How to Use IFTTT With Your Nanoleaf Lights

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November 16, 2021 | 4 Min. Read | By: Justyne Y.

When you’re looking to create a truly integrated space, your smart lighting plays a bigger role than you think—especially when it comes to making your daily lives easier. With Nanoleaf and IFTTT, you can tap into the full potential of your smart lighting to improve and optimize your everyday routines. Have your lights (Shapes, Elements, Canvas and Lines) react to things like the weather, your location, and even message alerts!

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT logo

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the g) is short for “If This Then That” and allows you to do more with the apps and devices you love! You can connect all your “Actions” (the event that you want to put into motion) or “Services” (cloud accounts or internet-enabled devices) together so that tasks are automatically triggered—resulting in “Applets.” Applets can automate aspects of your daily workflow, whether it’s managing smart home devices or apps and websites. Once you have your IFTTT account, you can see all of the services you’ve already enabled on your account or you can see all available services by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “All Services”.

How Do I Set Up IFTTT With My Lights?

Nanoleaf and IFTTT integration page

Once you have set up your Nanoleaf lights in the iOS or Android Nanoleaf App, follow these steps to connect your lights to IFTTT:

  1. Make sure that you’re signed in to your Nanoleaf Account and that the ‘Sync to Nanoleaf Cloud’ button has been selected
  2. Open the IFTTT app and search for any of the Nanoleaf Applets or set up your own using the name of your action as the Trigger (an event that causes the Applet to become active)
  3. Then, enter your account information from the Nanoleaf App onto the IFTTT website
  4. Once done, you’re now all set to run any Applet you like with your lights!
List of IFTTT actions for Nanoleaf smart lights

There are currently 8 Actions you can use with your Nanoleaf Lights and IFTTT to create hundreds of different Applets:

  1. Change Nanoleaf light colors
  2. Turn on Nanoleaf smart light
  3. Activate a Scene
  4. Set brightness of Nanoleaf smart light
  5. Brighten Nanoleaf smart light
  6. Notify you using your Nanoleaf smart lights
  7. Turn off Nanoleaf smart light
  8. Dim Nanoleaf smart light

What Can I Do With IFTTT?

Setting up your lights with IFTTT makes so many additional customizations possible for your smart lighting, including everything from setting reminders to even notifying you when there’s a new tweet from your favorite accounts!

Displaying outside temperature on your smart lights in your living room

With your Nanoleaf lights, set up an Applet to have them indicate the weather outside using unique color Scenes. Watch your panels turn blue when it’s raining to remind you to grab an umbrella on your way out, or yellow when it’s bright and sunny outside! You can even set your lights to automatically turn off when you leave the house or turn on when you arrive for hands-free convenience!

Smart lights reminder for an event in your dining room

Start your morning right with the daylight mode that displays bright whites to help your body wake up and get ready for the day. Once your day has gotten started, you can also use your lights to set reminders with colors corresponding to your calendar—perfect for anyone with a busy schedule while working from home. Watch your lights flash red when it’s time for your mid-day meeting, or even glow purple when it’s time to take a much-needed break. After your workday is done and it’s time to play, have your lights automatically activate a Scene when your favorite Twitch streamer is live so you don’t miss out on any of their gameplay!

There are so many more capabilities that we haven’t even scratched the surface of—from those that help make your everyday life easier to ones that truly enhance your overall smart light experience. Even though we just listed a few here, the rest are always out there for you to explore with your Nanoleaf lights and IFTTT!

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf IFTTT Applet? Share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear about it!

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