Nanoleaf Releases Limited Edition Black Shapes Light Panels To Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

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July 14, 2022 | 4 Min Read | Serena P.

In celebration of our 10 Year Nanoversary, we’re introducing a LIMITED EDITION product into the Nanoleaf lineup: Shapes Ultra Black Triangles.

Yes, you read that correctly: Black light panels.

Black panels have been overwhelmingly requested by the Nanoleaf community ever since the inception of the original Rhythm Light Panels. Tech and design enthusiasts alike mused about the idea of having the Nanoleaf lights they loved, but with a sleek black finish that would match their rooms’ darker aesthetic, and look great both on and off. Our fans thought it would remain as just a dream…but little did they know we’ve been listening all along, waiting for the right opportunity to create this highly anticipated gem.

Well dreams do come true, and Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are here! 

Nanoleaf Limited Edition Triangles at a computer desk setup

About Shapes Ultra Black Triangles

Shapes Ultra Black Triangles come with all the Shapes technology and features already loved by the community, but with a sleek matte-black form factor. This means that when they’re off you have a bold geometric piece of wall art rather than the standard white appearance that our regular panels have while off.

But everyone knows the real Nanoleaf experience happens when you turn your panels on! Watch vibrant high-contrast lights burst through the panels’ black exterior, creating an RGB light show in your space like you’ve never seen before. Ultra Black Triangles (5 lm/panel) appear dimmer compared to the regular Shapes Triangles (80 lm/panel) due to their ultra black finish. It’s perfect for creating a sleek ambient vibe rather than functional bright lighting. Colors look more saturated, and darker hues are finally possible to achieve on your lights. With their deceptively camouflaged appearance—looking like nothing else on the market—you’ll wow your friends and even yourself as the light seems to magically appear out of nowhere.

Ultra Black Triangles a stylish living room, both on and off

We know you’re picturing it in your own space now: looking fly as hell around the TV in your entertainment space, sexy AF in your home-office, or straight fire behind your gaming setup.

To make that picture even clearer, here are the details:

What’s in the Box

When we say black, we mean it—as in ALL BLACK. 360º black panels (front, back, and sides), black Controller, black Mounting Plates, black Linkers, black Power Supply, and—just to be one step ahead—even an included black cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints you might leave behind during setup so your panels can remain pristine on your wall. Was having all-black accessories necessary? Not really. But does it look really cool? Hell yeah.

Nanoleaf Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles packaging with contents package and black accessories


As mentioned above, being in the Shapes line, Shapes Ultra Black Triangles include all the usual next-level Shapes features. Use the Rhythm Music Visualizer mode to transform all your favorite songs and playlists into a multi-sensory experience. Or try Screen Mirror to bring your games beyond the screen as your lights reflect colors from your on-screen activity. And like our standard Shapes Triangles, Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are sound reactive and touch reactive. Control them with the App (mobile or desktop), or with Voice Commands with your smart home assistant (as in “Hey Siri, turn my lights to my ‘BEAST MODE’ Scene”). 

10 Year Nanoversary lighting Scene with Nanoleaf Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles in the Nanoleaf App Discover Tab

Customize your own colors and Scenes, or snag some creations from the community in the Discover tab. You can even take your 10 Year Nanoversary celebration to the next level with the curated “Nanoversary” Featured Scene. All of your standard Shapes Scenes will work just the same on the Shapes Ultra Black Triangles. So if you’ve got favorites you can easily share them between devices in the app. 

Nanoleaf Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles of and on at a computer setup


Shapes Ultra Black Triangles are designed with Connect+ Technology, which means they can be connected in one layout with your other standard Shapes panels. Whether that be the Triangles, Hexagons, or Mini Triangles, any number of combinations are possible!

You should however note that because of their black exterior, the brightness of the colors and the way they look will differ slightly between the standard Shapes panels and Shapes Ultra Black Triangles. This is something to take into consideration if you were thinking of combining them into one layout.

How to Get Them

Being a limited edition drop, Shapes Ultra Black Triangles will not be a permanent feature in the Nanoleaf lineup. They will only be available in limited quantities for a limited time, so grab them before they’re gone! They are available globally exclusively in the Nanoleaf shop. You can purchase them in base Smarter Kits of 9 panels, and Expansion Packs of 3 additional panels.

Get your Shapes Ultra Black Triangles here today, and celebrate 10 years of revolutionizing the way we light up our world, together.

Don’t forget to join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community where fans of everything Nanoleaf come together and share creative ideas. And find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf).

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