Meet The Team: Favorite Features Of The People Behind Nanoleaf’s Smart Lighting And Decor

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September 17, 2021 | 4 Min Read

Since its conception in 2012, the Nanoleaf family has grown substantially. Each team member contributes in their own unique way to our mission of rethinking what’s possible. And while we operate as a team, it’s no surprise that we each have our individual preferences. 

So we sat down with the Nanoleaf team to learn more about some of their favorite features! Here are the favorite features of the people behind your most beloved Nanoleaf smart lighting and decor products—ranging from Shapes to Canvas, Elements, and Essentials.

Design A One-Of-A-Kind Layout With Eski

Meet The Team: Favorite Features Of the People Behind Nanoleaf’s Smart Lighting And Decor

Aliakbar Eski (known as Eski) is a Systems Architect on the Research and Development team here at Nanoleaf. He’s been with the team since 2015, meaning he’s seen a lot of ideas and products through to the end. His personal favorite is the LayoutDetect™ feature which is exclusive to Nanoleaf. 

LayoutDetect™ is a unique technology found across all of the Nanoleaf light panels (Shapes, Canvas, Elements) and it’s actually what allows our creative community to create any design without worry. The Controller automatically identifies the panel type and where it’s located; making it possible for colors and animations to seamlessly flow across any layout you create, even if you add new panels. Eski likes to use his panels as functional lighting, so in his home, you can find them lighting up his office, living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Fun Fact: Eski actually worked on and created LayoutDetect™ with one of the Nanoleaf Founders, Tom Rodinger. Like all brilliant ideas, the idea for LayoutDetect™ came to Eski in the shower.

Move To The Sound Of The Music With Khalid

Khalid A. has been on the Nanoleaf team since June of 2020 and is a Community Manager on the Community Experience and Marketing teams. Khalid keeps a close eye on many of our social media platforms, answering any burning questions from Nanoleaf community members. His favorite is the Rhythm feature.

The Rhythm feature is built into Nanoleaf’s Shapes, Elements, and Canvas panels. Turn on the Rhythm feature or select Rhythm lighting Scenes to sync your panels to your music and watch the colors dance to the beat of your songs—instantly bringing life to any space! It can be used for upbeat tracks to get the party going or for slower, more melodic music to relax. Khalid likes to use this feature while he works or when he’s just hanging out. He loves listening to Deep House EDM, Rap, and Indie music while playing his favorite Rythym Scene, “Meteor Shower.”

Khalid also loves browsing the “Discover” tab in the Nanoleaf App so he can find new Scenes to try out and see what the Nanoleaf community is having fun with. This also happens to be Serena’s favorite feature which we’ll talk about next!

Lean Into A Community Of Creatives With Serena

Meet The Team: Favorite Features Of the People Behind Nanoleaf’s Smart Lighting And Decor

You may have seen Serena P. on some of our social media channels. She’s the Lead Digital Producer and on the Marketing team. Serena’s been with Nanoleaf since 2019, around two and a half years. Serena is quite a creative person so it seems fitting that her favorite feature enables others to share their creativity too! As mentioned, Serena’s favorite is the “Discover” tab.

The “Discover” tab can be found in the Nanoleaf App, where users can download new Scenes and Playlists for any of their Nanoleaf products like the recent “Lover Boy” Scene inspired by Drake’s newest release. These Scenes are created by Nanoleaf and Nanoleaf community members—create your own with the app’s Scene Creator and upload to share with others to use in their own homes. You can also find some pretty unique interactive Scenes—download Touch Games and turn your wall into a giant classic game of “Whack A Mole.” When Serena feels like switching things up in her personal panel setup, or even in the Gaming Room during the Nanoleaf Twitch streams, she likes to find new and cool Scenes in the “Discover” tab! She finds it “completely refreshes the feel of the whole room.”

Reinvigorate Your Entertainment Space With Ben

Benjamin L. has been with the team for around two and a half years now. He actually started at Nanoleaf as a Research and Development Intern and today he’s a Product Manager on the R&D team. Ben’s favorite feature is Screen Mirror.

The Screen Mirror feature can be found in the Nanoleaf Desktop App and works with Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, and Essentials. This feature syncs the colors on your screen and intuitively mirrors them onto your panels. Flip between four different mirroring modes (Match, Melt, Fade, and Palette) and watch in awe as your favorite movies and games are transformed into an immersive experience that envelops the entire room. Ben likes to use the Screen Mirror feature while he games. He particularly likes Palette mode (matches all of your on-screen colors and softly fades between them) because it provides an immersive experience while being more mellow than Match mode. Check out this blog on the Screen Mirror feature for more information.

Fun Fact: Similar to Eski, Ben also had a big hand in his favorite feature. Ben led the development of the Screen Mirror feature and the Nanoleaf Desktop App.

Wake Up To A Gentle Sunrise Every Morning With Paul

Meet The Team: Favorite Features Of the People Behind Nanoleaf’s Smart Lighting And Decor

Paul A. has been on the Nanoleaf team for some time–he joined in 2015 and has been part of many projects. Currently, he’s VP of Commerce Operations, looking over the Commerce Operations team. Paul’s favorite feature is Schedules.

The “Schedules” tab can be found in the Nanoleaf App and you can use it with any of Nanoleaf’s light panels. Also schedule your Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb & Lightstrips with a smart assistant like HomeKit or Google Home. This feature allows you to schedule your lights to turn on at specific times to suit your lifestyle—like setting them up to turn on in the morning for a gentle wake-up call or to help you wind down in the evening. An added benefit is that you can customize your panels to gradually brighten for a few minutes before it reaches full brightness. This is a personal selling point for Paul! He keeps his Nanoleaf Elements behind the bed which is set to reach full brightness in 60 minutes and simulates a sunrise every morning. 

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about the Nanoleaf team and their favorite features!  We’d love to hear what your favorite feature is from any of Nanoleaf’s smart lighting and decor products—tell us about it!

Learn more about some other cool Nanoleaf features! Also find us on Instagram and  Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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