How To Create The Ultimate Gaming Setup

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July 5, 2021 | 4 min

Any gamer can tell you that one of the most important parts of your gaming experience is your desk setups and battlestations. Your gaming setup should be comfortable, show off your personal style, and create a truly immersive experience; and the best way to do that is with the right lighting. Whether you’re starting your setup from scratch or fine-tuning what you currently have, here are 4 easy ways to create the ultimate gaming setup using smart lighting!

Plan Out Your Perfect Lighting Layout

creating the ultimate gaming setup

The key to every amazing and customized setup is the planning behind it — from each piece of equipment to the layout of the devices. But unless you have a very vivid imagination, planning everything out in your head can be difficult.

With Nanoleaf’s Layout Assistant, you can remove the headache of planning and easily see what your design will look like before committing to it. In the Nanoleaf App, add panels and arrange your design to create your masterpiece before setting it up on the wall. 

You can then use the Augmented Reality (AR) feature in the Nanoleaf App to virtually project your design onto your wall, so you can actually see what it would look like in real life! You’re able to add as many or as few panels as you’d like and arrange them in any way to fit your gaming space. It’s the perfect feature for anyone who is just getting started on their setup, or if you’re adding onto a previous design.

Design Your Own Battlestation

creating the ultimate gaming setup

If you’re into gaming you know that a lot of thought and coordination goes into your setup — from the type of gear you have, how it’s arranged, or even the color theme you choose. But the most important part is the ability to customize your battlestation to truly match your space.

Nanoleaf’s modular light panels allow you to create your own personalized masterpiece and arrange the panels into any design you want! You can connect your light panels together into geometric layouts, abstract forms, or your favorite shapes. With the Nanoleaf Shapes line, you can even combine the different shapes (Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles) into dynamic lighting mosaics using Connect+ technology. Whether you want a battlestation with exciting symmetry, or you want your setup to be completely abstract — the choice is yours! 

With over 16 million colors and shades to choose from, you can also light up your setup in your favorite colors, or a wide range of whites. You can select preset Scenes in the Nanoleaf App like the PlayStation Chill Scene, create your own dynamic Scenes, or even paint each panel a different color for limitless customization for your space.

Experience Your Battles Off The Screen

creating the ultimate gaming setup

The best way to elevate your setup is by taking your battles beyond the screen. Step into your favorite games and create a completely customized multi-sensory experience.

Using Screen Mirror, you can transform your gaming sessions by syncing up your lights with the colors on your screen, creating dynamic visuals and real-time reactions across your setup. Screen Mirror allows your games to become more multi-dimensional — completely transforming your experience! With several different modes to choose from, you can decide on the intensity of the lighting reactions. Try Melt Mode to match up the most dominant screen color, and then watch as your panels gradually dissolve into the next color sequence. You can even choose any specific area of your screen you want to synchronize for total customization. 

Sync Up Your Entire Gaming Station

creating the ultimate gaming setup

Bring your setup to life using the Nanoleaf x Razer Chroma integration and sync your Nanoleaf lighting with Razer gear for an RGB rainbow display running across your entire setup!

Watch your setup expand beyond your screen and feel like you’ve stepped right into each battle or scene. The integration creates real-time lighting effects reacting to your gameplay and syncs them across all of your devices. Transform your desk setup from a static layout to a fully ambient battlestation with dynamic colors, and have your panels display everything from exciting flashes and explosions to lighting indicators before a boss fight starts. There are also preset lighting effects to choose from to transform your entire setup! 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been gaming for years, having a custom setup can take your gameplay to the next level. The modular shape of Nanoleaf light panels makes it easy for anyone to arrange the panels exactly the way you’d like! This helps truly elevate your battlestation and is the perfect way to help you brighten up your setup and level up your gaming experience.

Have you created the ultimate gaming setup? Share your setup with us!

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