5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smart Lighting Could Do

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July 12, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Smart lighting plays a huge role in the smart home—especially when it comes to creating a truly integrated space. But smart lights have so many features that you may not know about, beyond just illuminating a space. Here are 5 things you didn’t know your smart lighting could do that will totally change your smart lighting experience! 

1. Fine-Tune Your Reflexes

Touch reactive smart lighting feature with Nanoleaf Shapes.

Who said your lighting couldn’t act as entertainment as well? Turn your light panel setup into a classic arcade and play Interactive Touch Games like Pacman, Memory, and Whack a Mole. Whether you want to fine-tune your reflexes or you just want to have a fun night in, Touch Games are the perfect way to stay entertained any time. Make your design as big as you want for more of a challenge. Play by yourself or with your friends for the perfect game night!

Using the Nanoleaf App, you’re able to find Touch Games in the Discover Tab—just select your game and place your hand on a panel for 3 seconds to start!

2. Adjust The Brightness Automatically

Nanoleaf Elements wood look smart lighting hexagons in a dining room.

When it comes to lighting, everyone has different preferences—some people may want their lights to match the environment while others prefer the complete opposite. With the built-in Brightness Sensor, have your lights automatically adjust depending on the brightness of your room! Watch your lights dim down as the room gets brighter and vice versa, allowing you to go completely hands-free and have your lights self-adjust as needed. With the Brightness Sensor, you can complement the natural light throughout the day to help you feel more energized or to help you wind down.

3. Connect Your Lights with Your Daily Routines

Nanoleaf Canvas smart light squares.

Connect IFTTT and your Nanoleaf lights to improve your everyday routines. Have your light panels react to things like the weather, your location, and message alerts. You can even program them to indicate the weather outside using unique color Scenes. Watch your panels turn blue when it’s raining to remind you to grab an umbrella on your way out, or yellow when it’s bright and sunny outside! Set your lights to automatically turn off when you leave the house or turn on when you arrive for hands-free convenience. Plus, never forget a date or event again by using your lights to set daily reminders with colors corresponding to your calendar—perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. 

4. Sync Your Lights Up With The Sun

Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb and Lightstrips in a bedroom.

With Circadian Lighting, your light panels will gradually shift between warm and cool color temperatures based on the time of day to provide the optimal lighting conditions for comfort and productivity. Ease into your day and wind down in the evenings with warmer light and stay productive in the afternoons with cooler colors. You can also customize your sunrise and sunset hours with Circadian Lighting using the Manual setting, allowing you to set the lighting to suit your lifestyle and adjust to your personal schedule based on your body’s natural rhythm. You can adjust the settings and enable Circadian Lighting using the Nanoleaf App.

5. Bring Your Movies Beyond the Screen

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles in a living room with cool smart lighting screen mirror feature.

Enhance your entertainment with Screen Mirror and watch the colors from your screen reflect onto your panels for the most immersive movie or gaming experience. Try out ‘Match Mode’ to see an exact mirroring of your screen, or ‘Melt Mode’ to see a reflection of the most dominant color from your screen, and then watch your panels gradually dissolve into the next color sequence. This feature also allows you to choose the areas of the screen to synchronize with for a completely customized multi-sensory experience! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into your favorite movie or game.

There are so many “secret” features that many of you might not have known about—from features that help make your everyday life easier to features that truly enhance your overall smart light experience. Even though we just listed 5 here, there are still so many more features for you to explore with your smart lighting, and Nanoleaf.

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf feature? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear about it!

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