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October 5, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Justyne Y.

Updated March 21, 2022

When it comes to smart lighting, there are so many features that you may not know about, beyond just illuminating a space. With Nanoleaf smart lights you can add some extra creativity with your lighting and have them change colors, react to music, or even play some interactive games!

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons in a bedroom with an Emerald color.

Nanoleaf Scenes are one of our favorite features that truly make our smart lighting products unique. Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements, and Essentials all come with preset Scenes as well as thousands more to choose from in the Nanoleaf App. You can even create and upload your own Scenes to share with the community!

What Are Nanoleaf Scenes?

Nanoleaf Scenes are animations—or a collection of animations—which are performed on your Nanoleaf or smart home devices. Scenes are separated into 3 different types: Color, Rhythm, and Interactive:

1) Color Scenes

Color Scenes are animations that are displayed on your lights based on the color palettes that you select. There are 2 types of Color Scenes:

RGB smart light in a battlestation with Nanoleaf Scene.

Static Scenes display a single color that stays the same; it won’t change or transition between different colors. For light panels, you can set the entire layout the same color, or you individually paint each panel a different color or color temperature of your choice.
With Elements, you can even paint each corner of the light panel with different white color temperatures to create stunning illuminations!

Dynamic Scenes are when the colors displayed are constantly transitioning between different hues. You will be able to animate the colors in your palette in a motion you choose like Burst, Flow, Fade, and many more. You can even adjust the delay or speed of the transition as well as automate your motion for an exciting or more calming scene. Watch the colors dance across your panels with the vibrant ‘Lightning’ or the relaxing ‘Vibrant Sunrise’ Scenes.

2) Rhythm Scenes

Rhythm Scenes will animate your lights to the beat of your music with the built-in Music Visualizer. Depending on the Rhythm Scene selected, the panels will respond based on sound frequencies, volume, or beats. Bring your music to life and watch your beats dance across your space with the vibrant ‘Pop Rocks’ Scene. Each music visualizing motion effect is uniquely designed for different genres, providing slower rhythmic motions for Jazz or more energetic effects for upbeat instrumentals. 

3) Interactive Scenes

Shapes Triangles with interactive touch feature.

Turn your light panel setup into a classic arcade and play Interactive Touch Games like Pacman, Memory, and Whack a Mole. Whether you want to fine-tune your reflexes or you just want to have a fun night in, Touch Games are the perfect way to stay entertained any time. Make your design as big as you want for more of a challenge. Using the Nanoleaf App, you can find Touch Games in the Discover Tab by filtering ‘Interactive Scenes’—just select your game and place your hand on a panel for 3 seconds to start! 

How Do I Create My Own Scenes?

To create a Scene, open the Nanoleaf App and select your device. Then, tap the plus icon in the top right and select the type of scene you would like to create—you can choose a Static Scene or Dynamic Scene.

Wood look hexagons in a livingroom with Scene creator in the mobile app.

With Static Scenes, you can create Color Scenes by selecting the palette that you would like or create a new palette of your own to paint the panels. To add a new color palette, select your first color on the color wheel and select the plus button to add additional colors.

With Dynamic Scenes, you can select between a Color Scene, Rhythm Scene, or Interactive Scene. For Dynamic Color Scenes, you can select a palette or create your own palette. You’ll also select the Motion for the Scene which will determine how it’s animated!

Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles in a battlestation.

Layered Scenes lets you combine Dynamic Scenes and Static Scenes into one! Choose your Dynamic motion and palette then paint each panel in your layout using the Nanoleaf App. With this, you can watch some of your panels transitioning between different hues while other panels stay the same.

If you have more than one set of light panels, you can create Group Scenes that let you control them all at once! Whether you want all your panels to do the same motion or different motions, you can control it all with a single touch. In the ‘Group’ section in your Nanoleaf App, select from preset Group Scenes or create your own by selecting ‘Manage’. There you can choose the light panel sets you want as well as the effects you want each of your sets to have!

How Do I Edit Scenes?

Nanoleaf Essentials in a bedroom.

Begin by swiping left or long pressing on the Scene that you would like to edit. From there, tap the edit button (with the pencil) in order to edit the Scene. Please note that you need to be connected to the same Wifi network as your panels in order to edit a Scene.

To delete a Scene, begin by swiping left (for iOS) or long pressing (for Android) on the Scene that you would like to delete—then just select the delete button!

Nanoleaf Scenes is truly a one-of-a-kind feature that helps elevate your smart home. Experience dynamic lighting Scenes, watch your favorite music come to life, or even play fun arcade games! With this feature, the possibilities and creativity are endless.

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf smart light feature? Share your experience with us! Find us on Instagram and Twitter@nanoleaf or Facebook@thenanoleaf  and learn more about Nanoleaf’s Smarter Kits and Nanoleaf Essentials.

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