunlight. This feature is particularly great for home offices in dark dens or basements with smaller and fewer windows. Make sure to also get up and stretch your legs, and take little breaks to step outside in order to stay motivated.

3) Create Separation Between Your Office And Home (Even in Multifunctional Spaces)

Create Separation Between Your Office And Home (Even in Multifunctional Spaces)

Work-life balance can be tricky when working from your home office, especially if your work area is in a multipurpose space like a bedroom or living room! This is when creating a workstation that feels separate from your living space is really important. 

Pieces that work for both rooms and create a sense of separation are key. Try decorating that corner of the space a little bit differently: use decor pieces such as plants, bookshelves, art, and lighting to set this area apart. Consider pieces like the multifunctional Elements light panels, which serve as a beautiful decor piece while off and functional ambient lighting while on. Taking time to plan out your multifunctional space is important so that you can still feel like you’ve left your work behind at the end of the day – even if your office is in your home.

4) Pay Close Attention To The Background For Video Calls

Meetings can be a bit tricky when working from home since they’re all virtual! It’s not quite as simple as walking into the meeting room on time. Consider factors like a strong Wi-Fi connection and background noise (headphones or earbuds with a microphone help). Of course, you’ll also need to dress to impress – but that’s not exclusive to virtual meetings.

Your background is also a big factor in virtual meetings. It should be professional and elegant, and there are a few simple ways to accomplish this! Video call services often offer virtual backgrounds but it’s not always ideal because sometimes they blur or cover the wrong things. Another option is decorating your space with neutral decor pieces like plants or wall art. Explore decor with a neutral finish like Nanoleaf Elements, finished with a textured wood look. This is a great way to create an interesting yet professional background. And remember to always keep your area organized; messy papers and tangled cables can be distracting.

5) Surround Yourself With Items That Are Comforting and Inspiring

Surround Yourself With Items That Are Comforting and Inspiring

It’s not enough for a workspace to just be comfortable! Sure, an ergonomic chair and a sit-to-stand desk are great for the body and staying focused but you also need some pieces to motivate and inspire your mind.

Decorate your walls with creative art pieces! You can even design your own art with Nanoleaf Elements. The modular panels allow you to create any pattern to fit your style. Fill the room with music that gets your creative juices flowing. And find spots on or around your desk for family photos or miniature statues. This is where your personality can really shine through, so let it shine bright and inspire you!

What’s your favorite feature in your home office? Share your story with us! Find us on Instagram @nanoleafhome, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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