Benefits of Warm vs Cool Light in Your Space

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September 13, 2021 | 3 Min Read

No matter what you’re doing, the type of lighting in your space can make or break your day.

Studies show that lighting in your workplace can have a significant impact on productivity as well as efficiency. With Nanoleaf Essentials, Elements and Shapes, you can easily adjust your lights from the warmest to coolest whites, allowing you to set the right lighting to enhance your day-to-day life by promoting productivity, maximizing comfort, and even supporting a healthy sleep cycle.

The benefits of cool and warm smart lighting in your home office.

What is Color Temperature?

Whether you’re in your office or in your bedroom, our Nanoleaf lights allow you to adjust the color temperature from the warmest to coolest whites (2700 – 6500K) to fit different moods and activities! 

Nanoleaf Shapes in a bedroom with warm yellow lighting.

Warm white lighting ranges from 2700 – 4000K and has a warm yellow tone. This is the lighting that gives off a warm and cozy feeling which usually helps you relax and unwind at the end of the day. Bright white lighting ranges from 4000 – 6500K and is between white and blue tones. This creates a more energetic feel. This lighting promotes productivity and helps you feel more alert and awake, making it perfect for workspaces. 

What are the Benefits of Warm and Cool Lighting?

Nanoleaf Essentials in a bedroom with warm and cool white lighting.

Warm lighting tends to feel more natural to us and promotes relaxation. That’s why hanging out on a sunny beach feels so calming! As part of our natural circadian rhythm, warm light helps our body and mind wind down in the evening. Your eyes actually work harder to adapt to this type of lighting, which further helps your body naturally get ready for rest. Warm whites are also perfect for creating a cozy and comforting atmosphere in areas you want to spend time with friends and family. To simulate the evening or very early morning light, warm lighting is the perfect way to recreate and enhance that warm and relaxed feeling. 

Nanoleaf Essentials in a bedroom with cool lighting.

Cool lighting helps us stay alert and energetic for performing tasks, increasing our overall productivity for the day. This is why being stuck under bright white lighting for hours at a time can make you feel exhausted at the end of the day—your brain is always alert. It is also shown that cooler lighting results in less eye strain and even feeling happier overall. For tasks that require a lot of focus or to help you stay awake, use cool temperature lighting. Most office environments also show to benefit more from cooler lighting because it helps you stay attentive and productive.

How Do I Adjust My Lighting?

Nanoleaf Elements in the living room with cool and warm lighting temperatures.

You can control the color temperature of your Nanoleaf lights through the Nanoleaf App. In the app, select your device and select ‘Color’ to access the color options and temperatures. For Shapes and Essentials, our touchscreen color wheel makes it easy to pick your desired white light color temperature. You can also group the Essentials, Shapes, and Elements lights with each other or any other compatible smart lights through your HomeKit app!

You can even customize your lighting further by selecting Scenes for different color temperatures! For a more productive day, choose the ‘Be Productive’ Scene that displays a static cool white scene to increase your performance. To unwind at night with some warmer tones throughout your space, select the ‘Relaxing Evening’ Scene filled with warm yellow, orange, and red hues. With Scenes, you can easily set the lighting to suit your lifestyle and adjust to your personal schedule. Learn more about Nanoleaf Scenes here.

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons in a meditation room with warm yellow light to create calm.

Having the ability to adjust your lighting is an incredible way to improve your daily life and energy levels, whether you’re looking to readjust your sleep schedule, improve your mood or even increase your overall productivity. Warm and cool lighting benefits your life in completely different ways—showing the importance of having the ability to adjust your color temperature depending on your space and mood. This innovative feature shows how a small change can make a big impact, completely revamping your smart home experience.

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf smart light feature? Share your experience with us! Find us on Instagram and Twitter@nanoleaf or Facebook@thenanoleaf  and learn more about Nanoleaf’s Smarter Kits and Nanoleaf Essentials.

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