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April 21, 2022 | 5 Min. Read | By: Justyne Yan

You buff your main player in every game so why not buff your setup IRL? Choose your RGBuff from Nanoleaf’s expanded range of smart lighting products and transform that naked desk into the ultimate PC battlestation!

To help you upgrade your setup, we’ve been working on a special surprise…introducing Nanoleaf’s new Buff Builder! With the interactive builder, you can reskin your PC setup to create the battlestation of your dreams by mixing and matching these smart lights:

  • • Sleek Nanoleaf Shapes RGB light panels
  • • Modern Nanoleaf Lines backlit light bars
  • • Ambient Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips
  • • Sophisticated wood look Elements light panels
Nanoleaf RGBuff builder

But don’t be fooled…buffing up your setup isn’t just about looks! With Nanoleaf products, you can transport yourself right into the game with immersive features like Screen Mirror, and integrations with your other gaming faves like Razer. Your leveled-up setup (and your gameplay) will thank you for the boost. 😉

I know you’re just as excited as us to get started but, to help get your creative juices flowing, here are 3 different ways you can RGBuff your battlestations based on your personal style—from cute and kawaii to sleek and modern!

RGBuff It Up And Keep it Kawaii

Who said gaming was only reserved for those with dark and serious setups? Those days are now gone and kawaii gaming setups (with all the cuteness that you can imagine) are more popular than ever!

Kawaii Setup with Nanoleaf Lines and Shapes
Kawaii setup with Shapes

The origins of Kawaii come from Japan, where it means ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’ and the term is now used to describe anything cute and trendy—which has sparked many similar trends around the world.

Match your pink and white accessories with Shapes, Lines, and Essentials and create the cutest shapes and layouts such as hearts, animals, stars, and more! Find the perfect shade of pink with the color wheel in the Nanoleaf App or choose from thousands of Scenes such as “Kawaii Beats” and “Ice Cream Sundae.” If you want to add some more color, you can create an RGB rainbow across your entire setup with our Razer-Chroma integration that truly brings all your favorite games to life!

Light Up Your Favorite Collectibles

Your collectibles shouldn’t just be sitting on the shelf! The perfect pieces need to shine bright… literally. Showcase the items and characters you love so much by putting a spotlight on them with the trendiest of smart lights.

Lines in a collector RGBuff setup
Nanoleaf Shapes shaped like Yoda

A collection can be anything from unique antiques and paintings to anime figurines and Funko Pops! But the flair with which you display your greatest treasure is what truly elevates the way you present your passions.

With Nanoleaf, you can use Essentials Lightstrips to line the inside of your cases or Lines to outline your shelves and displays, adding a more professional and bright finish! You can also brighten up your entire space using Shapes (which provides 100 lumens per panel) or fill in that empty wall with lighting mosaics mimicking your favorite characters and figurines. With Nanoleaf, you can show off your most important items in a unique way without taking away the ‘wow factor’ of your collection!

Complete The Sleek Setup Of Your Dreams

Just because you may work at a desk, doesn’t mean it needs to feel like a dreary old office! Create a space of your own where you’re excited to sit and get to work that also easily transitions to an area where you can play your favorite games!

Nanoleaf Elements and Shapes Hexagons in a sleek desk setup
Nanoleaf Shapes in a sleek desk offic

Take minimalism to the max with Nanoleaf by creating the perfect sleek desk setup and creating custom layouts and designs to personalize your space while still keeping it simple.

Using Elements, experience surreal organic lighting Scenes like “Sunbeam” and set the ideal ambience for creative inspiration, focusing, or relaxing. Or bring in some more creativity with RGB lighting using Shapes, Lines, and Essentials to perfectly match any color theme for your setup. With over 6 million colors to choose from, discover thousands of Scenes such as ‘Mellow’ or ‘Splash of Light’ to add more dynamics to your minimal setup. I definitely recommend you try out Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror feature—watch as the colors from your on-screen activity are reflected onto your lights! This feature connects to your computers allowing you to transform your gaming experience with real-time reactions on your Nanoleaf lights making it the perfect way to upgrade your setup.

RGBuff builder contest

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to be let in on a special tip 🤫…CONTEST DETAILS!

Do you want to WIN your RGBuffed Battlestation? Share your masterpiece from the Buff Builder to your socials with a creative name and the hashtag #NanoleafRGBuff for the chance to win Smarter Kits to recreate your dream setup! The contest ends May 27th, 2022 and we will be choosing 2 winners:

  1. The post with the MOST LIKES
  2. The post with the MOST CREATIVE NAME

Now that we’ve shown you how versatile our lights can be and you know how you can win your dream setup…what are you waiting for? It’s time to get going and RGBuff your setup with Nanoleaf!

Which battlestation are you most excited to RGBuff up? Are you keeping it Kawaii, are you a fanatic collector, or maybe just a minimalist? Share your experience with us!

Don’t forget to show off your RGBuff Battlestation with us on Instagram and Twitter @nanoleaf or Facebook @thenanoleaf #nanoleafRGBuff. Learn more and explore Nanoleaf’s Smarter Kits (Shapes, Lines and Elements) and Nanoleaf Essentials


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