How To Build A Smart Stadium For Your Home (Enjoy Every Game In Comfort!)

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June 25, 2021 | 2 Min Read
How To Build A Smart Stadium For Your Home (Enjoy Every Game In Comfort!)

Gather up your football (or soccer) jersey and country flags, and take advantage of smart gear like Nanoleaf Shapes to enhance your watching experience this game season. Here’s how to build a smart stadium to enjoy the games from the comfort of your home.

Recreate Your Favorite Team’s Colors

Recreate Your Favourite Team’s Colours

There’s nothing like the camaraderie of a fellow fan sitting in the stadium seat next to you, wearing a matching jersey, and smeared in face paint. Use your Nanoleaf Shapes to fill your at-home smart stadium in a sea of your team colors…just like being in the actual stadium! Explore millions of colors in the Nanoleaf App and recreate your favorite team’s flag to cheer them on.

Step Into Your Home Stadium

Step Into Your Home Stadium

Get up close and personal to the action this year. Stream the long-awaited matches and cast them on your largest screen in high definition. Set up your Nanoleaf Shapes light panels around the TV and enjoy the Screen Mirror feature to feel completely immersed as the panels reflect the colors of the action taking place in the game. You will feel like you’re right in the stadium!

Experience The Sounds Of Football

Experience The Sounds Sounds Of Football

What’s a good game without the sounds of the stadium? For the ultimate experience, try out our Home Stadium Playlist—inspired by songs like Queen’s “We Are The Champions”—on your Nanoleaf Shapes panels. Explore Rhythm lighting Scenes that dance to the beat of your music and remind you of vibrant green grass, bright white stadium lights, and the cheering crowd dressed in team colors.

Immersive FIFA Gaming Experience

FIFA PC Gaming with Nanoleaf Shapes Setup

For everyone who cannot wait until the next match, continue playing on the virtual football field! Get a fully immersive gaming experience with the Screen Mirror feature. The Nanoleaf panels will reflect the colors of your screen while playing your dream match. For an even more immersive experience, just add the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips behind your monitor and watch the game really come to life.

Use these fun tips and tricks to build a smart stadium for your home and enjoy tournaments of all kinds for years to come.

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