Top 4 Creative Entertainment Setups From the Nanoleaf Community

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November 3, 2021 | 4 Min. Read | By: Justyne Y.

There are so many different ways to elevate your entertainment spaces—but Nanoleaf’s RGB light panels truly take your space to the next level! Get creative with your smart lighting setup with our Canvas panels or mix and match between Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles from our Shapes line. Create custom layouts that match your personality while also bringing your entertainment setups to life!

smart lighting around TV setup

Our Nanoleaf community is without a doubt one of the most creative groups of people out there with the most amazing customized setups. We reached out to see how our community uses Nanoleaf to upgrade their entertainment spaces, and these are the top 4 setups!

Bring Your TV Screen to Life with Aldo

The first entertainment setup we would love to show off is from Aldo M. from Mexico City, Mexico! His Nanoleaf journey first started when he wanted to explore his options for the perfect LED lights for his home. As a man who enjoys the little details and loves to live an easy life, he decided that Nanoleaf Canvas was the best option for him! And being designed to make your life easier, our lights brought so much more than just light to his space. Aldo wanted his space to have “something that makes any kind of interaction in the room evolving and immersive, and connected in every sense”.

Aldo loves music, watching movies and playing games—making our light panels perfect for him! Our Rhythm Music Visualizer brings his favorite songs to life while our one-of-a-kind Screen Mirror feature (also his favorite feature) brings an immersive 4D experience to his movies and video games. When it comes to our signature Color Scenes, Aldo loves to create his own in the Nanoleaf App, but if he had to choose, his current favorite is “The Ten Rings” Scene in the Discover Tab that displays warm yellows, oranges and reds.

Make the Man Cave of Your Dreams with Matt

creative setup in entertainment room

This amazing TV gaming setup was submitted by Matt H. from Chicago, IL. Two of his favorite things are Rocket League and tech—he even created his own company that incorporates these both full time! Matt first came across Nanoleaf when reading news about CES (Consumer Electronics Show) back in 2017 and saw a ton of positive press on the light panels. Matt made a Nanoleaf wall of 90+ Canvas light squares with 3 separate controllers! These lights truly elevate his entire setup with his 75 inch 4k Samsung, Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos Soundbar and Xbox. In total, he owns a mix of around 200 Canvas and Light Panels—“I own a ton of gadgets and thought I had every product out there, but you guys really created a very cool product that really stands out in a crowded market”.

One of his top favorite features is the Rhythm Music Visualizer, where during quarantine he “fell in love with jamming out to live music on YouTube Music, paired with my Nanoleaf Wall”. It made him feel like he was at a live concert again! Also, since he loves to play Rocket League, he used all the Color Scenes to help elevate his experience while gaming and said there’s “no better way to get into the game when I have the Nanoleaf wall pumping.” Not only does Matt love using his panels to jam out to music and to play his favorite games, but he also loves how the Screen Mirror feature really brings his screen to life, especially when Ohio State has a game so he can “get into the team spirit or go crazy to some beat lights during touchdowns”.

When it comes to Scenes, Matt has a lot of favorites—but who can blame him? These include a variety of different Scenes like Shibuya Crossing, V A P O R, Ripple, Pulse Pop Beats, Eighties Pop, and Be Romantic!

Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space with Jon

level up your entertainment with smart light panels

This next-level setup was created by Jon C. from California, USA. One of his passions is interactive design! He first remembers seeing the Kickstarter for the Nanoleaf and became very intrigued, starting his Nanoleaf journey. The moment he found out they were sold at Best Buy, he immediately bought a ton of Canvas and Light Panels to experiment!

One of his favorite aspects of his Nanoleaf setup is being surrounded by Nanoleaf lights when playing live music with a band. His setup includes an entire Canvas wall as well as two Lights Panel layouts on his other two walls.

Although Jon loves the Rhythm Music Visualizer, his favorite Nanoleaf feature is Screen Mirror. He uses this feature to sync with an audio-reactive visuals app called Resolume where his band’s audio feed is run to create an ultra audio-reactive experience! When he’s not using the Music Visualizer or Screen Mirror Feature, he loves just turning the whole room red which creates the perfect atmosphere for him!

Extend Your Setup to the Ceiling with Louki

cool light panels for entertaining guests

This creative layout is done by Louki L, from Ontario, Canada. Louki first came across Nanoleaf when he saw the light panels on a wall in his friend’s place (who clearly has great taste)! When it comes to his setup, he loves the fact that they’re bright enough to light up his entire space without turning on a single ceiling light. His setup includes 67 Canvas light squares behind his 65 inch TV as well as 30 Light Panels placed in a triangular design on the ceiling right on top of his Canvas layout.

Louki’s favorite feature is once again the Rhythm Music Visualizer where he can watch his favorite beats dance across his wall. He also loves the amazing Screen Mirror feature, where he can enjoy his movie nights in a completely different way—creating an immersive experience while watching his favorite action-packed scenes. With 16M+ colors to choose from, he can easily pick a color to help elevate his mood. But, when he wants a more dynamic experience, he loves to use specific Scenes to complete the vibe such as Life Cycle, Northern Lights, Paint Splatter, Dancing with Pride, and Triluminox Energy Crystal. Louki even likes to create his own custom Scenes in the Nanoleaf App to bring some more of his creativity to his setup!

How do you like to use your Nanoleaf lights, we’d love to hear about it! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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