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December 28, 2021 | 5 Min Read | By: Serena P.

Each new year provides us with new trends for our lifestyles and home interiors. But with all of these annual switch-ups, sometimes it leaves us wondering: Where are these trends even coming from? They have the potential to feel like completely arbitrary and randomized choices, created by industries with their own agendas to push.

But ever since the dramatic changes we faced in 2020, trends have come to us in a completely different way. Random became reason-based, and practicality took over. We saw this with the loungewear trend, based on our sudden shift to staying home and longing for comfort.

Loungewear Trend

Now, going into 2022, lifestyle and interior trends take everything the world has thrown at us in the past two years and finally make them truly our own. From multipurpose spaces to nature inspired textures, this year will be all about rebirth and renewal. Here are 4 of the top 2022 lifestyle and interior trends, and tips on how you can easily incorporate them into your lives and spaces, with the help of Nanoleaf Elements.

Nanoleaf Elements living room 2022 lifestyle & interior trends

Nanoleaf Elements are smart lighting panels that transform your space with an inviting glow and chic wood grain texture. This year’s trends focus on calming home elements along with the seamless and natural integration of connected technology. That’s why Elements really are a staple piece for the areas we’ll be looking for in our lives and our homes.

Now, let’s get into the top 4 2022 lifestyle and interior trends! :

1. Multipurpose Spaces

home office kitchen workspace

If you’ve found your kitchen or living room slowly turning into a makeshift home office, you’re not alone. The 2022 take on hybrid spaces, however, focuses on making each area and room uniquely suited for our ever-evolving needs. The key to this is to use different functional and decor elements to help provide your space with visual separation. By creating a segmented hybrid space, you can work and play in the same room, without feeling cramped.

2022 interior & lifestyle trend space room dividers multipurpose hybrid spaces

If the size of your space allows for it, you can try using physical dividers. They provide that separation, but can also often be concealed away when not in use to reunite the space. Versatile decor solutions are also perfect for this purpose. With Nanoleaf Elements you have full control over the color temperature and animated motion of your lights. This allows you to switch up the style and aesthetic completely based on your use case. For example, enjoy cool solid white lighting during your work hours to help boost productivity. Then, transition it into a warm flowing glow when it’s time for relaxation, allowing you to multipurpose your space seamlessly between work and play.

Multipurpose hybrid lifestyle spaces with Nanoleaf Elements color temperature

2. Waking Rest

The past year’s focus on constant mindfulness made us forget what it’s like to…not be: not be worrying, not be planning, not be stuck in our own heads. 2022 revives the concept of peaceful nothingness with the idea of “Waking Rest”.

To live this trend, try making it a point to put your phone down, and have a moment of calm. What’s different about the Waking Rest trend is that rather than following prompts or utilizing mindfulness strategies, we’re now taking time to let our minds wander. That’s why it’s important to create an environment that allows them to do so.

Relaxation meditation room with Nanoleaf Elements 2022 trends

Nanoleaf Elements’ flowing light animations bring a sense of zen into any space. Throwing it back to our first trend of multipurpose spaces, this means you can even enjoy a true moment of calm in a previously hectic environment. Of course, if possible, it’s a worthwhile investment to carve out a space exclusively for yourself. But whether that be your personal bedroom or within a communal space, adding the gentle motions of Elements’ lighting effects with Scenes like “Sahara Night” or “Calming Waterfall” can really make a big impact on helping you find that moment of inner peace.

3. Natural and Neutral

As we’re decluttering our minds, we’re doing the same with our spaces. This trend uses neutral colors and natural textures to create a clean, minimalistic, and unified look. Unlike the bold patterns and colors from 2021, this year’s neutral palettes give a lighter, airy feel. By incorporating natural textures like stone, clay, and wood grain, you can complete the look in a cohesive and timeless way.

Nanoleaf Elements 2022 Lifestyle & Interior Trends living room

Nature inspired decor pieces like Nanoleaf Elements are perfect because they have a sleek and minimalistic look, while providing that subtle hint of texture with their neutral toned wood grain finish. This wood aesthetic compliments other similar design elements that you may already have around your home, like hardwood floors, or Scandinavian inspired pieces for a fully unified clean look that will make your space feel comfortable rather than congested.

Desk setup with Nanoleaf Elements and wood shelves and flooring

4. A True Smart Home

Our fourth and final 2022 trend sees natural control and seamless connection of technology within our homes. Rather than having endless innovations at our fingertips, this year favours intuitive and integrated interfaces that finally bring the present into the future. What that looks like is choosing things like voice control and automation over app control, for a natural, hands-free smart home experience. No more cramped fingers with all that tap tap tapping. Updated smartphones transitioned from tap buttons to more intuitive swipe gestures to navigate between apps and pages. Now, the technology in our home does the same.

Nanoleaf Elements Bedroom Layout with Apple HomePod mini and Siri for Smart Voice Control

Nanoleaf Elements give you the most natural control of your lights, with touch reactivity. This allows for a freer form of gesture control, by swiping up and down on the panels themselves to adjust brightness, or right and left to navigate between the different lighting temperatures and animations. You can also set Schedules or use Voice Commands to set the perfect Scenes for your lights completely hands-free. Try using Siri, Google, or Alexa to dim your lights to 50%, or change to your favorite Scene to set the right mood. That way you can choose to use the mobile app…or not. The year’s tech trend for natural interfaces makes today’s smart home technology feel more seamless, and accessible than ever.

Google Home

And those are 4 of the top 2022 lifestyle and interior trends that are going to be taking us through the next year in a way that allows us to be flexible, be mentally fit, be minimal, and be connected. Let us know which trends you’re looking towards in 2022!

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