Here’s Where To Find The Most Creative (& Active) Fans Of Nanoleaf Smart Lights

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July 14, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

I’m about to show you the Pandora of Nanoleaf, where some of our most creative and active fans can be found. Are you ready? Look no further than…your very own computer screen! The Nanoleaf Community on Facebook is a private group (you can request to join), where dedicated fans gather to share fun projects, and discuss new ideas and innovative solutions using Nanoleaf’s lighting.

Nanoleaf fans setup

More About Facebook’s Nanoleaf Community

The group is founded by the community and moderated by Nanoleaf fans Kai G., Tyler T., and Tabralz B. Bringing together creative and passionate individuals from near and far, it’s a global online collective of 8.5K+ Members! One of my favorite parts of this group are the albums to organize different topics such as special collections of setups, “how-to” help, creative DIY designs, and even an area to just show off your work. The group also actively shares the latest Nanoleaf news and promos so you never miss out on what’s going on!

Nanoleaf community setup

I love the album “The Bragging Zone” most. It’s a space for members to share the best shots of their designs—a moment of pride if you will. And every four months, the picture with the most love from the community gets selected as the next community cover picture. It’s great to see such communal support and celebration of creativity!

You may have heard 2022 marks Nanoleaf’s 10th anniversary, aka our “Nanoversary.” And what better way to celebrate than by putting a spotlight on some of these dedicated and engaged community members. We asked the Nanoleaf Community group to share some insights on why they love Nanoleaf and this is what we got!

A special thank you to all of the Facebook Nanoleaf Community Members who helped put this piece together. We appreciate all of you! 💚

From The Community

The Nanoleaf Community had some kind words to share about Nanoleaf and we were so flattered! Namely: happy, calming, amazing, fun, creative, smart, ingenious, useful, cheerful, and the list goes on. The sheer diversity in responses is what was most impressive. It’s amazing that we get to be so many different things to so many different people. That’s what smart homes should be, accessible to everyone.

Nanoleaf lights setup from super fans

Not only did the Nanoleaf Community group share some endearing words but they also shared some of their favorite tips, lighting Scenes, features, and integrations. 

Favorite Community Hacks

The coolest part of this group are the unique tips and Nanoleaf hacks they come up with. Scrolling through the posts to see all of the different ideas and setups is truly inspiring. The members come up with unique solutions that make Nanoleaf lights fit their space in amazing and unexpected ways, all while sharing the step-by-step details so others can recreate and experiment on their own. Some of these ideas were so brilliant I had to share them!

Erik P. created their own veneer out of wallpaper to cover their lights so they blend in with their existing wall (except when on). 

Canvas with wallpaper

Kai G. creatively found a way to create a 3D shape out of his panels, and workshopped an electrical solution to make everything work.

3D light panels super fans setup

Gerhard R., who with some handy work turned a desk and a mirror into a stellar light up vanity.

A super fans Nanoleaf Canvas vanity

This is just a small sample of some of the incredible solutions the Nanoleaf Community has come up with. You’ll find pretty much anything in this group from people sharing extra product pieces like Linkers, or advice personalizing panels (like tinting), and even product comparisons.

Favorite Nanoleaf Lighting Scenes

If you don’t already know, the Nanoleaf App unlocks a lot of customizations, one of which is more control over lighting Scenes. Create custom lighting Scenes with 16M+ vibrant color options or choose from thousands of existing Scenes from the Discover section. Some of the favorites from the community were “Streaking Notes” and “Fireworks,” which are both Rhythm Scenes that react to the beat of the music.

See more of our other popular Scenes!

Favorite Nanoleaf Features & Accessories

One of the favorite Nanoleaf accessories from this community is Flex Linkers for Nanoleaf Shapes and Elements, and Flex Connectors for Nanoleaf Lines! These allow you to bend around corners, so you can get the most creative with your design—check out these creative design ideas. In this image by Jason C. you’ll notice they were able to bend this large layout in the corner where the walls meet, this was done with the help of a Flex Linker!

Flex linkers with Shapes by fans

Another favorite accessory is the Screw Mount Kits for Nanoleaf Canvas and Essentials Lightstrips along with the included Screw Mounting Plates for Nanoleaf Shapes, Lines, and Elements. These allow setups to go on the ceiling and other textured surfaces.

I also should mention Nanoleaf’s Open API, this feature allows community members with the technical skill to extra add personalizations to their Nanoleaf lights from the back end. We heard from a savvy community member who uses the Stream Control function on the Open API with Glimmer TV, this would allow them to convert sounds or visuals from his TV into color data. They can then control how this color data appears on the panels, for example creating their own type of Screen Mirror or commanding red to flash for low tones. 

Favorite Nanoleaf Integrations

Last but not least, connecting Nanoleaf’s lights to a smart assistant is the community’s favorite integration. The Community loves how you can use Nanoleaf Lights with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings for flexible controls. One particular member shared how they like to use their Nanoleaf lights with Google Voice Assistant. They sync their Nanoleaf Scenes to their Google Home so the lights will react to voice commands, like “Activate the Bedtime Scene on the Nanoleaf light in the Bedroom.”


All of the setup images featured in this article have been from Facebook Nanoleaf Community members. Can we get some love for them! 👏👏👏

Want to share your setup with us too? We’d love to see it! Also, join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community where fans of everything Nanoleaf come together and share creative ideas.

A Fans setup of Nanoleaf Light Panels
A Fans setup with Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons

Find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf). Learn more about the Nanoversary festivities as well!

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