These Are The Most Inspirational Nanoleaf Superfans—From Tech, Gaming, And Decor

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July 14, 2022 | 3 Min Read | By: Alyssa C.

From the very beginning, Nanoleaf has had the most inspirational, creative, and dedicated superfans! We got our start on Kickstarter 10 years ago and were able to make our dreams become a reality because of our dedicated community of supportive backers. Today we still have our community to thank for our successes, so for our 10th Anniversary (aka Nanoversary), we want to celebrate our amazing superfans.

Nanoleaf strives to innovate and think outside of the box, challenging the norm. In this blog, we are celebrating the Nanoleaf superfans that truly embody this quality! And I’m talking about all of the different types of Nanoleaf fans out there—from the smart home enthusiasts to the avid gamers, trendy interior decorators and more.

Setups By Smart Home Enthusiasts

Who is the smart home enthusiast? These Nanoleaf fans have a passion for technology and automation. They have an interest in all types of gadgets like smart thermostats, speakers, doorbells, and of course, smart lighting. So for these fans, products that are interoperable within their smart home (like Nanoleaf lights) are key!

This first setup is by Apple_Tech_Admin using Nanoleaf Lines light bars and Canvas square panels. It’s a pretty sleek setup and you’ll notice some other smart gear on this desk as well! Nanoleaf’s RGB lighting is great for home offices because of the high level of customization,16M+ color options, scheduling and much more. Keep the tone neutral during work hours and then change things up with a bolder RGB vibe for after work hours.

Lines and canvas by nanoleaf's superfans
Nanoleaf Lines by superfans of the Nanoleaf community

This next smart home setup is a lot of fun and it’s by Smrter Home. They’ve maximized their entertainment space with lots of great smart home gear. You’ll notice Nanoleaf Canvas square RGB light panels integrated into their geometrically designed wall with their TV. When off, they fit seamlessly with their patterned wall; turn the lights on and the room comes alive with entertainment features like the Rhythm Music Visualizer—watch as the lights uniquely react to sounds from your favorite songs and movies in real-time. 

Cool Nanoleaf canvas wall around the tv
Cool entertainment setup with Nanoleaf canvas by some superfans

Battlestations By Avid Gamers

The Nanoleaf community has a ton of gamers, which is why we’ve introduced integrations like Razer Chroma—a feature that syncs up your peripherals with your Nanoleaf lights. Features like Screen Mirror are also great for PC gamers—flashes and explosions from in-game events are reflected onto the lights for the most immersive experience.

Superfan SteveOStyle007 uses our Razer Chroma integration and more! This superfan is from Orlando, Florida in the United States and they love all of the mesmerizing colors and motions Nanoleaf lights display, plus the fact that they have such a long lifespan. StatesSteveOStyle007 uses Nanoleaf Lines light bars and Shapes Hexagon, Triangle, and Mini Triangle light panels to create a totally custom home arcade. Not only do their lights deck out their battlestation, they’ve been able to upgrade the entire atmosphere by using these RGB lights all across the space.

Razer and Nanoleaf shapes battlestation
Nanoleaf gaming room by the most creative superfans

Hazimrozmi95s setup is #battlestationgoals! This superfan is located in Malaysia and they particularly enjoy using their Nanoleaf lights because of the therapeutic vibe they provide after a long day at work. You’ll notice lots of different gaming consoles, peripherals, and Funko Pops with Nanoleaf’s OG Light Panels and Essentials lightstrips. I love this classic RGB gamer vibe.

Battlestation with Nanoleaf Light Panels
Battlestation with Nanoleaf Lightpanels by a superfan

Stylish Spaces By Trendy Interior Decorators

These are the Nanoleaf superfans who may enjoy smart homes and gaming too, but the smart decor aspect is what stands out!

Castlenock does a wonderful job of turning these smart lights into a decor statement piece. They’ve taken full advantage of the negative space in their Nanoleaf Canvas layout and filled it with literal canvas’ and tiles, very unique and creative!

Design tips with Nanoleaf Canvas light squares around a picture frame
Design tips with Nanoleaf Canvas
Design tips with Nanoleaf Canvas

I love the way new parent, FIFTYpro, uses Nanoleaf Elements wood-look hexagons for their nursery! The brightness of the light panels are adjustable and display a wide range of warm to cool white lighting options which make for a great night light. Plus they’re more stylistic than your typical night light, with the homey wood look design creating an inviting and comforting feel that is ideal for spaces like a nursery. 

Bonus Setup!

Nanoleaf fans come from all walks of life, not just designers, gamers, and tech lovers! If you’re a sneakerhead, you’ll appreciate what BotterBuilder did with their setup. This superfan is from Kansas City, Missouri in the United States and they first got started with Nanoleaf when they were gifted a Shape Triangles Smarter Kit by their wife.

A Nanoleaf superfans sneaker room with Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles and Nanoleaf Lines
A Nanoleaf superfans sneaker room with Shapes Triangles and Lines

In the image below you’ll see BotterBuilder uses Nanoleaf Lines light bars by their desk, Shapes Triangles light panels by their shoes, and Essentials lightstrips around their desk and shoe rack. The lightstrip around the shoe shelf is particularly creative to spotlight their shoe collection! BotterBuilder has tried other smart lights but love Nanoleaf because of “the downright *cool* factor that I can’t get enough of!” Plus, they say because “they’re affordable, reliable [and] the ease of discovering new scenes.” watching the lights dance with the Rhythm Music Visualizer feature, describing it as dynamic yet precise.

That about wraps it up for this blog, but as I mentioned we’re here today to celebrate all of our superfans. So before we go, let’s give gracious applause for all of these amazing setups! 👏👏👏 Our community never ceases to inspire us. Discovering new and creative designs like these is one of my favorite parts of Nanoleaf.

Our hunt for amazing superfan setups isn’t ending here. Are you a superfan? Share your story with us and tell us all about your setup! Learn more about the Nanoversary festivities as well.

Don’t forget to join the Nanoleaf Facebook Community where fans of everything Nanoleaf come together and share creative ideas. And find us on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (@Nanoleaf), or Facebook (@theNanoleaf).

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