How We Created The World’s Most RGB Gaming Room

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July 21, 2021 | 4 Min Read

Nanoleaf is a smart technology company that makes RGB lighting products beloved by gamers everywhere. But something was wrong. Why was it that people all around the world were using our Nanoleaf light panels to create the ultimate RGB gaming spaces, but we—as the company that CREATED these products— didn’t have such a space ourselves? This was a problem we knew we had to solve, and led us to create the world’s most RGB gaming room.

Nanoleaf Canvas RGB lights in a room.

As Nanoleaf grew from a small startup to a globally recognized technology brand, our team grew too—moving from a communal workspace to a small office, before finally upgrading to a larger one better suited for our continually expanding Nanoleaf family. But as a result of these constant moves, the office spaces themselves left something to be desired. As a small team hustling to get our name out there, all of our focus was put on creating incredible products and delivering a great experience to our users, while making the office space fun and vibrant fell by the wayside.

As a final blow, once the pandemic hit in 2020, we moved to a work from home model, leaving the new unfinished office empty and bare.

In 2021 however, once the vaccines had been fully rolled out and the idea of moving back to the office became a reality, we were all so excited to be able to see each other once again in the office that had been slowly coming to feel like home.

But if this office was really going to become Nanoleaf’s home, we needed a space within it that would make it FEEL like Nanoleaf’s home. In the true Nanoleaf spirit, we not only knew we needed to create the ultimate RGB gaming room, but that it had to be big, bold, and unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

The Nanoleaf Pillow is a perfect gift for any gamer.

And that’s how it all began.

To have the world’s most RGB gaming room, we knew that our panels had to be the star of the show. The first step was to plan out the panel layouts. We needed something that would tread the delicate line between epic and excessive, and show off the shape of each panel, but also the incredible designs they could be used to create.

An additional consideration was that this room would be used for multiple purposes: an escape where people from the team could go to play and unwind, a backdrop for our Twitch streams, and even a meeting space where we could gather to ignite our creativity and inspire new ideas.

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons mounted on a wall to create an immersive gaming experience.

The first wall we designed was a Hexagon wall with 119 panels. This would be where we’d set the TV, and would be the main background for Twitch viewers to see during interactive Nanoleaf streams. Shapes Hexagons were the perfect choice for this wall as they could cover a large area without looking too tightly packed, and could be used to create arching patterns that playfully winded across the space.

Nanoleaf Canvas in a battlestation for gamers when they're gaming.

Second was the opposite wall, which would be where the streaming setup/main gaming desk would live. The square pixel-art inspired Canvas panels were chosen for this area, and arranged in a music-visualizer inspired layout. The 152-panel layout expands to the ceiling using Flex Linkers and Screw Mounts. With the Rhythm feature, this meant that this wall could actually be set to function as a visualizer, to light up the room and energetically dance to the beat of any music, or intensify the most impactful gaming soundtracks.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles RGB light panels in a desk setup.

The third wall would be the home of the room’s second gaming setup, and featured Shapes 70 Triangles and 4 Shapes Mini Triangles. Inspired by designs created in our community, we chose a linear layout for this wall, bridging the three large lines with Mini Triangles to create one connected and cohesive design. Because all the different shapes in the Shapes line can be used together in one layout, this saved us from having to make the lines into three separate setups or connecting them with the longer Flex Linkers. Plus, it also just looked incredibly cool.

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles mounted on the wall with gaming posters on top.

Once the designs for the three initial walls were complete, we knew one thing was still missing; a high-impact floor-to-ceiling full-wall design for that extra WOW factor. And so the last wall was designed to be fully tiled with 181 Shapes Triangles—the most popular shape—as the final statement wall.

Nanoleaf Canvas setup.

Creating the designs was the first step; next was getting all hands on deck to actually build these incredible layouts. But the easy mounting process for all of our panels using the included double-sided mounting tape made it quick and easy, requiring no tools or drilling (luckily for our “volunteers”).

Gaming room with RGB light panels.

The final steps were building the furniture, buying the fun accessories, and setting up the next-level tech and peripherals sent to us by our amazing friends at Razer, Lenovo Legion, Vertagear, and Elgato.

We recorded the entire process from start to finish so we could see just how big of a transformation it was, from a simple space to the world’s most RGB gaming room! There were fun moments, exciting moments, and challenging moments, but it all came together to create something more incredible than we could have ever imagined!

And then it was ready for the big reveal to the rest of the team. 

RGB Gaming Room Smart Lights Decor

…Let’s just say, they were pretty excited.

We went all out to create the world’s most RGB gaming room with 550+ panels, and now you can do the same in your own space with Nanoleaf’s light panels! With any size of panel setup, you can completely transform your desk space into a brag-worthy battlestation. And if you do, we’d love to see it!

Do you have an incredible RGB gaming setup? Share it with us here! Find us on Instagram and Twitter @nanoleaf or Facebook @thenanoleaf and learn more about Nanoleaf’s Smarter Kits and Nanoleaf Essentials to start and grow your masterpiece!

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