5 Of The Best Smart Home Apps To Use With Your Nanoleaf Lights—Tips For Both iOS And Android Users

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February 23, 2022 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Hey there iOS and Android users! If you’re anything like me, you’re always super interested in any hacks, tips, or tricks you can find with your smartphone. I personally love a good app… and it’s not only about the widgets or playing with settings!

Here you’ll find some awesome smartphone apps that will elevate your Nanoleaf experience and the best part is we have something for both iOS and Android users (we’re lovers not fighters here).

Nanoleaf Mobile App

Works For…

Nanoleaf app for iOS

I have to start with the Nanoleaf App, my personal favorite (yes…I may be biased 😋)! The Nanoleaf App is the perfect tool to customize your lights—create Scenes and Playlists, design layouts, set Schedules, and enjoy exclusive app features like Circadian Lighting.

All Nanoleaf devices come with a controller that allows you to turn the lights on and off, control brightness, and cycle through scenes but with the Nanoleaf App, you can do all of this and more. Organize your Nanoleaf lights in the app by home and room, then sit back and enjoy some of the more unique benefits.

  • Group Scenes: Control all of the lights in a room at once. 
  • Layered Scenes: You may already know that you can customize everything from colors and motions to speed in a color Scene but did you know you can create Layered Scenes? Combine Dynamic Scenes and Static Scenes into one epic Scene so you have some panels with creative motions and others that are solid colors.
  • Layout Assistant: Create custom layouts virtually and display them in your space, in real-time, using the AR feature. NOTE: This feature is currently available for iOS users and will soon be available for Android users too.
  • Discover: Interact with other Nanoleaf community members! In this tab, you can download thousands of new Scenes created by other users and also upload your own unique creations.
  • Nanoleaf Cloud: When logging into your Nanoleaf Cloud account you can control your lights even when you’re not home. NOTE: Make sure your app is updated to 3.5+.

Apple Home App

Works For…

Apple home app for iOS

Are you an iOS user and an Apple fan? Well, then you likely already know about the Home App! Here you can set up your Nanoleaf lights and other Apple HomeKit devices all in one place. You’ll organize your smart devices by home and room and then the real fun begins.

Use the Home App to:

  • • Boost productivity and comfort with the Adaptive Lighting feature—automatically adjusting the color temperature of your lights to mimic the sun to rebalance your body’s natural rhythms.
  • • Create Scenes directly in the Home App to have one for every mood. Use voice commands to conveniently set Scenes:ry “Hey Siri, it’s reading time” to have your lights dim to 70% with a soft and relaxing shade of pink.
  • • Set Schedules for gentle wake-ups in the morning, winding down in the evening, and automating your lights throughout the day.

Google Home App

Works For…

Google home app for Android

Maybe you’re a Googler! If so, the Google Home App organizes your lights by home and room, then you can get to the customizations.

Use the Google Home App to:

  • • Adjust brightness, turn your Nanoleaf lights on or off, and select Color Scenes.
  • • Enjoy gentle sleep and wake-up calls! This feature slowly brightens or dims your Nanoleaf lights. Gentle Sleep sets your lights to a warm white color, then slowly dims them over the next 30 minutes. Gentle Wake brightens your lights over 30 minutes to imitate the sunrise.
  • • If you have a Google Hub or speaker then you can use it to set voice commands too. Just say “Ok Google, brighten the lights in [Room Name].”

Amazon Alexa App

Works For…

Amazon Alexa app

How big of a Bezos fan are you? Well if you are a fan, his app is another great one to check out. When you connect your Nanoleaf lights to the Alexa App, you’ll get access to the Alexa Skill feature. You’ll attach this skill to another device (like an Echo) so set up the Alexa Skill on the device you use most often to control your Nanoleaf lights. With this skill try voice commands like:

  • “Turn on [Device Name or Scene Name].”
  • “Turn off [Device Name].”
  • “Brighten/dim [Device Name].”
  • “Set [Device Name] to [%] brightness.
  • “Set [Device Name] to [Color].”

You can also use the Amazon Alexa app to fulfill more basic needs (without voice commands) like turning the lights on or off, but let’s face it… if you have a smart hub, voice commands are way more fun.

Samsung SmartThings App

Works For…

Samsung SmartThings app

Last but not least on this list is the Samsung SmartThings App! Create homes, rooms, and add members to your spaces. You can even use voice commands and open the actual app for simpler control too. But my favorite part of this app is the custom Scenes (these are different from lighting Scenes). With Scenes, you can get creative by syncing multiple devices into one seamless action, like setting your Nanoleaf lights to turn on once the TV turns on. Kick-off movie night with a single tap!

That about wraps it up but I do have one more tip for you. If any of these smart home apps interest you, you’ll need to know how to set your light up on them. So check these smart assistant setup guides for Nanoleaf light panels, Lines light bars, Lightstrips, and Bulbs

What’s your favorite smartphone app to use with your Nanoleaf lights? Share it with us! Also find us on Instagram @Nanoleaf, Twitter @Nanoleaf, or Facebook @theNanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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