9 Amazing Ceiling Installations Made With Nanoleaf Smart Lights

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May 19, 2022 | 4 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

Do you have a creative itch, love smart tech and RGB lights, and are looking for your next big DIY project? I’ve got a brilliant idea💡…why not try creating an epic ceiling installation with all that creative talent!

In this blog, I’m going to walk you through some really amazing ceiling installations from Nanoleaf community members (like yourself) that have been made with Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes, Canvas, and OG Light Panels. It’s very important to know that all ceiling installations are screw mounted rather than the typical adhesive installation—learn more about how to screw mount your lights in this guide!

Alright, enough chit-chat! It’s time to marvel and appreciate some of the jaw-droppingly impressive setups from other Nanoleafers.🤩

Check Out This Stellar Music Studio By Tony Succar

Shapes on ceiling in music studio
Nanoleaf lights on ceiling in music studio

Courtesy of Grammy-nominated musician Tony Succar, see how you can bring a music studio to life in more than one way! In this ceiling layout, you’ll see a mix of Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines in multiple different layouts. If I may say so myself, it certainly seems like a creative way to spark inspiration for making music.

Pro Tip: Use Flex Linkers to bend your Shapes layouts from the wall onto the ceiling—learn more about accessories like Flex Linkers in this blog!

Explore This Entertainment Cave By Evan M.

Evan has been a part of the Nanoleaf Facebook Community since 2020! As you can see with this entertainment cave, they have quite an interest in RGB lights of all kinds. In their ceiling layout, you’ll see Nanoleaf’s OG light panels. We recently retired these light panels but rest assured, their successor Nanoleaf Shapes can do everything the OG version could do and even more. If you’re interested, learn more about retirement in this article.

Look At This More Than Memorable Battlestation By Maccagames

In this layout, you’ll notice Maccagames has used Nanoleaf Canvas and OG Light Panels to spruce up their battlestation. You’ll see their setup is in a nook with a low ceiling and a large monitor which would’ve made it quite difficult to create an RGB design on the wall—so why not the ceiling!

Pro Tip: Try the Screen Mirror feature with a gaming PC to see in-game events, flashes, and explosions reflected in real-time onto the lights for the most immersive experience. You can also try this feature on your TV if you attach your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable. Learn more about Screen Mirror.

Enjoy Moves By Brady V. And Their Backdrop

Can you move as smoothly as Brady? Brady is using Nanoleaf Shapes on their ceiling to add a little extra flair to their already dance moves for streams. Regardless of the type of streamer you are, RGB lights like Nanoleaf Shapes are a great way to create a more interesting backdrop.

Pro Tip: For ceiling setups in areas filled with music (like Brady’s) try the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer—the lights will sync up with your playlist and dance along in real-time. Learn more about the Music Visualizer.

Try Out A Truly Unique TV Setup Like materia_smuggler

Shapes and Lines around TV

Join in on some The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with materia_smuggler and game in style using Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines! Here you can see a mix of Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles, Triangles, and even Hexagons to create a completely personal layout.

Pro Tip: If you have more than one set of Nanoleaf lights like materia_smuggler, create Group Scenes to control them all at once with a single touch. Learn more about Nanoleaf lighting Scenes.

Explore This Nice Nook Designed By Taylor D.

Ceiling Installation of Nanoleaf Shapes in nook
Ceiling Installation of Nanoleaf Shapes using flex linkers in nook

Turn small, seemingly unusual nooks into an opportunity for something great like Taylor—part of the Nanoleaf Community Facebook page since 2020! Rather than leaving this space above the shelf blank or filling it with just another frame, they decided to use Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons. You’ll also notice that their layout starts on the wall and continues onto the ceiling; they did this with the Flex linkers I mentioned earlier.

Try A Tetris Inspired Ceiling Installation By Moore Services Group

Moore Services Group got impressively creative with their Nanoleaf Canvas ceiling setup! All Nanoleaf lights are like lego for lighting, they seamlessly connect together to create custom designs, and Moore services Group took full advantage of that with their Tetris design—redefining a classic.

Check Out This Not So Typical Hallway By Jonathan T.

Jonathan (also a Nanoleaf Facebook Community member since 2020) has made an otherwise boring space more exciting! They’ve decided to use Nanoleaf Lines to stretch across the hallway and reach right to the restroom, all the while bending corners from the wall to the ceiling.

Pro Tip: Bend around corners with Flex Connectors for Lines just like Jonathan to create a seamless wall to ceiling design

Last But Not Least, Another Peek At A Leveled Up Gaming Desk Created By Thekevin1011

Ceiling installation of Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines around gaming desk

Finishing strong with a popular combo it seems, we see Nanoleaf Shapes and Lines in this setup belonging to Thekevin1011. This is clearly a battlestation with lots of possibilities! You’ll notice the use of Flex Linkers on the Shapes light panels along with similar colors across all the RGB elements in this setup. Plus, just like Maccagames earlier, the Screen Mirror feature can upgrade their gaming into an immersive 4D experience.

While that’s the end of my list, it’s surely not the end! Do you have an awesome ceiling installation to add? We’d love to see it, share it with us!

Find us on Instagram @Nanoleaf, Twitter @Nanoleaf, or Facebook @theNanoleaf and join the Nanoleaf Community.

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