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August 30, 2021 | 3 Min Read

With Nanoleaf smart lighting, you can do so much more than just turn your lights on or off.

There’s a simple feature that has the power to make your life easier and chances are you might not have known it was with you all along! Nanoleaf Touch Actions transforms each light panel into a touch-reactive smart button to control any or all your HomeKit products, allowing for the most seamless smart home experience. You can configure each panel to activate different HomeKit Scenes with a press, double press, or long press! Here are 3 easy ways to use Touch Actions with your Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, and Elements light panels to make your day-to-day life easier!

1. Save Extra Time in the Morning

Nanoleaf Canvas in a bedroom with useful Touch Action feature.

If you’re not a morning person, waking up and staying on schedule can be a struggle. With Touch Actions, you can save some time every morning and maybe even squeeze in those few extra minutes of sleep before starting your day! Set up a panel to turn on your ‘Good Morning’ Scene, so that when you wake up, all you have to do is press that panel to set your lights to your favorite morning light Scene like ‘Morning Sky’, lift your smart blinds to let the sunlight in, and even turn on your kettle before you get to the kitchen! And with each panel able to become its own unique button, you can add a different Scene to another panel to activate more throughout your home, such as turning on your fan to help wake you up or playing some morning music!

To set up your morning routine, open your Nanoleaf App and go to “More Settings” under your device. You can then select Touch Actions and assign a Scene to each panel. Make sure that HomeKit is enabled and that each Scene is created in the HomeKit  App beforehand.

2. Improve Your Focus and Productivity

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles in a home office with a hand action to activate touch.

We all know that sometimes it gets hard to stay focused while working from home. But you can now use your lighting to improve your work from home productivity! It’s shown that lighting that imitates natural sunlight creates happier and healthier workspaces, and that bright lighting with a cooler tone is better for maximizing productivity. With Touch Actions, tap on your ‘Work’ panel to turn on your Scenes that help boost productivity. Watch your lights automatically turn on the “Work from Home” Playlist—with curated Scenes for both work and play—play your favorite lo-fi work playlist, and turn on your desk humidifier to keep a healthy airflow while you concentrate!

When you’re ready for that much-needed break, press your ‘Break’ panel to turn on your kettle for some tea, switch to some upbeat tunes, and change your lights to a softer color Scene to help relax.

3. Relax After a Long Day at Work

Nanoleaf Elements in a living room.

After working all day or going through your stressful daily tasks, it’s always important to set aside time to relax and wind down. Once it’s time to kick back and relax for the night, you can touch your ‘Chill’ panel to activate your evening routine! With a single touch, you can watch your lights automatically dim, play your favorite calming music, and even turn on your essential oil diffuser to help set the mood for the rest of the night. 

Once you’re ready for bed, you can even set up a double-tap feature on the same panel to turn off your Scene and go to sleep, or if you just want to tweak certain actions of your Scene, you can set up a long-press feature to turn the brightness to 50% or lower the volume. This can all be set up in the Nanoleaf and HomeKit Apps.

Touch Actions is truly a one-of-a-kind feature that is only available with Nanoleaf light panels. Not only can this feature save you some extra time during your morning routine, but it can also help you stay focused while working or even help you wind down at the end of your day. When it comes to lighting, you already use it every day, so why not make your daily life a little easier and use smart lighting features to their fullest capability!

What’s your favorite feature on your Nanoleaf panels? Share your story with us!

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