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January 20, 2022 | 6 Min Read | Serena P.

Updated February 18, 2022

If you saw our latest news about the retirement of our OG Rhythm Light Panels you may have been a bit confused.

We’ve heard your confusion across the community and we are here to, first, apologize for that confusion altogether, and second, to provide a bit of clarification to put your minds at ease.

But before we dive into some of your more specific concerns, we want to clarify the most important point:

If you already have and love your set of the original Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels, NOTHING is going to change for you with this news! You’ll be able to keep using your Light Panels just as you always have, and we hope they continue to provide you with joy and excitement for many years to come!

You can still use the Nanoleaf App as you always have, create and download Scenes as you always have, and enjoy an overall amazing RGB lighting experience! 

The only thing that’s changing about the original Rhythm Light Panels is their availability in stores.

Concern 1) I have Light Panels, can I even still use them, or are they bricked/a complete waste?

(Short Answer: They’re still good to go, like business as usual!)

Like mentioned above, your Light Panels are still as great as the day you bought them (better even with a few bug fixes in the pipeline, and better still if you’ve made some sweet custom Scenes). They still work just the same with the Nanoleaf App, and will continue to work with the Nanoleaf App in the future, with no end in sight. There will not be any new features added in future firmware updates for your Light Panels, but all the features you currently enjoy will still be available to you, just the same, with no change.

Concern 2) What’s this about Dec 31st 2023??

(Short Answer: Please ignore that. Sorry it was poorly phrased and confusing.)

If you saw that date written anywhere and were concerned about the lifespan of your product having an end date, DO NOT PANIC!

To explain:
The standard warranty on all of our products is 2 years, so what we meant to state was that your warranty would still be honored regardless of this news. So if in theory, you bought your Light Panels Smarter Kit as of even yesterday, your warranty would still be honored for the full length of time it was originally set for (hence the date at the end of 2 years).

In actuality, no matter when you got your Light Panels—and thereby your warranty—the warranty covers the same 2-year timespan from the date of purchase.

The real intention was to reassure you that despite the product no longer being available for sale, we would still have replacement parts available in case anything happened to one of your panels that was still under warranty

Your Light Panels will keep working well as new past 2023, past 2033, heck they might even make a good heirloom to pass down the generations.

Concern 3) No more Rhythm Light Panels = No More Rhythm functionality?

(Short Answer: Rhythm functionality is here to stay! Shapes panels have it built-in!)

The Rhythm Light Panels (previously called “Aurora” or just “Light Panels”) were given that name when we developed the Rhythm music sync module add-on that lets your panels react to music. You loved this feature so much that we now consider it a must-have, so in our new products like the Canvas, Shapes, Elements, and Lines, the Rhythm feature is built right in! We don’t call them “Rhythm Shapes” because this feature became a fundamental part of the Nanoleaf experience, included across the board (with the exception of Nanoleaf Essentials).

So rest assured, if you get yourself a set of Shapes Triangles, or any other panel product (+ Lines), the Rhythm Music Sync feature is still there for you to rock out with.

Concern 4) I don’t like Shapes Triangles as much.

(Short Answer: There’s a lot more to love!)

We created Shapes Triangles with feedback from the community about all of their frustrations with the original Light Panels.

  • – Dark corners too big
  • – Mounting with tape is ugly when exposed and rips paint when hidden
  • – Can’t connect to other shapes
  • – Linkers snap because they are too fragile
  • – Impossible to remove a defective panel from the layout once mounted
  • – Not enough buttons/control with the Controller
  • – No Touch reactivity

These points of feedback, along with the potential brought by newly available technology, were the driving force behind Shapes—Triangles included. All of the design decisions, like the slightly rounded dark corners,(which allow for a larger illuminated surface area) were also a result of these upgrades.

If you love Shapes Triangles, we get you, we love them too.

If you don’t, that’s fair as well.

While Shapes Triangles are the current 1-to-1 replacement for Rhythm Light Panels, we’re always innovating and creating amazing new products, so if you don’t love one, you’re bound to love the next! If they’re not your vibe, feel free to sit out on Shapes Triangles and jump back into the Nanoleaf world when something else captures your heart!

Concern 5) Why don’t you just upgrade the original Rhythm Light Panels?

(Short Answer: The original technology needed to be upgraded to allow for innovation, and it’s an innovation that will create a better future for smart home)

We did…and that upgrade became Shapes Triangles. There were enough imperfections with the hardware and technology of the original Rhythm Light Panels that we felt the need for a complete upgrade and redesign, which resulted in the Shapes line.

At Nanoleaf it’s always been our mission to innovate with every step, and that was very clear when we created the original Rhythm Light Panels in the first place; they were the first of their kind and took the world by storm! And we continued to update those beloved panels as much as their initial technology would allow, but eventually, we came to the point where they were limiting that potential for innovation. We always strive to only create the best of the best, and what was the best in 2016 isn’t necessarily the best for the current day. However, as we’ve become more integrated into the tech world we’ve got a better vision for where the future of technology is headed and how we at Nanoleaf can fit into, and potentially lead it!

Despite being a relatively small team we work around the clock to deliver our customers the best products and experience. 
And in order to continue doing that we must prioritize innovation at every step, to build a better and smarter future for smart home.

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