7 Great Ways To Incorporate Smart Lighting in Each Room (Or Space) Of A Home

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April 14, 2022 | 5 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Your home has many different purposes—it can be a personal space for some much-needed “me” time, an entertainment space, a relaxation space, and even a workspace. While all these areas help fulfill your life in different ways, some decor elements work in all of them. Smart lighting is most definitely in this category!

I’m going to take you through all of the amazing ways you can incorporate smart lighting into each and every room (or space) a house could possibly have—from your living room to your kitchen/dining space, bedroom, battlestation, home office, man cave, she-shed, and even your kids’ playroom.

Liven Up Your Living Room With Crowd-Pleasing Entertainment

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, Lines, Essentials

Nanoleaf smart lighting in living room

Let’s start strong with the living room (which is perhaps my favorite place to use smart lighting)! Living rooms tend to be communal places, and I love the idea of sharing new and fun gadgets with family and friends.

Outside of the more basic and straightforward functionality, smart lighting products like Nanoleaf lights come with many entertainment features as well. Use your Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, and Lines to try out immersive features like “Screen Mirror” and “Music Sync.” The Screen Mirror feature is great for when you’re streaming movies off a PC connected to your TV—on-screen colors from the PC will be reflected on your lights. Whereas the Music Sync feature is amazing for more of a party atmosphere—play your favorite party playlist and watch in awe as the lights dance in real-time to the music. Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips are also fun for a living room; people commonly wrap the Lightstrip behind their TV which creates an awesome backlit glow!

Enjoy Peaceful & Tranquil Lighting Scenes In Your Bedroom

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Elements, Essentials

Nanoleaf smart lighting in bedroom

“This is where the magic happens”, as they say! 😋 Smart lighting can greatly improve your level of relaxation and quality of sleep if used correctly (a little odd I know, considering we typically sleep with the lights off).

Utilize features like Circadian Lighting on Nanoleaf Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips, which mimics natural sunlight by automatically adjusting their color temperature based on your location. With this feature, “sunset” and “sunrise” can be customized to match your schedule. Or try the Schedules feature on your Nanoleaf Elements. Set a time for these awesome ambient lights to gradually turn on and brighten for a gentle wake-up call.

Set The Perfect Ambience For That Highly-Anticipated Dinner Party

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Elements, Lines, Essentials

Nanoleaf smart lighting in kitchen

Looking for that “je ne sais quois” to give your dinner party an edge? Maybe the real mood-setter isn’t on the menu, but in the atmosphere instead!

If you love hosting dinner parties in your kitchen, I highly recommend taking advantage of Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips. Easily light up spaces that traditional lighting struggles to reach, like under the kitchen counter or below the cabinets. And for the dining table, a completely custom piece of wall art is sure to turn heads. There are a few ambient lighting options you can use to create this type of art. If you love the color options, Nanoleaf Lines modular light bars are perfect! But if you prefer white light and like a more organic look, then you can’t go wrong with Nanoleaf Elements modular wood look hexagon panels.

Upgrade Your Battlestation With Next-Level RGB Lighting

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, Lines, Essentials

Nanoleaf smart lighting in battlestation

Alright gamers, this one’s for you! Many things go into making a great gaming setup and RGB lighting is definitely on that list.

Luckily Nanoleaf offers many RGB options. With Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, Lines, or Essential, enjoy 16M+ color options and a wide range of color animations. Plus, with so many modular options—light bars, and panels that come in Triangles, Mini Triangles, Hexagons, and Squares—gamers can design layouts that are truly unique to their setup (and sure to make their Twitch streams stand out). If you’re a more subtle gamer, then go for the Essentials Lightstrips, they are perfect for wrap-around desks. And just like in the living room, battlestations can benefit from the Screen Mirror feature—on-screen colors from the PC will be reflected on your lights, bringing any game to life! 

Maximize Productivity In Your Home Office With Smart Lighting

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Elements, Essentials

Nanoleaf Elements wood look hexagons in a home office

In recent years, we’ve definitely seen the importance of the home office, so this is a must-have on my list. It can be hard to separate your work time from your personal time when you work from home, but some tricks can help maximize productivity while you work, and relax when the work day is done.

Foster comfort and productivity with decor pieces like Nanoleaf Elements and Essentials. The modularity of Elements gives you the total creative freedom to truly customize your workspace, and get inspired throughout your day! See how some of our community members used Elements around their desk space. These have a wide range of warm to cool lighting options, creating an inviting space filled with a productive glow using dynamic lighting Scenes. Optimize your space with cooler Scenes when it’s time to focus, and warmer Scenes when it’s break time. For quick access, use Touch Actions and assign certain Scenes to turn on when certain panels are tapped (not only for your Nanoleaf lights but for your other HomeKit devices too).

I also personally love having my Essentials Lightstrip around my desk just like I recommended for gamers. It adds a bit more brightness to the room whether you choose to use a colorful lighting Scene or stick with white light.

Deck Out Your Man-Caves & She-Sheds With The Coolest Gadgets

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Shapes, Canvas, Lines, Elements

Nanoleaf lights in man cave

We can’t forget about the Man-Caves and She-Sheds! These are the most ideal atmospheres to kick back and unwind (however that may be for you).

Nanoleaf’s RGB lights are perfect for decking out these entertainment areas, gaming stations, and definitely big flat-screen TVs! With over 16 million color options, choose from preset lighting Scenes like “PlayStation Chill” or create your own in the Nanoleaf App. The modular design also lets you create any layout or pattern; it’s just like LEGO for lighting. Plus, the simple adhesive installation makes it incredibly easy to set up so you can get back to more important things like watching the game or that gaming tournament ASAP.

If you want a more relaxing atmosphere for your haven, opt-in for Nanoleaf Elements. These wood-look light panels display white light rather than colors, and they cast such an inviting glow, making them ideal if your relaxation station is more about meditation spaces or reading nooks.

Personalize Your Kids’ Playroom With Smart Lighting

Top Picks For This Space: Nanoleaf Shapes, Elements

Nanoleaf Shapes smart lights in kids room

Last but not least, we have something for the kiddos! Decor for kids’ rooms can get tricky because of their ever-changing likes and dislikes, but flexible smart decor is the perfect solution.

Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements are ideal for smaller kids’ spaces. Their thin, modular design makes them the ultimate personalized kids’ toy and allows them to fit in any space. With Shapes Triangles, Mini Triangles, and Hexagons, kids can recreate their favorite animals—whether they’re into owls, butterflies, or… dinosaurs! Check out some awesome kids’ designs using Nanoleaf Shapes. Plus with Shapes, you get 16M+ color options so they can choose their favorite color and use them to create custom lighting Scenes or discover thousands waiting for you to download in the Nanoleaf App. And I highly encourage trying Touch Games—play games with interactive lighting Scenes light “Whack A Mole ” where you have to tap the panels as they flash. 

Where do you like to use your smart lighting? We’d love to hear your answer! Also find us on Instagram @Nanoleaf, Twitter @Nanoleaf, or Facebook @theNanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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