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February 17, 2022 | 4 Min. Read | By: Justyne Y.

Looking to create the perfect work-from-home setup? Now you can create the ideal space for focusing and relaxation with Nanoleaf Elements—you can even design custom layouts that match your style while also bringing your setup to life! For some design inspiration to help you guys out, we decided to reach out to see how our community uses Nanoleaf Elements to upgrade their desk spaces, and these are our picks for the top 3 desk setups.

Design the Perfect Work Setup with Andrea

Clean desk setup with Nanoleaf Elements

The first setup we would love to show off is Andrea’s from Italy! And if I may say so for myself…È BELLISSIMO. He is a portrait photographer who has always had a passion for technology and even decided to open his own page during the pandemic! Andrea loves photographing technological products and slowly began to collaborate with various tech companies in this market. Along with tech, he also loves football and pizza and is a father to 2 children. He has been a longtime supporter of Nanoleaf and has always been fascinated by our various products as our products can help “turn a normal setup into a perfect setup.”

Nanoleaf Elements wood look panels in a home office

Andrea’s setup consists of Nanoleaf Elements, a complimentary wood desk and drawers (that perfectly compliments the Elements panels), a 49-inch ultrawide screen, Bluetooth speakers, a desk shelf, and other gadgets. He loves using his Elements while listening to music with the Rhythm Music Visualizer feature as it helps him relax while he’s working on his PC. In addition to the Rhythm Music Visualizer, he loves the ability to change the color temperature of the lights depending on his mood to set the perfect ambience. With our endless curated Scenes and customization options, it’s hard for him to choose just one favorite!

Experience a Relaxing Environment with Matt

Sleek desk setup with wood look light decor

This next amazing desk setup is from Matt from Texas! He enjoys all things tech and, like Andrea, has a passion for photography as well as learning new and exciting things in his free time. He first heard of Nanoleaf through our Instagram as he saw all the amazing setups our Nanoleaf community has created with our products! He loves Elements as they are a “unique product that can be used as decor and help illuminate during the evenings.”

White and black minimalistic desk setup

Along with Nanoleaf Elements, Matt’s setup includes a large L-Shaped standing desk from Uplift Desks and an LG 49WL95C-WE ultrawide monitor with everything connected to a 14-inch MacBook Pro. To create the ideal atmosphere he loves using the “Calming Waterfall” Scene for his panels as it provides a relaxed and focused environment for when he’s at his desk. The minimal design and the easy integration into his smart home make Elements the perfect addition to his setup! 

Set the Right Ambience For Your Setup with Alex

Clean desk setup with Nanoleaf Elements

This last setup is from Alex—the man behind the YouTube channel TechItEasy— located in the UK! He is a self-proclaimed workaholic, but his work is also a hobby! Along with running his YouTube channel, he is also a 3D Architectural Visualiser. Alex loves reviewing new exciting technology, and thoroughly enjoys developing his photography and video skills along the way. Like Matt, he first heard of Nanoleaf through social media—he saw our products on YouTube through our own channel as well as through other creators. His favorite thing about Elements is how they add some more character into his video backgrounds and also inject some more life into his room! It creates the perfect cozy space needed when finishing long editing sessions. Alex also loves the fact that you can constantly expand your layout to create endless designs for your space. His current ‘go-to’ Scene is ‘Ember’ as he finds it extremely therapeutic. 

Desk setup with Elements
Close up of a desk

His setup is an all-in-one productivity and relaxation station. Along with Nanoleaf Elements to keep him relaxed and focused, it also has a standing desk to stay slightly more active during long work sessions. Organization is also very important to Alex—he made sure to add custom storage, like a shelf, to hide some of the pesky wires and to free up some space underneath for his audio DAC and Stream Deck, as well as wireless charging Dock, SD card reader, and USB Dock integrated right into his desk! When it comes to his peripherals, Alex has a custom-built RTX 3090 & AMD Ryzen 5950x PC which is a gamer’s dream and also an essential tool for creating his YouTube videos. With his PC, he has a soundbar, two monitors (one at 4k and one at 1440p), and a floating light bulb to complete his setup.

How do you like to use your Nanoleaf lights? We’d love to hear about it! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf, and join the Nanoleaf Community.


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