5 Home Office Must-Haves to Transition from “Back To School” to “Back To Work”

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August 27, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Do you remember the feeling of “Back to School”? The calm before the storm—before the droning classes and project overload—when everything feels new and full of possibilities? When you find that fresh first-day outfit, sharpen each pencil into the perfect point, and get ready to boldly take on everything ahead of you?

Those days may now be behind us, but that refreshing fall feeling will never truly fade. That’s what makes it the perfect time to recapture the sense of new beginnings, and give our spaces a little revamp. Especially with a work-from-home setup or home office, incorporating new pieces can help you rediscover that sense of novelty of a brand new year. 

Here are the 5 home office must-haves to transition you from “Back To School” to “Back To Work”:

1. Nanoleaf Elements

Swap out the textbooks for your tablet, calculator for your computer, and periodic table posters for Elements of a new kind.

Nanoleaf Elements wood look hexagons are smart light panels that install in minutes. Their chic wooden texture gives the clean collegiate feeling that your graffiti-doodled desk never could. The sleek hexagonal shape throws it back to geometry class—minus the protractor. And with the built-in smart lighting features, they’ll have you really wondering if that beautiful glow is a particle or a wave.

2. Sit-To-Stand Desk

We may have been fine sitting all day in the classroom, but our bodies sadly aren’t what they used to be! Switching up your working position throughout the day with a sit-to-stand desk will keep your back from aching after a long day. These desks can range in price from premium models to more economical, so whatever your budget there’s sure to be a desk for you!

3. External Monitor

We love our laptops, but adding an external monitor to your workstation is said to boost productivity by 20-30%. WIth numbers like that you can’t afford NOT to have one! Whether you arrange them one behind the other or side by side, having that extra on-screen real estate will do you wonders.

4. Laptop Riser

Whether or not you get that second monitor (but trust us, do it), raising your laptop is a great way to improve your posture. By working at a higher angle you won’t be crouched over your screen all day which can even help to alleviate neck pain in the long term. So… you could say not having one would be… a pain in the neck (ba-dum-tss).

5. Noise Canceling Headphones

Don’t get us wrong, we totally get that your roommate is serious about their music career with that beautiful singing…screaming…screeching. But that doesn’t mean your ears need a front row seat at every rehearsal to hear Wonderwall one…more…time. A good pair of noise canceling headphones can do wonders for your concentration. PRO TIP: Simply gesture to your headphones when anyone tries to talk to you to automatically avert any unwanted conversation or task.

Now pack up your metaphorical backpack with all of your Back to Work goodies. We guarantee you’ll be the class president, valedictorian, and “most likely to succeed” of your home office in no time!

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