5 Ways To Set The Ideal Mood And Personalize Your Space With Nanoleaf Lines

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October 25, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Our homes service us in multifaceted ways. Bedrooms are not just areas to sleep, they’re spaces to refresh for the next day. Kitchens do more than provide nourishment, they’re part of countless dinner party memories. And the list goes on! Point is, these rooms help fulfill us in more ways than one, so why not personalize your space with decor pieces that are multifaceted as well. 

Here at Nanoleaf, we’ve just launched our newest smart lighting decor piece to help you make the most of your home. Nanoleaf Lines are backlit color-changing LED light bars delivering a stunning futuristic glow—personalizing the vibe and feel in any of your home spaces with a fresh and new modular form. Learn more about the different ways you can use Lines below.

1. Set The Trend And The Mood

Nanoleaf Lines set the vibe.
Nanoleaf Lines in a living room to set the trend and mood.

Classic neons are coming back strong! So watch out for modern takes that share these sought-after neons. Enjoy bright pops of colors with LED options like Nanoleaf Lines. Transform your space with these sleek ultramodern light bars and create custom geometric designs that are unique to your space—maybe you like them above the couch for the hypest hangouts or on a blank wall as an accent piece.

The personalization doesn’t stop there though! Customize your new conversation starter piece by selecting up to two different colors at once within each light line. Pick from 19 preset lighting Scenes like “Good Vibes” to bring your living room to life. Or create your own dynamic lighting Scenes with over 16 million color options using the Nanoleaf App. Nanoleaf Skins (snap-on covers) in Matte Black and Pink will also be available soon to help you match your personal style.

2. Take Your Battlestation To The Next Level 

Nanoleaf Lines in a battlestation.
A personalized desk setup with Nanoleaf Lines.

This is gaming all grown-up! No matter the type of gamer you are, transform your desk setup into a true battlestation with the ultimate in RGB. Personalize your gaming vibe by putting your Nanoleaf Lines behind your desk, or even on the opposite wall as a next-level streaming background.

For an ultra-immersive gaming experience try the Screen Mirror feature which can be used from the Nanoleaf Desktop app. Set your smart lights around your gaming PC to reflect the on-screen colors to your light lines. You can even customize your viewing experience for maximum impact by choosing between 4 different modes: Match, Melt, Fade, and Palette. Check out Palette Mode and watch in awe as all of your on-screen colors softly fade in and out across your Lines layout— this mode is great for gaming because it’s a little less intense (and less distracting). Learn more about Screen Mirror here.

3. Elevate Your Entertainment

A personalized space with Nanoleaf Lines mounted on the ceiling.
Nanoleaf Lines in a living room above a TV for a personalized lighting experience.

Set the mood for more than just gaming! Place Nanoleaf Lines in any of your entertainment spaces to create a vibrant atmosphere for entertaining friends and family. 

Try the Music Rhythm Visualizer feature with your Lines and watch as the lights dance along and flow with your music. Surely all of your guests will feel the beat and be entertained. But if that’s not enough, revisit the Screen Mirror feature which I mentioned earlier. Connect your entertainment system to your PC and mirror the colors from your screen, or set a soft background ambience perfect for cinematic masterpieces and/or your daily binging.

4. Set The Bedroom Vibes You’ve Been Looking For

Custom bedroom lighting with Nanoleaf Lines.
Nanoleaf Lines in a bedroom.

It doesn’t get much more personal than your bedroom, so why not elevate that space with a personal touch of your own! Use Nanoleaf Lines to set the scene for rest and relaxation, or something a little more exciting with customizable color palettes to suit any activity. Create custom layouts and set them around your bed or nightstand for the ultimate moodsetter.

For a gentle wake-up call, try the Schedules feature in the Nanoleaf App. Set your Lines to gradually turn on and glow at your chosen time (so you can avoid the annoyingly loud alarm clock). Even make it so they mimic your own personal sunrise or sunset by scheduling them to slowly brighten for an hour (you can adjust the length of time) until they reach full brightness. This way you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to enjoy the view and bask in a gentle and warm glow.

5. To Your Very Own Infinity And Beyond

Personalize your space by adding Nanoleaf Lines.
Sagittarius Astrological Sign
Create Astrological Signs with Nanoleaf Lines to personalize your space.
Cancer Astrological Sign

Flex those creative muscles and design a universe of your own spanning across your walls and even your ceiling (with the Screw Mount Kit) using Nanoleaf Lines. It’s the perfect opportunity to tie in your favorite awe-inspiring constellations! From Sattigarius to Cancer, Libra, and more, recreate your sign with Lines modular light bars in any of your spaces. For those whose astrological signs are a bit more intricate, don’t you worry! You can use Flex Connectors to bend around corners or onto ceilings, and even use them to add space in your design like in the image above showing the Cancer sign.

That about sums it up, but we know how creative the Nanoleaf community can be! If you haven’t ordered your Nanoleaf Lines yet, they are available for pre-order now at the Nanoleaf Shop. And if you have another creative way you like to use Nanoleaf Lines, we’d love to hear about it (please don’t be shy)!

Nanoleaf Lines in a desk setup.

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