5 Accessories For Your Nanoleaf Smart Lights You Wish You Knew About Sooner

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May 5, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

When you think of Nanoleaf and smart lighting, you likely think of the big-ticket items first…aka the actual lighting fixture (who can blame you). But it’s important to not forget about the accessories too, and that little bit of magic they add when used with these marvelous modular LED lights!

In this article, I’m going to take you through the must-have accessories (that you’ll wish you knew about sooner) for your Nanoleaf Lines, Elements, Shapes, Canvas, and Essentials!

1) Screw Mount Kits For Ceiling Layouts & Large Installations

Nanoleaf Canvas screw mount accessories
Screw mount lines for ceilings

First up to bat are Screw Mount Kits! Screw Mount Kits are available to purchase for Nanoleaf Canvas square panels and Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips in the Nanoleaf Shop. Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines can also be screw-mounted, however, they come with mounting plates already attached, so you just need to get screws and drywall anchors and you’re good to go.

Nanoleaf Canvas Screw mounting kit
Nanoleaf Essentials Screw Mount Accessories

I know screw mounting may not sound the most exciting, but taking this extra step allows you to create larger installations, and even place them on ceilings or rough surfaces (to ensure safety we recommend a screw mounting for these use cases). Use these kits to design epic discussion pieces in your space from abstract art to your favorite character or symbols (like zodiac constellations).

2) Flex Linkers & Connectors For Intricate Designs

flex linker accessories for Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements
flex connectors accessories for Lines

This is one of my personal favorites—Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements, and Flex Connectors for Nanoleaf Lines! These fun accessories make it so you can bend around corners or create spaces within your design—bending the rules of the traditional layout. Check out these crazy creative designs you can create with Flex Linkers and Connectors.

Shapes layout with flex linkers
flex connectors on Lines

Note: Flex Connectors will become available in the Nanoleaf Shop this May. Keep an eye out for these exciting accessories.

3) Nanoleaf Lines Skins Accessories For A Personalized Look

Nanoleaf lines skins accessories

Nanoleaf Lines Skins are one of our newest Nanoleaf Accessories. Perhaps you love your Lines, but wish your white light bars were a different color—with Lines Skins they can be!

Nanoleaf lines skins Matte Pink
Nanoleaf lines skins Matte Black

Lines Skins are snap-on covers for your Lines light bars, allowing you to personalize how they look on or off. These cool covers currently come in Matte Black or Matte Pink, however, we are open to suggestions on new ones! Learn more about Lines Skins in this blog.

Maybe you want a wood-look or terrazzo pattern Skin for your Lines? Let us know which Lines Skins design you want to see next!

4) In-Wall Power Supply Units To Hide Unwanted Cables

In wal PSU accessories
75w in wall power supply unit for Nanoleaf

This one’s for all the design-savvy Nanoleaf fans—check out the 75W In-Wall Power Supply! With the help of your friendly neighborhood electrician, hide all of the power cords in your wall with this accessory.

In general, the 75W Power Supply Unit is neat because if you have a larger design and need more power, you don’t need to have a bunch of cords hanging out. Use the 75W power supply unit instead of multiple smaller ones and marvel at a nice and tidy lighting display.

Note: You can see if you need more power by using the Nanoleaf PSU Calculator!

5) Essentials Lightstrip Splitters For Multi-Dimensional Designs

Essentials splitter accessories
Essentials splitter accessories

Similar to the Flex Linkers and Connectors, this next accessory will help in the set up of your lights—meet Splitters for Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips. There are three different types of splitter available which allows for lots of options. Use the splitters so easily bend around corners and odd angles (like around desks and bookshelves). Even use them to stretch your Lightstrip onto the ceiling—super useful for trendy Lightstrip clouds.

Note: Stock for these fun splitters is coming soon!

⭐️ Bonus Accessories ⭐️

If you made this far in my list, I feel like you deserved something extra special…which is why I’m sharing some bonus accessories. Not all accessories need to be for your lights, enjoy some accessories for yourself too! I highly recommend the super soft and fluffy Nanoleaf Pillow—kick back into relaxation mode with this plush throw pillow. And let’s not forget about our “Create Your Own Masterpiece” Tote Bag designed to last the test of time (like your Nanoleaf lights) on all your shopping and beach trips!

So, which Nanoleaf accessories are you most excited to try for yourself? We’d love to hear what you think

Visit the Nanoleaf Store to order your favorite accessories now! Also, find us on Instagram @Nanoleaf, Twitter @Nanoleaf, or Facebook @theNanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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