Top 3 Creative Gaming Setups From Your Favorite Streamers and Creators

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February 11, 2022 | 5 Min. Read | By: Justyne Y.

Any gamer can tell you how important your gaming setup is, whether it’s to help elevate your experience or to add your own personality into your space. There are so many different ways to upgrade your setup—but Nanoleaf’s RGB lights truly take the cake as the must-have lighting from all your favorite streamers!

Get creative with your smart lighting setup using our newest product, Lines, or mix and match between Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles from our iconic Shapes. Create custom layouts that match your personality while also bringing your setup to life! To give you some inspiration, we decided to gather our top 3 favorite gaming setups from streamers and creators you all know and love.

Create the Perfect Vibe for Your Space with p90princess

girl gamer p90princess in her gaming setup

Ali (AKA p90princess on Twitch) is a streamer/content creator from Arizona who loves helping people find joy! In her free time you’ll find her hiking with her two adorable goldendoodles, attending music festivals, roller skating, traveling, or trying a new local restaurant. She’s also currently teaching herself how to play piano and is writing a children’s book that she hopes to get published this year (which is so amazing)! Ali first heard about Nanoleaf years ago when she was visiting a lighting store—fast forward years later, she’s now partnering with us for various campaigns and even appearing on Nanoleaf’s Twitch channel.

What’s your favorite way to use Nanoleaf’s lights when streaming/playing?

“My goal as a streamer is to create a positive and inviting atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable being in. With that said, it is very important that my stream room has a ~vibe~. I have always loved lighting. I can remember sticking glow in the dark stars on my walls when I was little and that’s where my obsession with lights began. I love my Nanoleaf panels in the background because it gives viewers something interesting to look at and is a fun way to share my love of lighting.”

A room setup with Nanoleaf Shapes

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf feature? Any current favorite Scenes?

“I am currently using Shapes and I personally love the ability to customize your shapes any way you would like whether that be with color/effect/brightness. I also created my own scene called “FLOW” which is a scene that rotates colors that fit with my gaming room. It’s a beautiful way to see multiple colors fade in and out while I’m gaming. The lights help create a fun environment and can be customized to fit the theme of any room. They are super easy to install and the phone app makes it simple to use.”

Nanoleaf Shapes in a room

Walk us through your gaming setup and inspiration! (i.e. peripherals, Nanoleaf lights, personalized details) 

“I’ve always dreamt of an office like mine and after 6 years on Twitch, I was able to make that come true! I call my office “The Space Cave” and it is truly hard to capture in photos. I’m currently running a beautiful 2080ti gaming rig complete with elgato key lights, boom arm, and facecam. The Nanoleaf lights I am using are the Shapes and I chose to go with a pattern that is minimal and sleek as the lights glow above my piano. In my office, there are 7 physical lighting controls, 4 digital controls, and 1 manual control. I also LOVE my galaxy light that I reflect onto my Nanoleaf panels for an added effect.”

Design the Perfect Modern and Sleek Gaming Setup with Shevon Salmon

Shevon Salmon in his gaming battlestation

Shevon Salmon is a tech and gaming-focused YouTuber from Toronto, ON with 120,000 subscribers! He loves to post tech tips, reviews, unboxing, tutorials, gaming videos, and lifestyle vlogs. Besides filming and photography, Shevon has a passion for soccer and loves to play as well as staying fit by going on daily runs. He actually first heard of Nanoleaf when he saw all his favorite Twitch streamers using our products the backdrop of their streams—as the OG creators of the light panels, we love hearing that essential our products truly became within the gaming community! He also has one of our favorite setups with 3 of our products—definitely great inspo for your personal setups.

What’s your favorite way to use Nanoleaf’s lights when streaming/playing?

“My setup consists of Shapes (Triangles and Mini Triangles), Essentials Light Strips and the newest product, Lines. When it comes to my YouTube videos and content creation, I love to keep it in the background of my streams/videos. It truly gives off a unique look and cozy vibe that gets captured through my videos.”

A clean RGB gaming setup

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf feature? Any current favorite Scenes?

“My favorite feature is Rhythm Music Visualizer. I love to watch as my lights sync up with the rhythm of my favorite music whether I’m gaming, streaming, filming or just chilling in my room. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, but I would say my current go-to Scene is the “Bedtime” Scene to help me unwind and relax after a busy day. Others would love these lights because of the customization options and all the cool patterns you could come up with to display your Nanoleaf products. If you like to be unique and you love RGB lights there’s no way you won’t enjoy these.”

Can you walk us through your gaming setup? (i.e. peripherals, Nanoleaf lights, personalized details) 

“My current setup includes the new statement piece in the middle of my wall which is the Nanoleaf Lines. Everytime someone sees them they ask where I got them haha. I use the Nanoleaf Essentials Light Strips behind my desk to add a really soft glow to the wall. Lastly I also have the Nanoleaf Shapes on both walls to the side of me and it adds great ambient light to my room which completes my perfect setup.”

White and minimal gaming setup by Shevon Salman

Completely Personalize Your Gaming Setup and Elevate Your Experience with npen    

Nick (AKA npen on Twitch) is a 19-year-old professional Fortnite player for Elite Esport from North Carolina. He’s been playing games since he was around 5 years old and has always been super competitive ever since he could remember. When Fortnite first came out, he got into it pretty early and kept up with all the best players—soon enough, he started to consistently place in tournaments which also helped build his social media following and gain more views on his Twitch streams! Other than competitive gaming, he is also currently a college student at a local university and is pursuing a degree in Business Finance with hopes of working in the esports industry later on in life. He first saw a lot of his favorite content creators with Nanoleaf products decorating their setups which added a ton of vibrance and life to their space, inspiring Nick to get our products as well. It’s amazing to see how well Nick balances his school with his competitive career and we love being part of his journey! 

What’s your favorite way to use Nanoleaf’s lights when streaming/playing?

“Nanoleaf actually reached out to me…and together we created a custom layout for my setup. It shows the first initial of my name, N, and consists of Shapes (Triangles and Mini Triangles). I love to use my Nanoleaf products to help liven up my stream vibe and change the colors of my lights to match the mood of my stream.”

What’s your favorite Nanoleaf feature? Any current favorite Scenes?

“My favorite Nanoleaf feature is probably the Rhythm Music Visualizer. I especially love the Scenes that respond to sound, it adds a whole new element to my room whenever I play my favorite music either during my streams, when I’m gaming or when I just want to chill in my space. However, between all the color Scenes, the “Sundown” Scene is probably my favorite right now. I think others would enjoy Nanoleaf’s lights because of the elements they can add to your setup to make it that much better looking. I think my Nanoleaf lights can change the mood of the room based on what scene I use and help to boost the vibes of my stream a lot.”

Can you walk us through your gaming setup? (i.e. peripherals, Nanoleaf lights, personalized details) 

“I have a dual PC setup to help me stream with no input delay and better stream quality, one PC having an RTX 3090 and i9 10850k, the other with a 2080 super and i7 9700k. I use a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL keyboard and a Logitech GPro Superlight mouse, a GOXLR mini to control my audio and a StreamDeck to help control all other elements of my stream. My Nanoleaf design is in the shape of an N and it comprises 30 Shapes Mini Triangles and 10 Shapes Triangles.”

And there you have it—our top 3 creative setups with your favorite streamers and influencers! HUGE thank you to Ali, Shevon and Nick for sharing their setups and providing us with more insight. We hoped this helps spark some creativity for your personal setups and how to incorporate your Nanoleaf lights. Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on levelling up your battlestations!

Want to show us your setup with Nanoleaf lights? We’d love to see it! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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