Nanoleaf’s Most Recent Smart Lighting Products Compared—From Light Bars To Panels, Bulbs, And Even Lightstrips!

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March 29, 2022 | 5 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Since Nanoleaf’s conception in 2012, we’ve released quite a few products! Luckily you don’t have to pick just one 😉…although we understand certain products may fit your needs better than others. In this article, you’ll learn a little bit more about all of Nanoleaf’s most current lighting products (all of which are available in the Nanoleaf Shop). I’ll compare Nanoleaf Lines, Elements, Shapes, Canvas, and Essentials so you can make the most informed decision!

Before I begin, we do have a tool to help you compare the nitty-gritty specs of each product. With this tool, you’ll be able to compare up to three Nanoleaf lighting products at once (very convenient if you ask me). Check it out!

For you to understand the differences between our lights, you should understand some of the specialized features. Let’s get that covered before we jump into the products.

Nanoleaf Features

All Nanoleaf Lights are hub-free, plus they are compatible with the Nanoleaf Mobile and Desktop apps.

Nanoleaf lights app

Here’s a bit more about some of the features that vary from product to product:

Rhythm Music Visualizer: With this built-in feature, the lights react and dance along to your favorite music in real-time

Screen Mirror: Use this feature with the Nanoleaf desktop app and your lights will reflect the on-screen colors from your PC onto your lights

Touch Control: Control your Nanoleaf lights with simple gestures (like swiping) or turn your light into a large smart button to control other smart devices. Also, play Touch Games with interactive lighting Scenes.

Schedules: Try this out to automate the lights throughout the day so you can set gentle wake-up calls in the mornings, and relaxing reminders to wind down in the evenings.

Circadian Lighting: Mimic natural sunlight with this feature—automatically adjusting the light’s color temperature based on your location. “Sunset” and “sunrise” can be customized to match your schedule.

Thread: This is a network that allows for faster and more reliable connectivity along with a wider control range between devices.

Connect+: Allows most Nanoleaf light panels to interconnect for custom designs.

Okay, now that we’re ready let’s get into it, shall we?

Nanoleaf Lines light bars

Is your style modern and maybe a little futuristic? Well, look no further because Nanoleaf Lines are perfect for you!

Launched in 2021, Lines is our newest smart lighting product. These are completely custom backlit LED light bars—an all-new modular form. You can fill your living spaces with a sleek futuristic glow that’s perfect for creating an ultramodern look in the living room, desk area, battlestation, or bedroom as both ambience and art. When off, these light bars are white, however, you can customize them further with Nanoleaf Skins: lightweight snap-on covers available in Matte Black and Matte Pink.

Spotlight Features:

Nanoleaf Elements wood look hexagons

Are you into more of a rustic-chic vibe? Say no more, Nanoleaf Elements have the perfect amount of glimmer and glow!

Made to look beautiful on or off, Elements (also launched in 2021) is smart ambient decor that displays a wide range of warm to cool white lighting options. This nature-inspired lighting fixture is designed to add an elegant and organic feeling with its wood grain-looking veneer. Simply piece together each modular hexagon-shaped light panel to create a completely bespoke design.

Spotlight Features:

  • • Warm to cool ambient white light options
  • • Rhythm Music Visualizer
  • • Touch Control
  • • Scheduling
  • • Connect+
  • • Acts as a Thread Border Router for Thread-Enabled devices
  • • Compatible with smart assistants: Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby. NOTE: Voice control is available with these assistants
  • • Integrations: IFTTT, Razer Chroma

Nanoleaf Shapes modular RGB light panels

Looking for that wow factor in your living, home office, or entertainment space? Well, don’t hate on Nanoleaf Shapes because they’re the answer you’ve been looking for!

Released in 2020, Nanoleaf Shapes have become one of our most popular smart lights. These ultra-thin, modular LED & RGB light panels open up limitless possibilities for your space (especially considering they come in 3 different forms)! Enjoy them in Hexagons, Triangles, or Mini Triangles—even try all of them together for one awesome abstract design. When off, Shapes panels have a smooth white appearance that blends seamlessly together.

Spotlight Features:

Nanoleaf Canvas squares

Looking for a more classic shape, perhaps a square? Then Nanoleaf Canvas is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Similar to Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas panels are completely modular RGB light panels.  They were launched in 2019, so they’ve been out the longest compared to the other products on this list. These light squares make it super easy to create geometric art on your wall. When off they look a little different than Shapes, Canvas squares have a slight star pattern on their surface however they are also white.

Spotlight Features:

Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips & Bulbs

Is your goal to light up every nook and cranny? Nanoleaf Essentials are the perfect way to upgrade your more traditional lighting!

Essentials are certainly the most different on this lighting list in terms of form. Up until now, I’ve shared wall-mountable bars or panels but Essentials are smart Bulbs and Lightstrips. We launched these in 2020 to replace some of the more typical lighting you have around the house. Essentials Bulbs are color-changing LED light bulbs that can replace any old lightbulb, turning any fixture into a smart one. Essentials Lightstrips are also color-changing, but their flexibility allows them to fit in places that typical lighting could not. This makes them perfect for wrapping around TVs, beds, desks, and even under countertops for a unique backlit glow.

Spotlight Features:

  • • 16M+ color options
  • • Screen Mirror
  • • Circadian Lighting
  • • Thread-Enabled device
  • • Compatible with smart assistants: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant. NOTE: Scheduling and voice control are available with these assistants
  • • Integrations: Razer Chroma

That about wraps it up! So which is your favorite Nanoleaf product? …Mine is Elements. 🤫 Share your favorite with us.

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