10 Fun And Funky Ways To Design Kids Rooms & Family Spaces Using Nanoleaf Shapes

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December 17, 2021 | 5 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

They grow up so fast…five words you can count on hearing from any parent or close relative! With this growth comes change, so how do you consistently stay up to date with your kids’ favorite color or animal of that week? Well, flexible and adaptable decor can certainly help—like using Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon, Triangle, and Mini Triangle light panels to design custom layouts for your kids. From whales to butterflies to rockets and more (including more mature abstract designs for your teens).

Maybe you’ve already thought about using your Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit in your kids or family space, in which case, you’re one step ahead. But if you haven’t, it’s a great way to personalize your living room, child’s playroom, or bedroom (definitely much cooler than a typical night light). Plus, it’s a bonus that you can dismount and remount the panels at any time—keeping up with the latest imaginations from your children (you would just need to purchase more mounting tape).

So without any more delay, banish the boogeyman with Nanoleaf Shapes and the following fun and funky designs that your kids (and teens) are sure to love!

*SPECIAL NOTE: Depending on the region you live in Smarter Kits and Expansion Packs will come in different sizes, so the amount needed for each of these layouts will vary.*

Free Willy With The Whale Layout

Whale Design using Nanoleaf shapes

Is your little one into Whales and other sea creatures? Then, help free Willy with this fun whale design! You can keep up with this aquatic theme by using 15 of the Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon light panels—combine the Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit (7 panels) and two Expansion Packs (3 panels in each). You can certainly personalize your whale a bit more if you’d like by trying to make it bigger and having your little one give it a unique name!

“Hoo!” ”Hooooo!”…The Owl Design is Who’s Next

Owl Layout in kids room

This next one is a pretty large owl! If your lil loved one likes these fun and mysterious nocturnal birds then this layout will be perfect. It does require a more significant amount of panels…54 in fact. That’s 43 Mini Triangles, 3 Hexagons, and 8 Triangles to create this intricate design. Keep in mind you will need to purchase one Smarter Kit, and additional Power Supply Units because this is considered a larger installation. Each Power Supply unit supports up to 22 panels.

Get Your Teens Involved In Creating Their Own Abstract Art

Abstract design with Shapes in kids play room

We did not forget about your teens! This layout can get them involved in creating their own art for their walls, giving them some of the independence they’ve been craving. In the image above, I’ve shared a larger abstract design which has 12 Hexagons, 6 Triangles, and 10 Mini Triangles using Flex Linkers which make connecting your panels around corners possible. You can really do whatever you’d like here though. It’s abstract so allow them to get funky and enjoy some DIY quality time with your teen!

Hear Me ROAR By Recreating This T-Rex Design

T-Rex design in kids room with desk

Roar loud and proud with this Dinosaur layout. T-Rex’s are pretty cool creatures in the kid kingdom, so why not help them live out their dino dreams (safely). I promise we’ll drop down to some smaller layouts after this but at 41 light panels, this is a larger installation. You can create this awesome design with 1 Mini Triangle Smarter Kit (5 panels) and 3 Expansion Packs (10 panels each). You’ll also need a Hexagon and Triangle Expansion Pack (3 panels each).

Jump Into Family Movie Night with A Nod To Some of Your Favorite Movies (Like Jurassic World)

Dinosaur layout with Shapes in living room

Family movie night just got a lot more exciting! As promised this dino footprint layout is only 18 Nanoleaf Shapes light panels. Create it with a Mini Triangle Smarter Kit (5 panels) and an Expansion Pack (10 panels) plus a Triangles Expansion Pack (3 panels). Putting these up in a family entertainment space not only makes movies more exciting but it’s also a great activity to do as a family. And not to mention this way everyone can enjoy special features like the Music Visualizer which will allow the lights to react and dance along to your favorite songs.

Spread Your Wings With This Butterfly Design

Butterfly design in kids room

Feel free with this lovely butterfly design for your children’s walls. This one is a simpler build with only 21 Hexagons light panels. It’s a little less intricate than the rest but it’s still cute and personal so your young ones are sure to love it.

Another One For Your Teens, Try This More Mature Mountain Medley

Mountain layout in teens bedroom

Now, I’m aware that your teens may not be as into creating cutesy animal designs for their walls. They may feel like they are past this stage and if they do that’s okay! I have something for your more mature teens too. A mountain layout is pretty neutral making it a great design fit. There are a lot of ways you can create mountains but if you want to create the one in the image you can do that with 1 Mini Triangle Smarter Kit (5 panels) and 2 Expansion Packs—1 Triangle and 1 Hexagon (3 panels each).

3, 2, 1…TAKE OFF With The Rocket Design

If I may say, I love this cute little rocket…rockets rule! If your child is a fan of the infinity and beyond then this is perfect for them too. This cute little rocket isn’t huge (coming in at 11 panels) so it can fit in quite a few spaces. With just a Mini Triangle Smarter Kit, Expansion Packs for Triangles, and Hexagons, your little one will be counting down till takeoff in no time.

Abstract Is Fun For Your Younger Kids Playroom Too

Abstract design in playroom

Help your youngest one color outside the lines with an abstract creation. This one is a great option because it can be timeless and your kids can feel a sense of involvement in creating the layout, no matter the age. This design is 11 panels, but as I mentioned with the abstract design for teens earlier, you can really run wild with this one and create a one-of-a-kind piece for their playroom.

Keep It Trendy with Your Teens

Mountain layout in teens bedroom

I know, I know…I’ve covered abstract designs for teens but this is more than just that! Not only can you create a timeless abstract piece with your teen but you can pair it with some Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips. RGB lights (particularly lightstrips) have taken off on TikTok so saying they’re hot and trendy now is not an understatement. If you really want to make their rooms pop, wrap a light strip around their bed, desk or bookshelf! 

While there are many more fun designs to be had, I’m going to leave some of that fun exploration to you and your little one. Although, here are some fun designs from our family at Nanoleaf. And if you’re looking for some great steps and tips for setting up and troubleshooting your Shapes, well then I have you covered there as well!

Do you have a fun layout design idea, we’d love it if you would share it with us! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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