Nanoleaf Hacks You Wish You Knew About Sooner (For all Light Panels, Lines, Bulbs, And Lightstrips)

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February 10, 2022 | 5 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Hey there super sleuth, pay attention because what I’m about to share is top secret…just kidding. 😬

Seriously though, welcome to my Nanoleaf cheat sheet where you can look forward to hacks you can use on your favorite Nanoleaf products—from Lines to Shapes, Elements, Canvas, and Essentials. So let’s not waste time and get right into it!

I’ll kick it off with an easy hack:

1. The manual isn’t your only resource for setting up and troubleshooting

I definitely recommend that you read the manual but there are other resources available to you with great tips and tricks (kinda like this). Here are some helpful articles which will help you with any setup or troubleshooting needs:

And if you’re more of a visual learner, you can visit our YouTube channel for playlists full of awesome tutorials for every product!

2. Another one of the more simple hacks, you’ll want to stick your lights to the walls or furniture…not the dust sitting on top of them

Clean your walls hack for nanoleaf panels

This is a common tip you’ll find in many of the Nanoleaf resources but trust us, it makes a difference! It may seem simple, but before securing any lights you’ll want to wipe down the area to free it of any dust, dirt, or oil beforehand. Even if the area looks visibility clean, giving it a quick wipe to ensure they stick best won’t hurt.

3. Picking a design can be tricky but there are resources for that too

Regardless of the Nanoleaf product you choose (maybe with the exception of the Essentials Bulbs), the modularity makes for many design options, and honestly, it can be difficult to create or pick one. Especially when you take into account the additional accessories like Flex Linkers (which allow you to bend around corners or onto the ceiling), additional power supplies for larger layouts, and screw mounts for ceilings or textured surfaces. Luckily we have a design inspiration page to help you figure that out. Here, you can play with the number of panels or lines, different themes, and you’ll even be able to see if you have enough power supply!

4. When you finally secure the panels, they will be pretty sticky so take advantage of the tools to help you place them before mounting

After creating your design, you may already have a spot in mind but it can be tricky to visualize the design in your space! There is a Layout Assistant tool you can access online or in the Nanoleaf App to preview different layouts. If you access this feature in the Nanoleaf mobile app you will actually get to see the layout in your room using AR (Augmented Reality) and that’s pretty darn cool if you ask me.

If you want a more old-school solution, I recommend cutting shapes out of paper for your panels or lines and physically taping them where you’d like them. Then when it’s time to stick the actual lights, you can do it piece by piece. Take down paper shapes and attach the actual lights until you are out of pieces. Just keep in mind for Nanoleaf Lines specifically, if you have decided on a closed-loop design (like a triangle), connect the triangle on the floor or table ahead of time and attach the whole triangle at once rather than a bar at a time.

And the final point for this tip is to use a level to make sure your design is going up straight. You don’t want to create the perfect design just to take a step back and discover it’s not quite right. If you don’t have a physical level there are tons of free phone apps that serve the same purpose, so you have no excuses for a wonky layout!

5. Once set up, name your Nanoleaf device something simple

Naming your smart home device

When you set up a smart device with a smart assistant, you’ll get the chance to name it! It’s best to name it something short and easy. If it’s too long, voice commands may get slightly annoying. You’ll also want to avoid using the room name in your device name. Most smart home devices will automatically divide your smart devices by the rooms they are in anyway, so there’s really no need to include it in the name.

6. Wi-Fi connection is a key part of your experience, so check the quality of your connection

In this day and age, many smart devices connect through Bluetooth and/or your Wi-Fi network, so you’ll want to make sure that your router reaches all corners of your home for the best connectivity. Part of this is also making sure the router is in an optimal place (i.e. the basement may not be optimal). With Nanoleaf lights in particular you’ll need to pay attention to your network too as most smart devices do not run on 5Ghz Wi-Fi Networks.

7. You don’t NEED the Nanoleaf app but there are a lot of perks to using it

One of the many great things about Nanoleaf lights is that they can all be controlled by the Controller attached to your lights or with a standard light switch in the case of the Essential Bulbs. While the Controller does more features than just ON/OFF, you have access to many more special features if you download the Nanoleaf Mobile or Desktop App.

 With the Nanoleaf mobile app you can completely customize your colors and Scenes, and do much much more!

If you have questions about the mobile app, here’s everything you need to know! The Desktop App works similarly but it has one extra feature…Screen Mirror. I definitely recommend trying this one! Just set your smart lights around your PC to reflect the on-screen colors onto your lights for the ultimate immersive experience—perfect for gaming and streaming.

8. Naturally, I have to address the other cool features next

This is less of a hack and more of an information piece…you don’t want to be missing any of the other fun features!

Schedules: Automate your lights throughout the day with the Nanoleaf App or the Apple Home app—setting gentle wake-ups in the mornings, and relaxing wind-downs in the evenings.

Built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer: Watch the lights react and dance to the beat of your favorite music to liven up any room!

Touch: Use Touch Gestures on your panels to turn them on and off, switch Scenes, and adjust brightness, all without touching the Controller or your phone. You can also use Touch Actions to turn every panel on your layout into a touch-reactive smart button to control all of your HomeKit products and scenes! And finally, check our interactive lighting Scenes otherwise known as Touch Games (like “Memory” or “Whack A Mole”). NOTE: This one only applies to our touch-reactive panels—Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, and Elements 

Circadian Lighting: Regulate your body’s natural rhythm with Nanoleaf’s Essentials and their special Circadian Lighting feature—mimic natural sunlight by automatically adjusting their color temperature throughout the day based on your location.

Circadian lighting feature hack

9. Last of the hacks but certainly not least, let’s not forget about all of the amazing integrations

Let’s finish up strong with integrations! One of the perks of Nanoleaf devices is the many great integrations—giving you even more options with your lights. You can find a pretty comprehensive list here. I’ve also summarized some of my favorites below:

  • Smart Assistants: All Nanoleaf lights work with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby for voice commands, flexible controls, or setting schedules. See more on how to set them up with your Essentials or any of the light panels.
  • IFTTT (If This Then That): Connect to your Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes, Canvas, and Elements light panels and allow them to react to things like the weather, your location, message alerts, and more.
  • Portal: This app brings all the benefits of nature to your home to provide an immersive visual and auditory escape to promote well-being. Nanoleaf lights work with the Portal App to mirror the tranquil visuals from your screen onto your lights—mimicking colors from these nature scenes.

That about wraps it up, but if you have any super special Nanoleaf hacks that we may have left out, we would love to hear about them. Please, share your favorite Nanoleaf tips with us!

Products in rooms of Nanoleaf house

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