Nanoleaf Lines Skins Allow You To Customize Your Lines LED Light Bars

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April 25, 2022 | 2 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.
Matte Black Lines Skins at Battlestation

This one is for all you Nanoleaf Lines lovers!

If you’re a regular Nanoleafer, by now you know at Nanoleaf we’re all about customizable features and personalization. This applies to our modular designs, amazing lighting Scenes, mesmerizing lighting animations, vast integrations, and unique entertainment features. But these are all things you enjoy while your lights are on. Now, get ready for a new way to customize your Nanoleaf Lines…while they’re off! 😯

Introducing Nanoleaf Lines Skins

What are these Skins we speak of? Well, let me explain!

If you haven’t already seen them, Nanoleaf Lines have a white appearance—Lines Skins gives your light bars a brand new look! Lines Skins are ultra-lightweight snap-on covers that transform your Lines light bars. They are available in Matte Black or Matte Pink, so you can mix and match the Skins or simply stick with one color to give your Lines layout an all-new look. In each pack, you will find 9 Skins for your light bars and 9 Mounting Connector Caps to give your Lines layout a complete makeover.

Matte Black Nanoleaf Lines Skins
Matte Pink Nanoleaf Lines Skins

Nanoleaf Lines Skins In Matte Black

Black Lines off
Black Lines on

Matte Black Lines Skins are perfect for those of you who want to keep their layout sleek and clean. Maybe the natural white appearance doesn’t fit your room as well or maybe you just prefer how the black pops. If this sounds like you, the Matte Black is the way to go.

Nanoleaf Lines Skins In Matte Pink

Pink Lines Skins off
Pink Lines Skins on

Matte Pink Lines Skins are ideal for those of you who prefer that pop of color…or maybe you just love pink! And here’s some food for thought: these Skins would be absolutely perfect in a Kawaii gaming setup.

Installing Nanoleaf Lines Skins

Nanoleaf Lines are already pretty simple to set up but dare I say that Nanoleaf Skins are even simpler! It’s really easy and super satisfying—if you like that feeling of popping a new cover on your phone you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. One thing to note is that you should begin installing your Line Skins after your Lines layout is already set up—here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

If your layout is all set up then you’re ready to install Lines Skins in 2 simple steps:

1. For your Lines light bars, take the Skins meant for the bar (it’s the long one), line it up with the bar you want to put it on, and then just snap it on. It’s that easy!

2. For your Lines Connector Caps, snap off the existing Connector Cap (that hexagon-shaped piece), and swap it out for the Lines Skins Connector Cap. It will snap right in!

You may notice in some images one of the caps remains white, that’s actually the Controller (which allows you to control the power, brightness, and Scenes all directly from the layout).  If you want the whole layout to be the same color you can simply take that Controller off and swap it for a Lines Skins cap (as long as you have an extra from a second pack)—you can still control your layout from the Nanoleaf App. The choice is yours!

Now all that’s left is to pick a color! Which Lines Skins are you most excited about, Matte Black or Matte Pink? And what Lines Skins design should we create next? We’d love to hear what you think

Nanoleaf Lines Skins at desk

Visit the Nanoleaf Store now to get your Nanoleaf Lines Skins! Also, find us on Instagram @Nanoleaf, Twitter @Nanoleaf, or Facebook @theNanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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