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October 14, 2021 | 6 Min Read | By: Serena P.

At Nanoleaf it’s always been our mission to create smart lighting products unlike anything you’ve seen before. That’s why on Thursday October 14th 2021 we were as excited as you were for the launch of our newest secret project: Nanoleaf Lines. While the name “Lines” may conjure the image of linear strip lights (like our Essentials Lightstrips), Nanoleaf Lines were revealed to be a completely new and one-of-a-kind modular lighting product, incomparable to anything else on the market. 

Nanoleaf Lines are modular smart lighting bars which connect together into intricate geometric designs that provide stunning color-changing backlit illumination. Touted as “The New Face of RGB”, Nanoleaf Lines are the first RGB product to utilize this backlit lighting system to create an awe-inspiring ambient glow. As compared to our previous front-facing direct-lighting panels they have a new sleek and minimalistic feel, but don’t sacrifice any of the brightness or vibrancy that you’ve come to expect from Nanoleaf.

There’s a lot to unpack with these lights, from their new modular form-factor to their long list of smart features. We’re here to walk you through everything you need to know about the new Nanoleaf Lines.

The Basics

The Lines Smarter Kit comes with 9 ultra-lightweight light lines, and everything else you’ll need to get all set up.

Just like our Nanoleaf panel products, they’re entirely modular meaning you get to create your own custom designs from scratch. Because the components are linear they can span a large area, or create more centralized closed shapes. That makes them perfect for anywhere from around the couch or TV, to behind your gaming or streaming setup.

Nanoleaf Lines linear layout in the living room and behind a battlestation

Setting them up is incredibly fast and easy. Use the attached double sided adhesive to eliminate any additional tools, drilling, or hassle. Once your design is ready, you could be fully set up within 5-10 mins (depending on the size of your layout). Yes, it’s that easy.

A full Lines setup has a remarkably low profile coming only about 1in/2.5cm off the wall, so you get the backlit effect without them feeling intrusive in your space. They were carefully designed this way to be able to make the biggest and smallest impact all at once. Very clever.

Side profile of Nanoleaf Lines

The Look

Before you even turn them on, your Lines look sleek and geometric. They add texture, dimension, and visual interest to your space. But we didn’t come here just for that; bring on the RGB! Light them up and watch the brilliant glow of over 16 million colors dance across your wall.

Each individual light line has two distinct color zones to display two colors at once. This increases the resolution of your dynamic animations and allows them to flow seamlessly across the layout.

Desk Setup Battlestation with Nanoleaf Lines

In the Nanoleaf App you can completely customize these Scenes, from flowing pastels, to bursting neons, and everything in between. Lines come with several preset curated Scenes like the bold “Neon Dreams”, “Fiesta” and “Radioactive”, or the more gentle “Mystic Night”, “Sakura Blossom”, and “Mountain Air”. On top of the presets, you can create custom Scenes with your own color palettes and motions, and save them to use at any time. 

There is also a mindblowing collection of Scenes created by other users in the Nanoleaf App’s “Discover” tab. Here you can either download the creations of others, or upload your own masterpieces! Most Scenes can be shared between all of your Nanoleaf RGB lighting products like your Light Panels, Canvas, Shapes, or Essentials and your Lines, so that means you can bring over your oldie-but-goodies, or share your new favorites across all of your lights!

Smart Features

Aside from the basics of App Control, Nanoleaf Lines are jam-packed full of other smart features that set them apart from other players in the smart-lighting game. Here are just a few of our favorites:


With this proprietary technology the layout of your Lines are automatically detected by the Lines themselves, and by the app. This allows directional animations to flow smoothly across your layout. It also lets you manually paint each Line a different color in the app if you so choose for completely unique creations. LayoutDetect™ makes this process seamless, and eliminates the need to tediously enter the shape and orientation of each Line manually—a process common with other modular RGB products on the market.

Rhythm Music Visualizer:

Your Lines react to the beat of your music with a built-in microphone. Light up any hangout without the need for clunky aux-cables or flakey Bluetooth audio connections.

Rhythm Music Visualizer in a music studio with Nanoleaf Lines music note.

Screen Mirror:

Through the Nanoleaf Desktop App, Lines can mirror the colors from your screen during your gaming sessions or movie marathons. Fill your room with an ambient glow that matches your viewing for an ultra-immersive experience whether it’s flying through blue skies with your favorite heroes or bashing in bloody zombie brains while becoming the hero yourself. Learn more about Screen Mirror here.

Nanoleaf Lines Screen Mirror Feature for gaming

Voice Control:

Go hands-free and control your Lines with voice commands. Set different Scenes, or turn your lights on and off without having to leave your seat (or your comfy bed). Lines work with all of your favorite smart home assistants, so whether you’re calling on Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant, you’re good to go.


Have you tried waking up to a natural light alarm instead of the “WEEEWOOOBUZZ!$^%#&^$@!!!” of your alarm clock? Trust us, it’s a real game-changer. Schedule your Lines to gradually turn on at your designated wakeup time (2 minutes before your morning work-from-home meeting). You’ll feel so refreshed you’ll forget you were just asleep.

Set Schedules on you Nanoleaf Lines for a natural light alarm.

Razer Chroma Connect Integration:

Like all of our RGB products, Lines are part of our integration with Razer Chroma Connect. Sync colors across your Lines and all of your Razer Chroma peripherals like your mouse, mousepad, keyboard, headphones, and more for an integrated gaming experience. And with real-time reactions to a huge selection of in-game events for games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty and many more, you can watch explosions, kills, and respawns burst across your lights like never before.


We know we’ve already mentioned this feature once but we CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH how cool the Discover Tab is. With thousands of user-created Scenes there is so much to…Discover! If you’re not the most creative you’ll find tons of hidden gems, and if you really are a master Scene maker and a creative genius then be generous and share your gift with others!

From their good looks to their great features and functionality, Nanoleaf Lines are definitely a game-changer and a breath of fresh air in the smart lighting space. You can pre-order them today from our website, or find them soon at your local retailers.

You need them. Pre-order now before they sell out to avoid the tears and regret.

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