Here Are Our Top 5 Favorite Nanoleaf Lines Features

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October 21, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Justyne Y.

Last week, we were so excited to announce Nanoleaf Lines—smart backlit LED light bars that deliver stunning RGB illumination in a never-before-seen modular form factor. We wanted to introduce an ultramodern design paired with smart technology to bring you the next generation of smart lighting, all while still providing you with your favorite Nanoleaf features for your home such as dynamic lighting scenes, Rhythm Visualizer, Screen Mirror and so much more!

RGB light lines layout mounted onto two separate walls in a gaming room.

Dynamically Light Up Your Space

Paint your space with 19 preset lighting Scenes (12 Color Scenes and 7 Rhythm Scenes) to fit any mood at any time of the day! Select the ‘Neon Dreams’ Scene and watch as your Lines display the brightest and most vibrant colors creating your own personal light party in your space. If you’re looking to have a more calming evening, try the ‘Tuscany Sunset’ Scene and watch as your space is bathed in warm red, orange, and yellow tones to help you wind down for the night. 

Nanoleaf Lines screw mount feature let's you mount to the ceiling in a bedroom.

You can even create and upload your own using the Scene Creator which includes 16M+ color options, a color wheel, hex code inputs, and motion selector for lighting animations. With dual color zones per line, you can easily customize your space with dynamic and vibrant colors! This means that each light line can display two different colors at once. Experience all the colorful and dynamic visuals that Lines can bring to your space!

Re-experience Your Favorite Songs with the Rhythm Music Visualizer

Lines Rhythm Music Visualizer feature in a music studio with smart LED light lines in a music note design.

With Lines, you can experience our signature music visualizations in a completely new way! The Rhythm feature syncs up with your favorite songs in real-time to create dynamic color displays as the dual zones on each bar dance along to beats and melodies. There are 7 preset Rhythm Scenes and 22 Rhythm Motions. With Rhythm Motions, choose how you want your lights to react to the sound of your beats. Each one is uniquely made for all different genres of music. Find a visual that matches any type of music from hip-hop to jazz to classical! 

Bring Your Setups and Entertainment Spaces to Life

Lines Screen Mirror Feature for gaming.

Transform movie and gaming nights with Lines and complete your entertainment space! Nanoleaf’s iconic Screen Mirror feature lets you sync up on-screen colors and animations with your lighting setup. Customize your experience with four different modes like Match Mode for an ultra-immersive experience to feel like you’ve stepped right into the action, or Palette Mode for a more subtle transition of colors. Lines sync to your PC using our Nanoleaf Desktop App for the ultimate 4D-like movie or gaming experience.

Thread Border Router Capabilities

One of Nanoleaf’s main goals is to create a seamless smart home that simply just works— with faster speeds and greater reliability. For those who are not too familiar with Thread yet, it’s a smart home solution that creates a unified smart home experience. It has been described as a “low-latency low-power mesh network protocol” which basically means Thread is lightning fast, ultra-reliable and uses less energy. It’s an incredible innovation that takes smart home living to its fullest potential.

In order to use all Thread-enabled products, you would need a Thread Border Router, and lucky for you the Lines acts as a Thread Border Router, continuing to broaden the Thread ecosystem. This means that your Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs & Lightstrips will automatically connect to a Thread network as soon as your Lines are paired with the Nanoleaf App—eliminating the need for additional hubs and providing all of the benefits of Thread to your smart home. 

Nanoleaf Lines mounted to the wall in a bedroom above a nightstand.

All Thread-enabled devices, regardless of their manufacturer, will soon be able to connect to a Thread network using Nanoleaf’s Thread Border Routers in a future update. Lines have also been designed with Matter in mind and will seamlessly work with the new standard via a software update next year!

Connect Your Battlestations With Razer Chroma

Gaming with Screen Mirror Feature.

Unlock your dream battlestation and connect Lines with Razer’s Chroma-enabled devices to bring your gaming setup to life. This new integration syncs up your entire setup with your gameplay for an immersive RGB rainbow display taking you beyond the screen. You can create a fully ambient battlestation with dynamic colors and real-time lighting effects reacting to your game, from exciting flashes to vivid explosions. There are also preset lighting effects to choose from to easily transform your setup and enhance each gaming experience!

We created Lines to bring in the next generation of smart lighting. The modular backlit smart light lines connect together to create virtually infinite designs with incredible glowing animations to completely transform your space. We’re so excited to finally be able to share Lines with you, and we can’t wait for you to experience them for yourselves!

You can pre-order Nanoleaf Lines today at The Nanoleaf Shop. Lines will be available at more retailers globally later next month.

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf Lines feature? Share your story with us! Find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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