6 Proven Ways To Beat the Winter Blues This Year (2022)—From Smart Lighting To Vitamin D

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February 16, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

The dreaded winter!!! Here we are in the thick of it—shorter days, salty roads, icy sidewalks, random snow flurries, and freezing gusts of wind! While I may admit I personally love the beauty of a good snowfall, by the time we’re a couple of months in, it gets old…and that winter blues sets in pretty quickly. 🥶

I’m not alone in feeling this way though, the winter blues can affect anyone during this colder and darker season. It’s that wave of feeling sluggish or unmotivated that comes as a side effect of less sunlight.

If this resonates with you too, your luck is about to change because I can help. This season, try these tips to help overcome the slump and beat the winter blues!

Maintain A Schedule

Try circadian lighting on Nanoleaf Essentials

The harsher winter days make it harder to get out of bed in the morning, throwing off our natural circadian rhythm. Help regulate your body’s natural rhythm with smart lighting like Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs and their special Circadian Lighting feature. These mimic natural sunlight by automatically adjusting their color temperature throughout the day based on your location. “Sunset” and “sunrise” can also be customized to match your schedule. Read more about the benefits here.

Time To Get Physical

Exercise to beat the winter blues

Several studies show exercising for just 30-60 minutes a day can boost your mood. It can be anything…yoga, going for a walk, some aerobic exercise, just get that body moving and you’ll start to feel better. According to these studies, not only will you beat the winter blues but it can help you to feel better long term as well!

Ramp Up Your Vitamin D

ramp up your vitamin d intake

Less sunlight in the winter means less Vitamin D. Studies have shown that this deficiency may affect mood, so rebalance your body with a Vitamin D supplement—plus you’ll get to enjoy the other health benefits too. Keep in mind, this isn’t some magic supplement though, Vitamin D should be taken in combination with some of these other strategies too.

Take Advantage Of All The Light You Can Get

Try the day light or sun scene on Nanoleaf Shapes or essentials to beat the winter blues

Keep those curtains open (even on those gloomier days) and go for a walk if you can. With smart lighting like Nanoleaf Essentials (mentioned earlier) or Nanoleaf Shapes lights panels for your walls, you can easily add some extra color and light to brighten up your space. Try the “Daylight” lighting Scenes, producing a bright off-white light (5,000 Kelvin to be exact), just like sunlight on a bright, clear day.

Try Your Best To Limit Those Comfort Foods

Eat healthy to beat the winter blues

The winter is full of such tasty, hardy foods—stews, chilies, soups, and more—but these foods are not always the best for us. While it’s important that you don’t feel like you’re limiting yourself, try to avoid the temptation to overindulge. There are lots of benefits to fruits, vegetables and other nutrient-rich food which you will need if you are feeling a little glum. Read more about the benefits here!

Beautify Your Indoor Space This Winter

Take this tip from home decor guru, Eva Stuart (@homebystuart)! Darker days can feel gloomy but take advantage of the low light to set a calming ambience with some candles, fireplaces (if you are lucky enough to have one), and warm lighting fixtures—Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons are great for this. While we try to venture outside in the colder seasons, there’s no doubt it’s harder so this is just a simple way to make the inside more appealing.

These are just my 6 favorite ways to get over the winter blue but the list goes on. Please, share your favorite tips with us!

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