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December 23, 2021 | 3 Min. Read | By: Justyne Y.
Music visualizer gif on Nanoleaf Lines

Here at Nanoleaf, we’re all about thinking outside the box to help take your smart lighting experience to the next level! One of our favorite product features is the Rhythm Music Visualizer where you can watch as your Nanoleaf lights dance across your walls to the beat of any song for a completely surreal experience. With Rhythm, you can fully upgrade your space and create the ultimate music studio with your smart lights!

Nanoleaf Shapes in a music studio with rhythm

Use this amazing feature with all of our light panel products (yes, all of them!) as well as our newest product—Nanoleaf Lines. Our Nanoleaf Lines, Elements, Shapes, and Canvas lights have a built-in Rhythm module already inside. For our OG fans with the Light Panels, just make sure you have the Rhythm Module extension to access this feature! 

What is the Rhythm Music Visualizer?

Nanoleaf’s Rhythm feature takes your music listening to the next level! This feature syncs up your lights sounds around them, creating a dynamic visual light show reacting in real-time to the beat of your music. Whether you’re a DJ, an aspiring SoundCloud producer, or you’re just looking to upgrade your favorite songs and playlists, this feature will completely change the way you experience music!

Nanoleaf Elements above a piano in the living room with music visualizer

You can use this feature in your space to help you get more into the music and to help create inspiration for your next musical creations. Or—if you’re just an avid-music listener—have your lights help set the mood whether you’re partying with friends with the ‘Lightning’ Scene or energize your at-home workouts with the ‘Energize’ Scene. You can even unwind with the ‘Chill’ Scene for those stay-at-home nights home while listening to your lo-fi tunes. To elevate your at-home movie and gaming experience, you can even set the lights to react to every explosion, crash and dramatic soundtrack.

How Do I Use the Rhythm Feature?

Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons in a music studio with Rhythm Music Visualizer feature

You can control this feature using your Controller attached to your smart lights, the Nanoleaf App, or using the Rhythm Module. Just tap the ‘Rhythm’ button on your Controller or press the center button on the Rhythm Module and watch as your lights instantly react to the sound around them!

Nanoleaf Scenes in the App

In the Nanoleaf App, find thousands of new Rhythm Scenes and dozens of Rhythm Motions for you to choose from, such as “Shooting Stars” and “Meteor Shower.” You can even create your own Rhythm Scenes to choose exactly how you want your lights to react to your music. Upload your new masterpieces and share with the Nanoleaf community! With these Scenes, have your lights sync up with your favorite songs in real-time to create dynamic color visualizations as they dance along to beats and melodies. Each Rhythm Motion available is uniquely engineered for a different genre of music, complementing everything from bass-heavy beats to soft melodic instrumentals. 

Now that you’re a certified rhythm expert, put your knowledge to the test, invite some friends and impress them with your favorite songs and your Nanoleaf lights!

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf smart light feature? Share your experience with us!

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