5 Must-Try Interactive Touch Games To Play On Your Nanoleaf Shapes and Canvas Light Panels

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December 23, 2021 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

When it comes to lighting, you may not even notice when it does its job well but you’ll always notice when it doesn’t! And what does doing the job well even mean…it’s much more than just turning on or off. With Nanoleaf Shapes or Canvas light panels, have your lights do more than just illuminate your space—be able to interact with them and play various touch games!

You may already know this but, if not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that with the Nanoleaf Mobile or Desktop App you can check out interactive lighting Scenes on your Shapes and Canvas Panels. I’m not talking about just tapping them either, you can actually physically play games on your custom Nanoleaf wall installation (this is one great party trick). For more information on all of the different kinds of Scenes, you can try, check out this blog.

Let’s start with the basics! Find all of the games and interactive Scenes in the DISCOVER tab through the Nanoleaf App. Once you’ve decided which ones you want to play and select a device to use them on, hold your hand on a light panel to activate the game. 

Starting touch games on Nanoleaf panels

Now let’s get to the fun part where I show you how to play these 5 awesome games on your Nanoleaf lights: “Whack A Mole,” “Memory,” “PacMan,” “Simon,” and “Touch Paint.”

1. Reimagine Classic Touch Games Like “Whack A Mole”

Whack A Mole Touch Game with Nanoleaf

In our number one spot, we have a classic fair game…”Whack A Mole.” This game has been loved for generations so it’s not a huge surprise to have this on our list; however, this version has a modern twist on the beloved classic. In this rendition, the Moles are the light-up smart LED panels, but what hasn’t changed is that your goal is to whack as many panels as possible as they pop up (or light up in this case). At the end of the game, the number of colors that flash across your Nanoleaf layout will show your final score.

2. Master The Interactive “Memory” Touch Game

Memory Interactive Touch Scene with Nanoleaf

“Memory” is one of those age-old games we start playing as children with flashcards. In this version of the game, all of the light panels in your installation will light up with different colors. Take advantage of this short flash and try to memorize the colors and placements before they all turn white because here comes the matching part—tap the panels to match the colored pairs. If the colors match they will stay on, if not they will revert.

3. Nom Nom Nom With The “PacMan” Touch Game

PacMan Touch Games with Nanoleaf

Alright, time for a vintage victory with “PacMan” reimagined! In this version, you will start with four lives and your mission is to capture all of the white light panels before the Ghosts get you! PacMan will be represented by the yellow panel and you can change his direction by tapping on the layout. 

4. Always Do What “Simon” Says 

Simon Touch Game

In the number four spot, we have another oldie but a goodie. Similar to the “Memory” game from earlier, here you have to watch the panels and remember what is shown, and reenact it. Although this time you have to remember a sequence of patterns and once the sequence is done, tap the panels and attempt to retrace the steps. Watch out because this one can get intense!!

5. Channel Your Inner Picasso With “Touch Paint”

Touch Paint Interactive Scene

Last but certainly not least is “Touch Paint.” This one is less of a traditional game but rest assured it’s still a great interactive Scene. Start this one by holding the panels in the bottom left corner of your layout. The longer you hold each Panel brighter the brightness of the color. If you want a new color, simply swipe across the panel and even mix colors together—exactly like how you would with real paint. The result will be truly creative and custom! We got the chance to speak with one of our Nanoleaf fans, Braylee Wee, and this happened to be one of her favorite all-time Scenes.

At the end of every rainbow there’s a pot of gold, right? Well, here’s your pot of gold….

Colorful Scenes on Nanoleaf Shapes

…here are some bonus games to try:

“Game Of Life”: Tap the cells (aka light panels) to bring them to life. Lonely or overcrowded cells will fizzle out but cells with 2 neighbors will survive.

“Canvas Crush”: This one is perfect for all you puzzle game addicts on your smartphone! Swap the positions of the color panels by swiping across the surface, the goal here is to form a chain of 3 or more colors. “Crush” as many colors as possible with a limited number of moves.

You may be asking yourself when would you have the opportunity to play any of these games, so let me help you there. Enjoy any of these interactive light games with family and younger ones, friends as a fun party trick, or even try to incorporate these into different types of therapy as this organization did

With smart lighting, you get so much more than just illumination—you probably don’t even realize all of the cool features you have right in front of you. Learn more about the different touch features you can access with Nanoleaf Shapes and Canvas in the video below. Anyhow, that wraps up my list, now take to the Nanoleaf App and conquer!

What’s your favorite interaction game, share it with us! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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