3 Of Our Favorite RGB Gaming Setups From The Nanoleaf Community

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February 25, 2022 | 4 Min Read | By: Justyne Y.

There are so many different ways to elevate your gaming setup—but Nanoleaf’s RGB light panels truly take it up a notch and bring your space to the next level! Get creative with your smart lighting setup with Lines or Canvas and mix and match between Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles from Shapes. Create custom layouts that match your personality and bring your battlestations to life!

We’re honored that our light panels have had such a huge impact within the gaming community and we’ve seen some incredibly creative setups over the years. You guys never cease to amaze us! So we decided to reach out to the community to find the ultimate Nanoleaf upgrades and hopefully share some inspiration. Here are some of our favorite setups featuring Shapes, Lines, and everything in between. 

Create the Ultimate Gaming Cave with Edward

Gaming set up with Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes and Canvas

The first setup we would love to show off is from Edward who lives in the US! His Nanoleaf journey started a few years back when he was watching various YouTuber setups and saw our products in many of their videos. As a man who enjoys a little bit of everything from gaming to writing, he decided that he also wanted a little bit of every Nanoleaf product—including Shapes, Lines, and Canvas! His favorite way to use his Nanoleaf lights is as accent lighting as he loves creating different moods and atmospheres depending on the vibe that day.

For his well-thought-out and intricate setup, Edward relied on our handy Layout Assistant in the Nanoleaf App. Once he decided on the perfect layout for his space, he decided to completely transform his living room and work area. Edward has also slowly started incorporating different pieces to try and enhance his space even more! By customizing his gaming setup, he can truly enjoy his time in his room whether it’s for work or play. He especially loves the Rhythm Music Visualizer so he can watch his favorite music come to life and dance across his walls. When it comes to Scenes, Edward appreciates the endless choices he has, so that he can adjust his lights based on his mood or even on the weather!

Design the Battlestation of Your Dreams with Cem

Battlestation with Nanoleaf Shapes

This amazing gaming setup was submitted by Cem L. from Germany. Cem has a passion for gaming and has an extensive gaming collection. He first came across Nanoleaf back in 2017 when scrolling through Instagram and saw all the amazing setups that were being shared. He then decided to create this truly amazing Shapes layout around his desk area as he loves the various dynamic Scenes he can choose from when gaming, with one of his favorites being ‘Pumpkin Soup.’ As Cem said, “There is nothing better for me than sitting at the setup after a hard day of work. And I love the Nanoleaf Shapes. If I could, my whole house would be full of them.”

Desk Setup with nanoleaf shapes

One of his top favorite features isn’t actually a feature at all, but simply how much he loves the quality of his Nanoleaf light panels. Cem’s setup consists of a 3-meter long desk, two curved 32-inch monitors, a completely self-built gaming pc (with lots of RGB), and a PS5 right next to everything! The whole setup is also embellished with a few figures, plants and headset stand to further show his personality. But the ‘special thing’ (as quoted by Cem) about his whole setup is his Nanoleaf Shapes panels. He has 27 panels above his monitors and 9 more to the left of the setup, making a total of 36 panels! When asked why others would enjoy our light panels as well, he said “​​Because they are just so great. High quality, a large product range, no matter what shape and what arrangement you want, you will definitely find it at Nanoleaf.”

Experience True RGB Gaming with Marco

Gaming set up with Nanoleaf Light Panels

This creative setup is done by Marco, from Germany as well. He loves to play computer games, (especially World of Warcraft), collects Funko Pops, and goes on long vacations whenever he can. Marco first came across Nanoleaf when he kept seeing our lights in the background of YouTubers and Twitch Streamers (who clearly have great taste)! When it comes to his setup, he loves the fact that they’re bright enough to light up his entire space while also elevating his gaming experience.

Nanoleaf Light Panels and Lines in a lounge

Marco’s favorite feature is Screen Mirror where he can watch his PC screen reflect onto his lights in real-time—creating an immersive experience while playing his favorite games. When it comes to Scenes, Marco has a lot of favorites—but who can blame him? If he had to choose one though, he said it would probably be the ‘Cyberpunk’ Scene as it displays all of his favorite colors at once! Since it has always been a dream of his to have his own gaming room, he wanted to create a relaxed, yet vibrant atmosphere and he knew right away Nanoelaf would help him create the space he’s always imagined. 

How do you like to use your Nanoleaf lights, we’d love to hear about it! Also, find us on Instagram @nanoleaf, Twitter @nanoleaf, or Facebook @thenanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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