3 Futuristic Ways to Bring Halloween Decorations Into 2021

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October 27, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Serena P.

Halloween has been around since before our parents and even their parents were kids. But as costumes get sexier and candy gets sweeter (goodbye raisins), our Halloween decorations are getting left in the past. If we see one more plastic cobweb or animatronic skeleton we might just scream—and definitely not for the right reasons. Here are 3 futuristic ways to bring Halloween decorations into 2021 that DON’T suck (your blood).

[NOTE: All of these methods have one thing in common: Nanoleaf Shapes Panels. They’re modular smart lighting panels jam packed with features. This makes them not only perfect for Halloween, but to have in your home all year round. Let’s see your inflatable ghosts do that!]

1. Devilish Designs

With Nanoleaf’s modular Shapes panels you can create any shape you want. That means the entire realm of spookiness is on the table. You can go more literal with shapes like pumpkins or ghosts, or a bit more abstract with generally terrifying layouts like this.

Nanoleaf Shapes as Halloween decorations

Put these futuristic Halloween decorations in the doorway to greet trick-or-treaters, or in the living room to liven up any Halloween Party. With their touch reactivity, you can even challenge your guests to fun interactive Touch Games . For example, try playing “Memory” or “Whack A Mole” right on your spooky panel design. Talk about a party-starter.

Nanoleaf Shapes Halloween Decorations Pumpkins and a Ghost

Additionally, because they mount with command tape, you don’t need to permanently commit to your design (in case you’re not a year-round pumpkin kind of person). Simply snap the panel off the mounting plate and pull the exposed command tape along the wall to remove. You’ll have fresh panels after Halloween is over to make a design that better suits the 11 non-spooky months. Just pick up some extra tapes from the Nanoleaf shop and you’ll be ready to create unlimited designs all year round!

2. Scary Scenes

WIth RGB lights, you know the spookiness is just a tap away. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop then look no further than the intuitive color wheel in the Nanoleaf App. Slide your finger to red and watch your space instantly turn into a gory haunted house.

However, if you’re interested in taking it one step further, try the equally intuitive Scene Creator to customize your own spooky Scenes. Design your own color palettes and pick a dynamic motion to have your lights glow with blood splatters or flash like electric shocks. Either way, it’s a total mood-setter for parties. Or the stuff of recurring nightmares for anyone brave enough to stroll past your window.

Spooky Halloween Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons panels layout

You can explore the Discover Tab in the Nanoleaf App as well to browse and download thousands of Halloween-themed Scenes created by users just like you. Experiment with Scenes like the chilling “Spooky Halloween Night” or the terrifying “Horror Games” for instance, and find the perfect vibe for your fearsome festivities.

Nanoleaf Halloween Dynamic Color Scenes

3. Morose Mirroring

Nothing says Halloween like scary movies and games. Level up the fear-factor with Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror feature. Just download the Desktop App and you can instantly mirror the colors from your PC screen onto your lights for an eerily immersive experience. You think jump scares are bad? Try having them ignite your entire room with horrifying hues. Use “Match” mode for maximum impact, or a subtle style like “Melt” or “Fade” to set a more mysterious and macabre mood.

With these 3 futuristic ways to decorate your home for Halloween, you’ll have the spookiest space on the block. And as a bonus afterwards, once you’re successfully scared you can turn your panels bright white for functional lighting to help you stay awake and keep the nightmares at bay.

Happy Halloween!

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