3 Creative Ways to Set Up Your Nanoleaf Light Panels with Flex Linkers

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August 6, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Smart lighting plays a huge role in creating a truly “smart” home, and along with all of the customizable features, it can also be the perfect way to elevate your space. Your smart lighting setup should show off your personal style while creating an immersive RGB experience.

Take your Nanoleaf light panels to the next level and create a multi-dimensional design with the linkers and Flex Linkers: bend around corners, stretch to the ceiling (requires Screw Mount Kit), mount to angled surfaces, or maybe even create something a little radical. Whether you’re making a more simple setup or you’re looking to create a lighting mosaic, here are 3 creative ways to set up your light panels with flex linkers!

1) Take Your Panels Beyond the Walls

Creative ways to set up your smart light panels with flex linkers

Who said your light panels were limited to your walls? Take your lighting designs to the next level and decorate your ceiling with light panels! 

After planning out your design peel off the double-sided tape and firmly stick your panel onto your walls. Complete the wall portion of the setup and make sure to line up the edge of the last panel with where the wall bends into the ceiling. Connect your next panel to the ceiling with the Nanoleaf Flex Linkers. These linkers allow your setup to bend up to 180 degrees. To secure your panels to the ceiling, use the Nanoleaf Screw Mount Kit designed for mounting your Nanoleaf light panels to surfaces like ceilings, uneven/porous surfaces, or anywhere the double-sided tape is unsuitable. Watch your light panels seamlessly stretch onto your ceiling, creating an expansive and immersive lighting mosaic for your space!

2. Design Your Layout Around Corners

Creative ways to set up your smart light panels with flex linkers

Your light panels can be used to decorate your whole space wall-to-wall, whether you want a small design or have a huge lighting mosaic planned. For those bigger ideas, set up your panels to go across your entire room—corners and all!

Using your Nanoleaf Flex Linkers, connect your panels to go around any corner, whether they’re concave or convex. The 180-degree bend allows you to easily place your lights around any bend for a seamless design. Truly experience Nanoleaf features in a whole new light, such as the Music Visualizer, which will allow you to watch your lights dance across all of your walls to your own beats.

3. Create Your Favorite 3D Masterpieces

Light panels may be 2D, but that doesn’t mean they need to stay 2D. With the Nanoleaf Flex Linkers, transform your panels into 3D lighting fixtures!

Using Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, or Light Panels, connect individual panels to form a multi-dimensional lighting masterpiece! The 180-degree bend in the Flex Linkers allows you to create any 3D shape, like pyramids, cubes, and even more abstract figures. Create a light panel disco ball and get the party started with the “Dance Party” Scene for those fun nights out or create your own sun and mimic the sunrise with the “Vibrant Sunrise” Scene. If you want more customization, you can even create your own Scenes in the Nanoleaf App. 

One of the most important features of smart lighting is having the flexibility to design and customize your lights for your space. Whether you’re planning to expand your designs to your ceiling and walls, or even create 3D lighting fixtures, the Nanoleaf light panels and Flex Linkers allow you to truly customize and bring to life your dream lighting setup! 

What’s your favorite way to set up your panels? Share your setup with us!

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