10 Of The Coolest Layout Designs You Can Create With Your Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit

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November 5, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

So you’ve been looking for a cool new statement piece for your entertainment space, living room, or home office (for when those work emails just aren’t exciting enough on their own). Then you come across Nanoleaf Lines—modular backlit color-changing light bars. Whether you’re just starting to think about how Lines can fit into your space, or you’ve already put the order in for a Smarter Kit (which comes with 9 Light Lines) and are planning a layout, this list is for you!

We asked you, the Nanoleaf community, which Lines design you liked best on Instagram and Twitter and this is what we got.

10. Lines ‘Waltz’ Setup

Nanoleaf Lines ‘Waltz’ Setup
Nanoleaf Lines ‘Waltz’ Setup around a desk

It takes two to Tango (or Waltz)—two diamonds in this case. This dancing duo is our number 10 spot. The ‘’Waltz’ layout is a cool closed-loop design. It may have gotten the least amount of votes but with its compact shape, it will definitely fit right into your heart.

9. The ‘Pretzel’ Layout

The ‘Pretzel’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines
The ‘Pretzel’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines around a desk

In ninth place, we have the ‘Pretzel’ layout! While it can look quite golden and scrumptious, I DO NOT recommend eating this pretzel. This closed-loop layout creates a very rounded shape overall. It’s one of the more compact designs, so it would work wonderfully in a tighter space like around the desk as seen in the image above.

8. Lines ‘Trebuchet’ Design (Tray-Boo-Shey)

Nanoleaf Lines ‘Trebuchet’ Design
Nanoleaf Lines ‘Trebuchet’ Design around a table and chair

If you just tried to pronounce this one…you’re not alone. A Trebuchet is actually a catapult from the 4th Century BC, so it seems fitting to catapult its way into 8th place (I guess 4th would have made more sense, but hey, you were the ones voting). This is another artsy closed-loop design and there is certainly a sense of continuity to it (which I personally like). Definitely a discussion starter for one of the amazing areas in your home.

7. The ‘Seesaw’ Lines Layout

The ‘Seesaw’ Nanoleaf Lines Layout
The ‘Seesaw’ Nanoleaf Lines Layout around a bed

This next one is all about balance (or maybe a lack-thereof): in seventh we have ‘Seesaw’ with 8% of the Nanoleaf community favoring it. This layout is a mix of some closed-loops and some linear elements. The ‘Seesaw’ layout is pretty unique and artsy looking, which can be a great addition to the design of any room.

6. The ‘Range’ Layout

The ‘Range’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines
The ‘Range’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines in a living room

This next one’s got range (…I know, cheesy dad joke but it does!). Like the next layout on our list (sorry for the spoiler), the “Range”, is also a linear design and can cover quite a bit of space. The zigzag pattern is fun for an entertainment area. Be sure to check out the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer, blast a range of music (oops I did it again) from hip hop to country, or even old-school rock, and watch in awe as the lights react and dance to the beat.

5. Sand ‘Dune’ Setup

Sand ‘Dune’ Setup for Nanoleaf Lines
Sand ‘Dune’ Setup for Nanoleaf Lines in an office and bedroom

Ain’t no mountain (or sand dune) high enough with the “Dune” layout in the fifth spot. Just slightly beating out sixth place, “Dune” is a great design for those with the space for it and love the look of 2022’s minimalist trend. It’s ideal for taking up the most surface area in a long and narrow spot on your wall or ceiling. It’s certainly the most open of the designs on this list compared to others that branch out or closed-loop, compact ones.

4. The ‘Radioactive’ Layout

The ‘Radioactive’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines
The ‘Radioactive’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines around a desk

WARNING!! Sensitive and toxic radioactive material ahead…just kidding, this layout is as harmless as Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive”. The “Radioactive” layout landed fourth and was voted for by the rebels of the Nanoleaf community (all 12% of you). Adding this warning sign to your gaming setup pairs perfectly with a game of League of Legends, because it already has “toxic” covered.

3. Nanoleaf Lines ‘Creation’ Design

Nanoleaf Lines ‘Creation’ Design
Nanoleaf Lines ‘Creation’ for Nanoleaf Lines Design around a TV

Let there be light, with ‘Creation’ in third place. Just under 16% of the Nanoleaf community voted for this one, just narrowly missing out on the second-place spot. The ‘Creation’ layout is a modern take on a classic. Its inspiration comes from Michaelangelo’s “Creation Of Adam”, better known to some as “the two hands reaching for an ever so slight touch”. You’ll have the pleasing mix of linear and closed-loop design no matter how you build it!

2. The ‘Glider’ Design

The ‘Glider’ Design for Nanoleaf Lines
The ‘Glider’ Design around a desk with Nanoleaf Lines and Elements

Photo Credit: @1setups

Next, we have the ‘Glider’ layout smoothly landing into second place with 16% of the Nanoleaf community setting their sights on this one. I must say there’s something instantly pleasing about the symmetry of this closed-loop design. It’d be great over your work desk or battlestation! Imagine playing Fortnite or Call of Duty®: Vanguard and gliding into action with the Screen Mirror feature turned on. This feature allows the on-screen colors from your games on your PC to be reflected onto your lights for the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

1. The ‘Crawl’ Layout

The ‘Crawl’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines
The ‘Crawl’ Layout for Nanoleaf Lines around a desk

Watch out for creepy crawlies because at number one we have ‘Crawl’! We asked and you answered with 25% of the Nanoleaf community claiming this layout as their favorite. This also happens to be my personal favorite…it’s perhaps the only crawly thing I’d allow in my house. ‘Crawl’ is a cool one because it’s more than a simple linear design (not that there’s anything wrong with that), there’s still some intricacy in how it branches off.

That’s it for our top 10!

Keep in mind there are many, many, (many,) layout possibilities so if your favorite isn’t on this list just go for it anyway! Even plan your own personal design using the Layout Assistant feature. Go with the layout that best matches your style and space—even if it’s not at the top of this list! Let us know what your favorite layout design is (new ones are welcome!), we’d love to hear about it.

If you haven’t ordered your Nanoleaf Lines yet, they are available for pre-order now at the Nanoleaf Shop. Find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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