Here’s How Interactive Lights Create A More Engaging Rehabilitative Therapy Experience (Curative Care Network’s Creative Solution With Nanoleaf)

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September 1, 2021 | 3 Min Read

Sometimes the best solutions can be inspired by seemingly basic things. At its most basic function, lighting can be used simply to light up a room—but it can also be used in unexpected ways, like helping patients in rehabilitation therapy programs.

Interactive lighting like Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, and Elements light panels have been used in occupational and physical therapies to improve movement and environmental awareness, in both rehabilitation facilities and at home.

Nanoleaf and Curative Care Network

Curative Care Network (located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is a non-profit organization that provides service to people with disabilities or limiting conditions—offering physical and occupational therapies for people of all ages. They offer unique, cost-effective, and highly individualized therapy.

Here’s How Interactive Lights Create A More Engaging Rehabilitative Therapy Experience (Curative Care Network’s Creative Solution With Nanoleaf)

Curative Care first heard about Nanoleaf through a client who received light panels as a Christmas gift. They were impressed with the versatility and malleability of the panels. From experience, Curative Care found that the traditional use of screens in treatment can close clients off to their environment and social interactions. So they’ve implemented a way to use Nanoleaf Canvas panels to create a more interactive experience in their treatment sessions. Keep reading to find out how they’re using Nanoleaf’s interactive lights in their facility!

How To Use Interactive Lights In Rehabilitation Therapies

Curative care has been quite innovative with its use of the smart features available on Nanoleaf’s panels. They’ve taken full advantage of the touch and sound reactivity, the modularity of the panels, and the millions of color options. These are just some of the ways Curative Care has been using the panels in therapy:

The Touch Reactivity feature allows clients to physically interact and even play games with the panels. There are a variety of games to be discovered like “Whack A Mole” where players must react quickly and tap the squares as they light up. 

• The Rhythm Music Visualizer feature encourages clients to make sounds to interact with the panels and watch as the sound visually travels across the wall. This is one of the favorite features for Curative Care’s clients; “they love seeing how their voices and claps can change the colors in real-time.”

• The modular and free-form panels can be arranged however the Curative Care team would like, enabling them to create a custom design that encourages clients to get more interactive and reach the different corners of their layout when interacting with it.

• With over 16 million color options, an infinite number of Color Scenes can be discovered and created. The team of therapist’s favorite lighting Scene is called “Oceans,” which features different hues of blue that flow across the panels.

With their versatility and unique customizations, the Curative Care therapists have been able to use Nanoleaf’s lighting in these particular ways to help improve occupational, physical, and speech therapy:

• Occupational Therapists use the panels for visual, spatial, and fine motor training.

• Physical Therapists incorporate the panels for gross motor and coordination skills.

• Speech Therapists use the panels to work on comprehension, sequencing, and communication.

They also use their Nanoleaf Canvas panels daily for their therapy clinic sensory pathway. This is a high-traffic area in their facility which all therapy disciplines in the clinic benefit from.

There’s been a positive response from the use of interactive lights in therapy. The younger children particularly enjoy them, “they love the visual stimulation and it keeps kids engaged for longer sessions.” But they’ve discovered many more unexpected therapeutic benefits to the lights as well.

Benefits of Interactive Lights In Therapies

There are many benefits to creating a more engaging and interactive experience in rehabilitation programs. The customization of Nanoleaf’s light panels provides a lot of flexibility, catering to each client’s individualized program.

• The ability to change the color on the panels allows therapists to display colors that the client recognizes best. It also allows clients to show their mood on the lights.

• The way the lights react to music and sounds helps clients move. It motivates and alerts, and teaches them to integrate the visual system with the auditory system.

• The tactile responsiveness of the tiles teaches clients about cause and effect.

• The dynamic nature of how you can display and change the display of the tiles allows therapists to work on specific movement patterns for reaching. It also helps when teaching how to separate moving your body versus just the eyes.

• The app is extremely accessible and therapists across all disciplines can use it. The interactive lighting Scenes and games help to teach concepts and reinforce the speed of movement.

Here’s How Interactive Lights Create A More Engaging Rehabilitative Therapy Experience (Curative Care Network’s Creative Solution With Nanoleaf)
Here’s How Interactive Lights Create A More Engaging Rehabilitative Therapy Experience (Curative Care Network’s Creative Solution With Nanoleaf)

“The clients and therapists at Curative Care have loved interacting with the Nanoleaf [panels] and even client families are excited to help alongside the therapist when it comes to working with the lights”. 

Our Nanoleaf family is excited to be a part of such a creative and innovative solution, and proud to be able to collaborate with such a worthy organization!

Do you have a creative way of integrating Nanoleaf’s light panels in your life? We’d love to hear how! Also find us on Instagram and Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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