5 Cozy Ways To Feel The Fall Season (2021)

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October 7, 2021 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.
Nanoleaf Elements Above a Piano in a Living Room during Fall Season.

Fall 2021 is in full swing, which means it’s time for all of those Autumn must-haves you’ve been looking forward to like warm colors, cozier clothing, and pumpkin spice lattes (or pumpkin spiced anything really will do). This Fall season, why not make room for new essentials to help you fall even more in love with cozy! Escape the chillier weather and create a warm and homey sanctuary.

Decor goes a long way in transforming pretty much any space. Capture all of that welcoming, rustic elegance of Autumn in your favorite spaces with all-encompassing pieces like Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons.

Read on to learn more about these 5 ways to cozy up for the Fall:

1) Get cozy and stay warm

2) Cuddle up and relax

3) Bring the outdoors in

4) Find inspiration

5) Feel the Fall

1) Get Cozy

Nanoleaf Elements layout in the bedroom and above a night stand.

Cooler weather is beginning to creep in, also welcoming the beautiful mosaics of colorful leaves. There are many ways to enjoy the view while escaping the chilly weather; namely hot chocolate with marshmallows and warm fuzzy sweaters. But don’t forget to match your home decor with fall to create a warm, inviting space as well. Indulge in creature comforts that remind you of warmer and brighter days. Let the soft ambient glow of Nanoleaf Elements wrap around your room like a thick sweater. While hot drinks like tea or hot chocolate warm you from the inside, the warm flicker of your panels will keep you feeling cozy all around.

2) Cuddle Up

Fall season living room with Nanoleaf Elements layout beside a fireplace.

Nothing feels quite as comforting as a nice and toasty fireplace. Cuddle up with loved ones and bask in the glow with a new book and fluffy blanket. While not every room can have a fireplace, you can reimagine the crackling of burning embers with a modern take on the classic fireplace (that works for condo dwellers and people living in small spaces). Set the perfect ambience using Nanoleaf Elements and lighting Scenes like ‘Fireplace’ to create a new comforting centerpiece. Cast a soft and warm glow with Scenes like these or create your own in the Nanoleaf App.

3) Bring The Outdoors In

Nanoleaf Elements in an Autumn Bedroom above the bed.

I mentioned earlier that one of the best things about the Fall is the changing leaves (my personal favorite are the vibrant red ones). This Autumn, bring some of that natural beauty in! Surround yourself with the colors of transitioning leaves and get lost in an autumnal forest of your own. Fall decor tends to be very rustic and natural, focusing not only on warmed colored wreaths and plaid fabrics but also on beige and wood pieces like baskets of pine cones or ceramic vases of wheat. You can also connect to nature with Nanoleaf Elements; these modular panels feel and look like an organic wood grain texture—giving you the benefit of modern technology with the draw of natural rustic elegance.

4) Find Inspiration

Desk Setup Study Space Corner with Nanoleaf Elements DIY decor to Cozy Up for the Chilly Season.

Homes are for personal expression and that doesn’t just change with the season (although your decor may). DIY decor is wonderful because it’s personal and you can customize your room, but you also create a memory and maybe even a discussion piece in the process. Get your wheels turning and ignite your imagination with new DIY pieces like Nanoleaf Elements. The setup process is sure to spark some creativity. Create one-of-a-kind wall decor by piecing together and designing your own layout with these modular light panels. Elements has a range of warm to cool white lighting options so you can customize it for different activities and times of day whether you’re getting cozy in the evening with warm light or using cooler light mid-day! Cool whites refresh your mind and set you up for a productive day ahead while warmer tones provide the comfort and relaxation you need to enter a world of your own.

5) Feel The Fall

Rhythm Music Sync in a living room with Nanoleaf Elements to Cozy Up for Fall Season.

When I think about feeling the Fall, it instantly makes me think of physical touch and getting cozy…yet there’s so much more to the Fall. Like the smell of pumpkin spice, the texture of a fuzzy sweater, the gentle touch of a cool breeze, the ever-changing leaves in Autumn, and even the sound of your favorite Fall playlist. Excite the senses with Nanoleaf Elements’ Rhythm music sync feature and embrace the sounds of the season. Turn on your favorite fall playlist and watch every song transform into an illuminated visual experience. Remain in awe as the tranquil flow of your music (and home) comes to life for a truly unique way to feel the Fall.

If there are any takeaways, I hope you’ve discovered many new ways to enjoy the Fall season and to bring the essence of it into your home. Enjoy all aspects of the new season whether through texture, touch, taste, smell, or look. The simplest way to do this is to find pieces that touch on all of the senses at once, making the most of your space and delivering true autumnal vibes. If you have another way you like to cozy up for the Fall, we’d love to hear about it (please don’t be shy)!

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